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Will the Iconic for the Pyrokineticis be a goblin?

Okay? Okay, Big boom now! *Lights fuse*


*cough, cough.* WOW! That was fun, let's do that again!

Wants trusty fire bomb alchemist? can start fire real good and big. wants to see?

*sets up large pile of fireworks and holds main fuse in one hand and a lit torch in other.*

Scavion wrote:
Cheapy wrote:
I certainly hope it has archetypes, otherwise I'm not sure I'd get paid!

And they better be good!

I'm keeping my eye on you.

*Prepares the Goblin Kill-Team*

We make fire now? Chuffy make flame real bright and shiny! Got big rockets too, never fails to amuse at goblin parties!