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I use the office printer to print all my characters and all my GM materials.

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Confident? We got a dog with rabies and a squid on a couch!

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SheepishEidolon wrote:
ClingClong wrote:
Which leads to another question, other than reducing AC what can be done to weaken monsters and with the CR rating being distorted by the changes made, how do you know how weak is too weak?

Hmm, some ways to weaken encounters come to my mind:

1) Remove one or two creatures.
2) Apply the young template.
3) Apply the degenerate template (same link).
4) Don't force them into many encounters per day.
5) Be careful with foes which are simply immune to popular attacks (sleep, sneak attack etc.). You can add them, but make sure to also use others where those attacks work.
6) Be careful with foes which deny PCs' actions (trip, paralysis etc.) or which do potentially very high damage for their CR (x4 crit of a scythe, four natural attacks of a gargoyle etc.). There will be much less casualities if the PCs have a chance to escape (without leaving someone back).

CR is a solid guideline, but it's just that - a guideline. Start with relatively easy encounters (CR = their PC level) and increase the pressure from there. You will notice when they struggle...

This is very helpful! It's going to go straight to my google drive for reference. Thanks a lot!

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Kalindlara wrote:
They're not listed on the site because they're deity-specific, and d20pfsrd can't post stuff related to Golarion-specific flavor. You can find the specific bonuses on page 25 of Pathfinder Player Companion: Cohorts and Companions. They're all fairly simple stuff; +1 or +2 on a skill, or saves against specific effects, or damage rolls with specific weapons, and so forth.

Thanks for your help!

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"Foucault's Pendulum" by Umberto Eco

I'm a bout a third in and still can't quite suss out the main plot. But a few paragraphs blew my mind. So I keep reading.

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Adjule wrote:
I was going to write up a big long thing, but I'm not gonna bother. It's obvious that I am not enlightened and am doing things wrong. So back to basically lurking for me, again.

I tried it. It was amazing. There was a lot of sharing and collaboration. I felt like others made an effort to understand my perspective and we didn't get lost in the details at all. No one extracted anything from my comments to distort the meaning or anything like that. All in all, it was a great experience and I can say I would do again in an instant as I felt understood and I learned a lot from it. Very satisfying, 5 stars.

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In my view, pathfinder and ilk are the only non-elite forums where individuals can bond via the imagination. It is very important to me for this reason.

I think we lost touch with what makes us human when we stopped telling stories around a fire. DnD, pathfinder are the only modern equivalent.

There are other such forums but the price of admission is years of dedication. Such as being a musician in a group for instance.

But tabletop roleplay is available to a wide range of societal strata. This is my favourite thing. I can bond with friends via the imagination. They express themselves in their play style, the ideas they come up with for characters, the choices they make that affect the world we created together.

It is a reminder of the true power we all wield, to transform the world around us.

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I used to play pickup hockey. Some of us would pay 15$ each to rent an arena every couple of weeks and play a casual game. Not casual enough according to some. They wanted to bring kids into the game, barely able to skate.

In this case it was legitimately dangerous and frankly, us experienced players could not enjoy the kind of game we wanted with kids in the way.

We agreed to have two games. A family game, a more serious game. Everyone pays a little more to rent the arena more frequently.

But then in the more serious game, some people wanted to allow checking. Others didn't. Some people wanted to not allow slap shots. Others wanted slap shots to occur. To add a new layer of challenge. I played goal so the checking issue didn't affect me, the slap shots did. Still have a facial scar from taking a frozen puck to the face (my mask had fallen off in a scuffle). Some people wanted to keep score from game to game, change the teams around, see who scored the most points and have a casual betting pool. Others were not comfortable with this. In the end, the games just stopped happening.

If we lived in a large urban area, we would have been able to find enough people for everyone to have the kind of game they liked. But we lived in the sticks in rural Canada.

I eventually moved to the city and never played hockey since.

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My GM is really good at NPC to PC interactions. But when he reads off a script from the AP, his reading voice is so bland, like an 8th grader reading in class. Come on bro! Put some heart into it. You're making us all feel sad!