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thank you, going to skip the next adventure path.

Could you please cancel my modules subscription. Thanks


Thank you

Just wondering if there is any news when it will ship. I still see it is pending in my account.


I backed it. Not sure why the response has been so slow but I will say I seemed to get more emails and announcements about the 5th edition version than the PF version.

I saw a few thing on the Monk document:

I do not see light step on the table of monk sutras.

For resistant body did you want to add the energy types force and negative energy?

For improved elusive target should it be ... redirected to an opponent flanking you "or" the attacker?

I will repost my email as well, I don't want to miss out

my email again:

Also a few things I noticed in the rogue document. You were referencing the enforcer talent under sneak attack but it seemed to be changed into the Strong arm diplomacy feat.

Rogue's luck should state at 11th and 17th levels (not 16th)

The night vision talent now grants both darkvision and low light vision (the effects in the table still said or)

The arcane trickster bullet points did not always reference synergy and were still stating "add half your..."


The condition feat chains are a good idea and will clean quite a few things up.

Couple things: For the ranger it may be easier to change the name of the favored enemy feats to quarry feats and just make them all work off the quarry mechaninc (since now the ranger's favored enemy feature semms to work off of that).

Also for the barbarian I think you can drop the deathless rage primal rage power since it seems to be subsumed by the new 17th level general primal rage wording.

Couple more things, did you mean to grant strong synergy under the ranger knight lore to fighter levels (your example does not seem to reflect that) and to barbarian levels under the savage hunter lore?

Also you left trapfinding in the ranger lore table but did not have a description for it, did you mean to delete it?


I am looking over the ranger document and there are a couple of things I noticed.

For the Favored enemy ranger lore, it now allows you to treat your favored enemies as your quarry, my question is how the favored enemy bonuses one can gain instead of the +1 hit point and skill point for certain races work now? Do they only grant "a competence bonus to Knowledge or related skill checks when attempting to identify favored enemies and their weaknesses." unless you have at least 2 levels in ranger? I would assume it would not grant the various races gaining this the quarry ability automatically. Do they also gain the secondary benefits against undead (you have one reference spelled as indeed in the favored enemy description) constructs, and oozes?

I would assume the quarry bonus would grant the bonus to streetwise checks used to track a quarry right?

Under the forest favored terrain, should the +4 ability treetopper scale like the Mountain +4 ability expert climber does?

Under the Elemental plane earth favored terrain the acid resistance states 2 x your favored terrain bonus, should it not be 5 x your favored terrain bonus?

For the ranger lore combat style feat you changed how the ranger combat style feat is selected, you should likely change the wording of this lore.

For the ranger lore familiar, you now key the abilities of the familiar off of spellcraft ranks (and they can speak with animals of their kind at 6 ranks rather than 7).

A couple more things I found in the races document section.

Maahiset have endurance listed as both a class and bonus skill.

I do not see the changeling paragon class gaining darkvision, is that intentional or did I miss it?

Under fey touched paragons remove the sense motive.

Grugach with the powerful build option should not get a CMB and CMD penalty for being small correct? Not sure if you want to make a comment to that effect in the description.

Here are a few more possible edits:

Under languages sometimes you reference high elvish, wood elf, and elvish, are they 3 different languages?

Under high elves the dreamspeaker quality, is the DC bonus a racial bonus?

For envoy under high elves, read magic has been removed in your house rules, do you still want to reference it?

Under DAOINE SIDHE class skills, since they get spellcraft as a bonus skill would you like to take it out of the class skill section?

I found a few more possible errata in the metamagic feats. I don't have the most up to date copy so some of these may have been fixed in the october mailing.

P10 For the Black lore of Moil, the reference to the bones mystery should be changed to the graves mystery. Also do you want to change to cost of the runebone’s creation to numen rather than gold?

P 18 for threatening illusion, should the intuition save to disbelieve be based upon charisma rather than your spellcasting ability score?

P21 the penetrating and pushing spells are out of alphabetical order.

P 25 for the thanatopic spell, it still references knowledge religion and the Bones mystery.

P 26 for the unskittering spell I believe it should state CMD rather than CMB in the description.

