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Maybe he's...chicken?

Hopefully, I say, hopefully Disney won't be goin' after my Ken-Tucky fried chicken!

Vegetables are what food eats!

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Ashiel wrote:
insaneogeddon wrote:

1. 'Science' vs 'Arts' is rather separate to such a definition. The sciences have a meaning far separate to scientiae. If you want to go down that path I suppose all those working on the large hadron collider are actually philosophers: "philosophy. noun 1.

the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline."
2. This entire discussion is about what should be/makes sense not what currently is.
3. Just like HPs and AC magic needs to follow mechanics that any 8yr old can follow. The simplified and trivialized mechanics are quite separate from whats actually happening.

As for the point and click thing:
Try it in game- ANY player plays your sorcerer/oracle or psion due to your limited spells/powers known their as effective as the actual player. Also those chosen will be board recommended or played/seen for decades (really not much individual choosing if your honest). Try that with a wizard or cleric - like light and day. Every morning (or whenever if you leave slots open) you choose/adapt/respond to plans and ideas. The ACTUAL player (and perhaps some stand out players) stand FAR above ineffectiveness. Sorcerers/psions are just another version of big dumb fighters only with more toys (feats/weapons = spells) and less need for wit when it comes to tactics and positioning.

Magic is an art not a science. Its not my personal idea or ideal but read more fantasy, play more different games, read mythology, philosophy, theology, occult texts etc etc.Its cannon. Deal with it as you will!!

If this world reawakens with magic (shadowrun or rifts style) I for one will be spending my time between crying under the stairs, glaring and writing angry letters to the editor about how I deserve to be able to cast because I liked fantasy, understand reality and know my tech. All the while scattered 'foolish' noob shades of grey indigo children will be flying and shooting lightning because they just 'get it' while I try


Somethin' wrong with that boy's medulla oblongata!


<grabs his buffalo gun>

Now hold, I say, hold still Hippeh!

I do make a fine fried hippeh!


Chicken pie?

Oh, you're gonna eat mah chicken!