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So my druid [13th level] casts fire seeds [holly berries] wildshapes into a fire elemental and blows them up while holding them.

Do we apply the Resist Fire 20 to each individual berry or do we apply it off the top.

In other words is it:
1d6+13-20 [eight times in row]




So my 13th level tengu druid got swallowed by a Taotieh and ended up in the extra-dimensional plane inside its stomach. I become a fire elemental [round 1] cast heal [Round 2] cast fire seeds [round 3] blow up fire seeds [round 4] get spit out. during the sequence another Player starts questioning whether as a fire elemental I burned up all the oxygen, and there fore should be "extinguished" or at least not be able to breathe. After a some searching when it wasnt my turn we realize the plane of fire doesnt have oxygen and the everything is just magically lit. so then he starts arguing that im still breathing up all the oxygen like normal inside the Taotieh. I argue that as an elemental I dont breathe ....

Except now I can't find where it says i take on the no-breathing trait in the wildshape or polymorph rules.

so the questions is does a 13thlevel druid in elemental form still breathe?

and yes I am aware of the ridiculousness of having the completely moot argument as I could have easily held my breathe for the 4 rounds...

Okay so I searched the forums and couldn't find the answer to this question.

Last Night we were playing, and we were facing off against this bat creature thing, and it cast deeper darkness in an already dark area, and then proceeded to rely on its echolocation ability to track and hurt the party.

I am a 6th level Tiefling Arcanist with the see magic exploit. My party mate is also a 6th level arcanist but an elf without the see magic exploit.

We are both inside the Deeper Darkness Spell area when its cast and are in it for the entirety of the encounter.

He casts detect magic in an effort to track the creature who is holding a magical scroll. I follow on my initiative with my See Magic ability.

The question is can we see him/the scroll and therefore track him through the Deeper Darkness area, specifically, can I pinpoint him to target him/the scroll with spells or can I not see him at all. Keep in mind the battle took longer than 3 rounds but he (bat thing) was moving the entire time. There was this huge argument over line of sight vs. line of effect, and whether detect magic would grant me line of sight yada yada. I argued that the spell granted me a line of sight... anyway HELP.