I see I have been so slow that there is already a new version out that I missed. The edits below are based off of the summer version of the rules. Kirth when you get a chance can you email me the October version? Thanks, my email is


edits for feats:

P 15 Under familiar evolved, did you want to base it off of Concentration rather than off of wizard levels?

P 30 under critical focus you state you can apply a strike feat in both the synergy and benefit section, is that redundant?

P35 mounted combat, dragoon. The +2 bonus to the opponent’s handle animal check is what type?

P38 On penetrating attacks, selecting it a second time allows you to ignore 5 more points of DR correct? (total of 10)

P38 Retributive attack grants what type of bonus?

P39 for the skirmish feat did you want to add the following to the clause You must move at least 5 ft. between attacks “(or pairs of attacks, when using two-weapon fighting)”?

P40 for the staredown feat should the save for the frightful presence have a DC of 10 + “1/2” your BAB + your Cha modifier?

P 45 under improved bull rush, it should be CMD rather than CMB in the end of the first paragraph under the benefit section.

P 47 under crushing blow +11 BAB benefit, the +2 bonus to hit is what type of bonus?

P48 What caster level is the dimensional anchor ability.

P 48 impaling attack, under the synergy clause, did you want to say impaled rather than skewered. How long does the opponent move at half speed after the weapon is removed under the synergy effect?

P49 Improved overrun should be a bonus to your CMD rather than CMB for defense.

P 51 improved trip uses different language than CMD, is that intentional?

P61 Can you use skirmish attacks with a point blank shot?

P54 Under weapon finesse, the +11 and +16 benefits look very similar (in fact the +11 seems better since you can choose to ignore str in case it gives you a penalty).

P71 Under anchoring blow, you can lower or reinstate “it” as a free action.

P73 bleeding strike, You take no penalty to attacks, but instead give your weapon the broken condition on a successful hit “if you activate this feat”.

P73 charge heedless +16 benefit. Should it be BAB not class level?

P76 Do we need a caster level on dispelling strike?

P84 Under throat punch, For partial muteness should there be a 50% failure for breath weapons as well?

P85 for Unclean strike, there are two references to it being a full round action in the description.

Similar to wolfsbane strike do you want a strike that affects fey (cold iron?). You could also incorporate cold iron affects into wolfsbane strike as well (if you have wolfweres in your game).

In the divine feats would you like to expand the aligned or avenging strike to work against aberrations, fey, and undead? Or create more feats to do it?

Change bones to graves mystery for bolster resistance, deadly chill, and nimble bones.

P89 Baneful channeling and merciful channeling… choose “to” infuse, the “to” seems to be missing.

P90 For Command elementals would you want the wording to say cleric or archivist level? Also channeler level vs caster level (you switch back and forth in command elementals and command undead). There is also other slight wording differences in those two feats (other than one effects elementals and one effects undead obviously).

P91 Cursed by the gods, the deliberate and dependent choices have what type of bonus?

P95 Handle relic refers to inquisitors, do you want to remove it or allow anyone with access to the inquisition domain to be able to take it.

P95 For Imbued healing it should state necromancy [healing] spells.

P96 LAMASHTU'S MARK should it be ½ your character level for the save vs the deformity?

P99 For Turn undead did you want it to state channeler level rather than cleric level?

p103 for the Earth domain feats would you like to change the prereqs to: Prerequisite: Earth subtype or Deep Earth, Shaitan Genie or Earth Elemental bloodline, Stone mystery, or access to the Earth domain. Also do you want to base the increase in effect of the earth devotion off of concentration rather than caster level?

P104 Should the fire elemental and genie efreet have access to the fire devotion feats? Also in the special paragraph in fire devotion should it be elemental [fire] energy that can be used to give additional uses?

P105 Healing domain, Touch of healing should refer to necromancy [healing] spells.

P106 Under KNOWLEDGE DOMAIN, PARAGNOSTIC DISCIPLE did you want mind over matter to be based off craft construction? And mind over body should state necromancy [healing] spells.

P107 for LAW DOMAIN, LAW INVIOLATE should power word stun say 8th rather than 15th?

P108 for MAGIC DOMAIN, ARCANE INSIGHT should moment of prescience say 8th rather than 15th?

