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Crimson Jester wrote:
But we now have 2 6's!!!!


Dies Irae wrote:
Well... for one, there are the odd few BattleMechs that could possibly give a Clan player pause for at least a moment like the Banshee, Caesar and Katana. But Clan War players had those in TRO 3050. The Random Assignment and upgrade tables are capricious and brutal if you're not a Clanner, but we knew that already. The Com Guards are still around, but for all the good it does, a Thug is no Warhawk and we all know that.

You forget the Axman and Hatchetman.

Grandfather's* will be done.

*Yes, I'm the grandson of one Doctor Banzai of NAIS. ;)

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Freehold DM wrote:
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Gary Teter wrote:
I ain't skeered.
~aims my Gauss Rifle at the back of the Drow's head~ This should do it!
Rifts or Battle Tech?
Battletech, there is no Rifts!!!!!!!!!





NEVER! May the storyline forever progress FORWARD!!!!!

whacks BT's mech with a chainsaw from a Forestrymech Take that! And some of this! radios for him to be harrassed by hoverbike squads

The Atlas looks down, seems to smile at the Forestrymech and then steps on it.

New Avalon Cavaliers will rise again!

In honor of the 25th anniversay of the greatest movie of all time*, I hereby reclaim my rightful name and rank in the New Avalon Cavaliers (formerly known as Team Banzai).

If see me at GenCon, find out if you're talented enough to join our ranks (I'll be the guy with the 'badges').

*The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the 8th Dimension, you heathens!


Just grab a volkswagen, wad it up and load it!


Matthew Morris wrote:

Infiltrator II, standard stealth, jump 3, magshot, 1 hex ECM 6 points of armor Being able to equal or outrange most everything 'cept a Corona or Undine and can keep shooting after the clan SRMs run dry. It's like a portable SRM 4-6 that doesn't run dry.

Void Jump 4, improved stealth, 5 points armor, NC version packs a magshot as well.

Hauberks are nasty if you have a vehicle to deploy them.

Heh... Much like what's going on with Forgotten Realms now, I had chosen to stop my BattleTech at 3065 and not fiddle with the 'new' tech like snubbies and such. I'm happiest when the most advanced tech on the table is Triple Strength Myomer. ;)

Peace LVR wrote:
Whoa dude! War is not the answer. We have to learn to live in harmony with nature and with each other. Luv, man! Luv is the way.

I love my clanner ER PPC...

In other news, the Tesla Pods will be at Gen Con this year, with updated Firestorm software that will include the 'Unseen' mechs they reacquired the rights to display. So you'll be able to fight in the 'old' Locusts, Phoenix Hawks, Warhammers and Atlases. :D

Oh, and in case you hadn't heard yet:

MechWarrior 5 in Development
MechWarrior 4 to be released for free

Star Captain Johnathan Fletcher wrote:

Is that a new book, I am out of the loop I will admit. I found twilight of the clans to be a horrible read. And the fiction got worse after that. Then came this new timeline. No. This I will not do, And you will have to pull me dead from my battle armor after the trail to proof me wrong.

Aff, on the pbp, was not the intent of this however

-Star Captain Johnathan Fletcher, 666th Mechanized Assault Cluster, Beta Galaxy. Clan Hell's Horses

One another note, just how do you get a horsemen, a coyote , a merc and a fedcom in the same group? that would be an interesting tell indeed. Also when did elementals get small? I got books calling 7 and a half feet a washed out runt with one coming in a bit over 10 feet

A Time of War is the title of the newest edition of the MechWarrior RPG. So far, it's still in development with no release date, but I'm thinking they will have something by Q4 or Q1 2010.

Here's the blog entries on it:

A Time of War: The BT RPG Dilemma
A Time of War: Pushing Through

I'd wait til the A Time of War comes out to see how it is.

Terribly sorry, didn't realize you clansmen were still looking for a fight after what we gave you on your own homeworlds...

Colonel Benjamin Ravenheart, CO of the mercenary outfit known as Ravenheart's Rangers. Please to make your acquaintance Star Captain.