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HP: 15 | AC: 14 | Fort (T): +2; Ref (T): +4; Will (E): +9 | Perception (T): +7 | Cleric Spell DC: 17


Spells/Day: 5 (5) / 1 (2; +3 slots of Heal) | Focus Points: 0 (1)

Strength 8
Dexterity 12
Constitution 8
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 18
Charisma 14

About Corso Altaire

LG Skilled Human Cleric 1
Background: Noble

AC 14 (+3 prof., +1 dex)

Speed: 25'

1) Club +2 to hit; 1d8-1b damage; Thrown (10')

2) Fist +4 to hit; 1d4-1b damage; Agile, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed

Skills: *=Skilled Human Skill
Arcana (T) +6
Deception (T) +5
Diplomacy (T) +5
Intimidation (T) +5
Lore (Genealogy; T) +6
Lore (Warfare; T)* +6
Medicine (T) +7
Nature (T) +7
Occultism (T) +6
Performance (T) +5
Religion (T) +7
Society (T) +7

Simple Weapons (T)
Unarmed Strike (T)

Unarmored Defense (T)


Class Features:
Deity (Terrigan; Favored Weapon: Club)
Divine Font (Heal; 3 slots)
Divine Spellcasting
Doctrine (Cloistered Cleric)

Spell Attack (T): +7

Chill Touch
Disrupt Undead
Forbidding Ward

Disrupting Weapons
Magic Weapon

*Focus Spells:
Cry of Destruction

Natural Skill (Nature, Performance)

Domain Initiate (Destruction)

Courtly Graces

Blank Spellbook x5
Explorer's Clothes
Fine Clothes
Religious Text
Signal Whistle
Silver Holy Symbol
Waterskin x2
Wooden Holy Symbol (backup)
138gp, 4sp, 2cp


Corso is the only remaining son of the Altaire family, a moderate noble family from Valeria. Unlike his 3 brothers, Corso was born sickly. Worse, his birth resulted in the death of his mother, who his father adored.

At the age of 5, Corso's father called him into his study and told Corso, in no uncertain terms, that were the Altaire family not of noble standing, Corso would have been killed. Instead, however, Corso would be given the minimum due to him due to his rank, and in exchange he would never be seen by the outside.

Corso agreed, and spent the rest of his childhood in his suites, where tutors were sent to him to train him in all of the subjects that a scion of a noble family were required to know.

When Corso came of majority, he decided to join the priesthood, hoping to use divine miracles to make up for his lifelong sickness. He was turned away at each of the temples, however, as no one believed that he was actually a member of the Altaire family, as they were well known in the city.

Corso hadn't bothered to apply to the temple of Terrigan, as he assumed that his frail frame wouldn't even get him through the door.

Sitting in the temple square in the capital, idly playing a game of chess on the steps while trying to prepare himself for the trip home. A grizzled man with the aura of a campaign veteran sat down next to him and offered to play a game. During the next 12 hours (they moved the game to a tavern when the sun started to set), Corso and the man spoke of their lives; it turned out that the man knew his father and was frankly unsurprised by the man's behavior. The man asked Corso what he planned to do in the future, and Corso had said that he wanted to join a temple to be able to use divine miracles and perhaps find a cure for his condition, but that he had been turned away at every temple he applied to.

"What about the temple of Terrigan?" the man calmly asked while moving his piece. "Look at me. I can barely walk a mile without gasping for air. What would they want someone like me for?" The man merely grunted a non-response and continued the game.

Eventually, Corso managed to win, though it was a narrow victory. Standing, the man offered Corso his hand, congratulating him on his victory. As Corso went to remove his hand, the man held it, looked directly into Corso's eyes, and said "the priesthood of Terrigan isn't all warriors swinging blades. It is also the faith of generals and tactics. I think you should reconsider not applying to the temple."
With that, he released Corso's hand and made his way out into the night. Corso paid his bill and made his way home.

Intrigued, he applied at the temple of Terrigan the next day. instead of being turned away at the door, Corso was ushered into a meeting room, where after an hour the veteran who he had played yesterday entered the room and began his interview.

The man, it turned out, was both the head priest of the temple, as well as an undefeated chess player.

By the time the interview was concluded, Corso had sworn his vows to the priesthood and began his training.

During training, he lagged behind most of his contemporaries when it came to physical training: he was not good at lifting weight or climbing walls, and long marches would result in him collapsing and needing to be treated by the medics.

In the classroom, however, was where he really shown. It was clear that he had a keen mind for tactics, and was able to easily explain complicated concepts in such a way that they were easy to pick up on.
He was also discovered to have a near prodigal talent for spellcasting.
Terra Nova was discovered the year after Corso finished his training, and like each of the other temples, a call for members of the priesthood was raised by the noble houses (including the Altaires). Corso saw the opportunity to learn about the culture and fighting styles of entirely new species and jumped at the chance. Collecting his belongings, he signed on and was ironically enough on a ship with his two oldest brothers, neither of which he had seen in years. Both were shocked to see him in the garments of the priesthood of Terrigan, but as he explained, they both seemed to make their peace with it.

When the ship landed, His brothers and their army were sent out to secure a stronghold and create a fortress towards the inland. He hasn't seen them since, but occasionally traders bring him letters from his brothers, talking about local news.

For his part, Corso stayed at the first village he encountered, a place called Tanner's crossing, where he tends to a shire and training ground for warriors on the outskirts of the city, yet within an easy walk of town for Corso.

Corso has also yet to find someone who can play chess the way the head priest of Terrigan could.