P111 For TRICKERY DOMAIN, WHISPERED SECRETS you have it as 15th for mind blank,should it be 8th?

P112 For Water Devotion and protection from the waves did you want to add marid genie bloodline as a possible prerequisite?

Thank you.

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Book of the Righteous, Book of Fiends, and Mindshadows are the three Green Ronin books I would like to see updated and expanded.

Option 3 please.

Please cancel my Adventure Path subscription for now. Thank you.

I forgot to add in the +3 class skill bonus for the leadership example, now the math makes sense, thanks.

For Renown I use a similar system to how fantasy craft does theirs. If I would build my own:
First one would want to determine what benefits could be determined by renown. The trick is to make them level appropriate and ensure one has a system to 1. break them into what renown types offer what (I use a conquest path, crime path, heroic path, political path, academic path, and religious path). 2. make level break points where each benefit is available. I really am not a fan of creating a renown points system that can be spent on different things (just more paperwork) but a lot of people seem to like it.

For skills it is hard to balance since the current power level in the pathfinder system is spells then class abilities then feats then skills. Bring up skill power means you can underpower quite a few other things, plus one skill should not overshine another (right now +16 acrobatics allows limited flight, how to you balance that with +16 ride or +16 climb?).

Kirth, started looking over Feats.

P 1 Does the +2 to the DC saving throw for ability focus need a bonus descriptor?

P 1 Ancestral Weapon. With the new numen rules it would need a rewrite. I am not big on the feat though (spend a feat just to have my weapon stolen) and maybe it should be cut?

P 5 under leadership the 16 ranks ability, it should depend on character not fighter level correct?

P 5 the leadership potential calculation example seems off, I think when you changed the calculation you altered how the example would work out.

P 5 for the leadership feat, if you are using the special feature (other skills for specialized followers) you still need diplomacy 1 rank as a prereq correct?

P 7 under oath, you are using bonus and boon interchangeably, was that intentional?
Also under the greed oath did you want to say 1000 gp or numen? Under oath of protection you are granting the +1 morale bonus to the protected individuals AC correct (you are not really receiving it correct)? Under Oath of purity “Upon completion, you receive a +1 morale bonus on saving throws against curses, diseases, and poisons as long as you keep this oath and (remain) free from the listed impurities.”

P 9 to be alphabetical paragon of insight should be before paragon of intellect.

Is it intentional that Social training and Moral training’s prerequisite skills are not required to be class skills like stamina training and strength training? (is it a physical vs mental attribute boost difference)?

Finally for skills as an aside, why is it that Craft alchemy is used for making spirits and beer? It seems off that a wizard with this feat gets to make all kinds of potions along with beer, but a fighter is regulated to only being able to create beer and spirits when they are spending skill points on that skill.


I will hold off posting more skill edits till you are ready. Skills are a long document so it will take me a while to finish the whole document anyways.

Kirth, I have been looking through the skills section (slowly) and found a few things.

P 1 The ranger’s free skill ranks are now Endurance, Handle Animal, Perception, Planar Sense, Stealth, and Survival

P1 Sixth Sense is now a feat rather than just a rogue class ability.

P1 The last sentence of the first paragraph should now read something like “8th level and not be eligible to gain the sixth sense feat’s benefits”

P2 I would propose changing the acrobatics wording to “narrow surfaces, rooftops, ship rigging, trees, or uneven or unstable ground without falling.” Since you already included types of forest in your table (with forest type getting more difficult as the tree density decreases) I think you intended that to mean tree traveling (but the dense forest, medium forest, sparse forest is never explained in the table so I could be wrong). I would also then change the table heading to surface width or terrain type. The terrain types I would add (in addition to the forest types) is travelling across flat rooftops, travelling across slanted rooftops, travelling across floating objects (logs, alligators, row boats) and ship rigging.

P3: I believe you wanted to remove slow fall and water walking from the task DC table since they now fall under class skill benefits.

P3: Does the nimble moves ability apply to water walking and wind stepping (i.e. with a acrobatics skill of 15 you do need to make a check if you are only water walking across 25 feet of water)? I would suspect it would not apply but it should be spelled out.

P3: For wind step, something similar to the following clause should be added (just like the water walking section) “if you do not reach solid ground by the end of this movement, you immediately fall unless you succeed at another check.”

