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Aratrok wrote:
The thing that bugs me most is the AP books being released every other month. That's insane. Paizo is effectively asking people to put their campaigns on pause and wait in-between books, or hold off on playing it at all until most of it is out already.


They already do that with their once a moth schedule for Pathfinder APs.

It's totally reasonable to take a month to complete an AP book, playing once a week. Every group I'd played with or ran for has completed books in 3-5 weeks of play. That means- at least for every group I've played with since 2009- we'd have to do something else for 3-5 weeks in-between books, which sucks.

yeah, i miss the the good old days, when we played once a week :(

Sadly it comes down to once every 2 months now.

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
For some reason I'm tempted to say it looks like a cover of one of Gary Gygax's Dangerous Journeys books...

Yeah you are totally right about that. Tried to run DJ a long time ago, but the rules were puuh...

Dear starfinder staff, one question regarding the starfinder miniatures. The images from the sculpting process were pretty impressive with nice details (especially the ratling and the starships). But why PREPAINTED?
A hyped but concerned starfinder fan


nuff said...

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:

Gonna go with the second-most obvious: Splash.

Can you believe Jackson Browne used to lay his hands on her?!?

Favorite, uh, Tom Hanks movie?

mazes and monsters

your favorite movie with the US president?

Mazra wrote:

Galaxy Quest. No contest.

What is your favorite three Sigourney Weaver movies?

Edit: Make it five.

1. Alien

2. Alien2
3.Alien 3
4. death and the girl
5. Dave

Another problem is, when you use an adventure path from paizo most of the villains and monsters and npc are not built with powergaming in mind(except an infamous lamia matriach). If you, as a DM, do not change every encounter, most of the encouters will be too easy. SO, the main reason to buy a AP module, for me with only very little time to create adventures of my own design, is a little obsulete for me.

In my Age of Worms campaign i killed the pcs 21 times until now. We are now in Kings of the rift part. I guess the total bodycount until they manage to reach the grand finale against kyuss will be about 30.

in my campaign any player who will do this will b shot at dawn....