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I have built a character inspired by escanor. I went with titan mauler, + summer rage power + pride drawback, + sun blessed character trait, + giant blooded character trait,+ potion of enlarge person, + +3 elysium bronze butchering axe with called, quenching, growing, and furious, + elemental blood powers, elemental rage powers. He took power attack and exotic weapon proficiency butchering axe.

The titan mauler at 15th level can enter a titanic rage which acts like enlarge person, however because it is a Su power it will work with the spell or potion of enlarge person. I also had him take the pride drawback, giant-blooded and sun blessed. Although the lesser version of elemental blood and elemental rage both do the same thing and need swift actions in order to activate, I got them because the ore powerful versions are what I needed. My version he hailed from Irrisen, on the day of his birth the elemental plane of fire leaked into the realm, giving the character ties to a fire giant.

Erik Mona wrote:

I'm curious.

If you were in charge of Pathfinder, based on what you've read in any official source and what you've seen at your game table, what FIVE archetypes would you make sure to include in the first year of Pathfinder Second Edition?

Please list the name of the archetype and the base class it modifies. Feel free to tell me why.

It's ok if you don't like the way that concept is currently implemented. Just your top 5 in concept if not always in execution. Or maybe there's a mechanical element you like--that's cool too.

Assume for now that we're talking about archetypes that modify the base 11 classes in Pathfinder First Edition, plus the alchemist.

Thanks much for your time and consideration! I'm thinking about this stuff today, and I thought it might be fun for you to think about it at the same time!

1. Stonelord, dwarf paladin archetype, it is sooo freaking cool.

2. Urban Barbarian, barbarian archetype, Love the flexibility.
3. Wild rager, barbarian. I really like the idea of never knowing if this day will be the day you do something terrible.
4. Titan Mauler, barbarian archetype, Love the idea but hate the execution.
5. Viking, fighter archetype, I just love archetype so much.