Finally, "editor in chief" is fine with me, I would be honored.

for edits, note P = page

under the equipment chapter.:

p2 Would you like to add the comment “If you use your shield as a weapon, you lose it's AC bonus until your next turn. An enhancement bonus on a shield does not improve the effectiveness of a shield bash made with it, but the shield can be made into a magic weapon in its own right.” Under heavy shield martial proficiency?

P22 near the bottom it should be “a” rough exchange table.

As an aside, you state xxx gp, in the special materials section. Would you like to change all the final gp references to numen references?

P 25 Under enhanced companions “(see spell effects, below)” should be above.

P 25 Pseudodragon is misspelled in enhanced companions.

P27 for medium armors, the +1 enhancement bonus should start after + 4 correct? It is unlisted for medium armors and one could assume either hide +4 or scale +5 but for simplicity sake I assume you want only one number (and hide makes more sense)?

P27 for stone: simulated and bastard are misspelled.

P28 the last bullet point under adamantine should be weapons correct?

P30 is there a benefit to have darkwood weapons? Nothing is listed but in the SRD the weapons weight used to be reduced by half.

P 31 the abysium weapons need a gp cost (looks like sickening strike at +6 BAB so 12,000 gp)

P 31 Astral drift metal, did you need “weapons” in the first bullet point since you have a weapons bullet point below?

P32 Celestrum first bullet points should be “light” armor and shields. Also the heavy armor bullet point should be gp not hp.

P 33 For greensteel armor what is the total numen adjustment price?

P34 the total numen adjustment for stygian ice?

P34 what types are the penalties to Inubrix (likely alchemical for hardness and enhancement for the to hit and damage.

P33 for Blue ice, the first bullet point should be “light” armor and shields. For weapons should it be see above to calculate appropriate weapons cost?

P34 the weapon cost for rattling strike, would that be 12,000 gp (feat with a +6 BAB)

P 35 for obdurium, oerthblood, and proteum the bonus to hardness is an alchemical bonus correct? Also it is intentional that oerthblood’s bonus to hp does not scale like most of the armors do (light, medium, and heavy)?

P35 the pearlsteel bonus to weapons, is the 2000 gp addition correct?

P36 for pandemonic silver, the hurricane wind should likely by 75-174 rather than to 154 (since tornado starts are 175.) and the penalties to hardness and hp are alchemical correct?


I looked over the introduction section. Very minor edits.

Do you use insanity saves? I do not see them listed and would suspect they would end up being intuition saves modified by wisdom (since a 0 wisdom leads to insanity).

For Alignment, do you rule that clerics and archivists must have an alignment just like paladins?

Attacks of Opportunity and Immediate Actions: In these rules, an attack of opportunity is specifically defined “as” an immediate action. Page 8
(the as is missiing)

CMD is equal to 10 + CMB “+ plus” the following AC modifiers (if applicable): page 11
(two pluses)

Clever Positioning: When using the Reposition maneuver (see below), page 12 (the reposition maneuver is above).

An enemy being moved by a reposition does not provoke an attack of opportunity because of the movement unless you possess the Improved Bull Rush feat “and a +11 BAB”. (greater bull rush states you need a +11 BAB to provoke attacks of opportunity)

I noticed that as written fighting defensively and the total defense option seem to give an equal penalty to attacks of opportunity, I was wondering if the total defense penalty should be higher.

These rules supersede the normal Pathfinder rules for Readied Actions and Delay. Duplicate wording on page 14

Under take a breather, the +1 bonus to attack, damage, or saves is what type of bonus?

Thanks, I am looking at equipment next and will post anything I notice as time (which I seem to have very little of) allows.

haus48 AT hotmail DOT com

Congratulations on finishing this endeavor. It is amazing to think about how many years this was worked on. I would love to take a look at the final product (and slowly send some editing feedback if there is any left to do). This will be the 5th? edition of these rules I think.

And happy early birthday to you Kirth.



For the Prestige Paladin:
bonus feats kick in at 5th level while the mercy ability is gained at 4th level, so you may consider listing the mercy ability first.
For the 7th level mercy should you also gain the option of fatigued increased to exhausted?
For the monastic crusader, under you lay on hands description is seems to imply you can gain channeled energy even if your original class does not grant it, but the monastic crusader description seems to contradict this.
Under divine weapon when you are talking about the properties you can gain, you reference armor properties rather than weapon properties.
Under symbol of divinity it returned to referencing how many times per day you can call the spirit, but you seemed to have gone away from that route for the divine armor and weapon. Was that intentional?
Under the suite of life greater aura of life ability you say with access to all six auras but there are only 5.
Under the marshal's suite superior aura the soothing performance example does not seem to show up in the current bard document.
Finally should the save DC in debilitating touch reference your prestige paladin level rather than your divine caster level?


To continue for cleric
Under the thievery domain, can they gain any skill focus as a bonus feat?
For the time domain, is the variant channeling a swift action, and is there a cap on how high a level spell you can create (it appears it adds one to the spell level due to the metamagic effect, though it is unclear if it is starting with the first extension or further extensions).
I noticed you do not have a void domain, would you consider it something to add?
For the domain feats:
Under animal devotion (serpent's strike) would you want to say injects poison dealing, rather than deals...
For the chaos devotion did you want it to last till your next round rather than next action (since it is a swift action you next action could be very soon). I would also consider rewording the darkness domain umbral shroud to next round also.
Under the umbral shroud you require a darkness domain spell to be available to cast but not all the people qualifying have access to the darkness domain (the shadow bloodline for instance). The same thing is true for charnel miasma.
Also a lot of your domain feats add spells to your "cleric" spell list, but not all the classes taking these feats are clerics.
Also some of the feats allow you to exchange one, two, or three channeling attempts into extra usage, have you considered consolidating these all to be consistent (such as making them all require two channeling attempts to exchange for another use).
For fragile construct do multiple touches stack at lowering hardness or damage resistance?
The shaitan bloodline should likely get access to the earth devotion (same goes for the efreet and the fire devotion and the marid and the water devotion).
For the combat medic when you say cast healing spells to you mean spells of the necromancy (healing) school or just cure spells?
Under your unspeakable cults some of them gain favored terrain abilities, should they stack with other instances of the favored terrain?
For Cyth-vsug the demonic health should grant a bonus against sickness effects also I would suspect.
Under Grazzt the spell betrayal effect is gained at 4th level I suspect.
For Kostchtchie your rage example should likely be 4th not 3rd since you gain the ability at 4th level.

In the cleric document
I was comparing the archivist and the cleric, and the archivist seems to be giving up quite a bit. Had you considered giving archivists something like and sorcerer/battle sorcerer difference (more spells per day) and/or more channeling uses per day since they have access to more variant channeling abilities?
For the archery domain puissant archery still references the ranger archery combat style list you removed.
In the domains you still reference cleric levels, you could change them to cleric/archivist levels (or class levels since some other classes like monk and druid can gain access to some domains also).
For the destruction domain change the skill focus to craft: construction.
In the forge domain you grant a 4th and 8th level ability but no first level ability.
In the fury domain your variant channeling ability is used as a swift action correct?
For the luck domain exemplar of luck, did you want them to gain evasion and improved evasion? (rather than uncanny dodge or would you throw that in also?)
For the rune domain you reference craft: carving but in the bard and wizard document runes fall under the knowledge linguistics skill. Also under blast rune, runes are now discovered by the spellcraft skill rather than the perception skill.

Kirth for the monk
Your temple weapon can be any weapon you and the DM agree on correct?
For the monk sutras did you really want both attribute development and the advanced sutra advanced conditioning? It would appear they would stack but they are so similar in design it seems a little weird.
For the enlightened fist and sacred fist options should the arcane and divine class levels add to your monk level for the purposes of your ki attack ability? (If they cannot then the improved ki attack advanced sutra would need to address the level caps discussed in the ki attack section, are the level caps character level or monk level and are they waived if you take the improved ki attack advanced sutra?)
Improved Ki attack references ki strike at the end of the first paragraph (in the middle of the section) and it should likely say ki attack.
Greater timeless step has the "you must already have the timeless step sutra" clause twice (in the begining and the end).
Do you want the monks mind blank advanced sutra to match the ranger indomitable mind ability (able to benefit from harmless spells but be a legal target for divination spells)?
Can the sacred fist deliver divine touch attack spells as ki strike powers like the enlightened fist can?
Is it intentional that the monks mettle sutra also grants immunity to fear? It may be better to break it into a separate sutra or at least make it a scaling ability.



I looked over the druid.

You still list life bond in your type of bonds table, but it seems you merged it with the domain bond. This also comes up because there are some some life bond references in the druid feats, likely they should change to channel energy.

Looking over the Animal initiation may want to update some of the bonus feats (like greater wrestling maneuvers).

Finally, for the spirit shaman the description seems like only they can use the dispell chaos/law/evil/good spell to end possessions, is there a reason you did not just errata the spell for all the classes with access to it.

Baphomet in the cleric document in missing his first level granted spell and the spell level number progression is funky (1st 2nd .... 15th 17th).

Cyth-vsug is missing the 11th level granted spell and creeping doom should likely be 13th not 7th.

For rogue's slippery mind ability, do they need the iron will feat before the greater iron will portion of the ability kicks in or can they wave the prereq?




Just noticed that very few of your bardic inspirations designate whether they are (Ex) or (Su).

Also under silver, pandemonic, you may want to reword the begining section so say something like "including penetrating damage reduction and the addition to Craft DCs. They can penetrate damage reduction as if chaotically-aligned"

Also the Hurricane wind strength in the table likely should be 75-174 (rather than 75-154)



You are right, the weapon finesse feat does mention it.




I looked over a few of the documents. I am not able to be as detailed with feedback right now but I can point out some issues.

For skills you rolled drive, administration, and linguistics into knowledges and professions but you still list them separately in the class right ups. Since they now count in the profession and knowledge (all) category you do not need to list them separately anymore.

For the feats you still list Bones mystery (in the spells, feats, and cleric feats document), this also is the same for the mercy mystery in the cleric feats description (should be the life mystery)

Was not adding a sorcerer and battle sorcerer archetype for the paladin intentional, they would seem to have good synergy.

You seemed to have removed first blood but it is still listed in some of the feats in the feats document and a lot in the equipment document.

For some of the mysteries you gain greater spell focus at 11th level and in others 9th, is it intentional that they are different?

A lot of the mysteries revelations still refer the cleric, wizard, and oracle level which I think are cut and paste errors.

In the incarnate "planar body" it should be "a" planar adaption spell not “an”.

The life and oracular mysteries do not seem to be on par with the others, I don't know if you would want to flesh them out more (life could get some undead fighting powers, for the oracular mystery I like some of the void powers from the dragon empires player guide).

For the rogue swarm dodger description, I am a little confused with the improved evasion power since you seem to be able to already avoid damage with the regular evasion ability.

The 3rd day of rogue's luck happens at 17th level rather than 16th level in the table, which does not match the description.

For rogue, advanced combat talents and advanced skill talents do not match their descriptions.

Sabotage item could be clarified, the table makes it seem each task is a separate attempt but the descriptions allows for one attempt with different effects depending on how much you beat the DC by.

For ranger did you consider giving things like snow vision, dust vision, and mist vision rather than cold resistance, heat resistance, and sea sickness immunity? I guess I like rangers to be able to guide through snow storms, sand storms, and thick fog rather than rolling around naked in the snow or running through the Sahara desert in full plate mail with cold and heat resistance.

For the small sword is there a reason you get finesse with the simple proficiency but not with martial and exotic?

For the Archon martial path in sorcerer, you refer to "greater" sudden metamagic (quicken), how is that different than sudden metamagic?

Also if you take the sudden metamagic feat and choose the sudden spell how often would you be able to use it (I would assume it defaults to the +1 category (3 x a day) but a + 0 level metamagic feat is not addressed).



It is hard to believe that these are almost done. With my daughter being born a couple weeks ago it will likely be some time after April 1st when I get to read these updated documents, but it will be really nice to have the "final" rule set.

I am glad a few others came on board to do some proof reading also, it is nice to see and shows how inspiring this rules rewrite is.

Good luck during this last crunch week.

Sorry, I was refering to the sentence: You gain a like bonus to your CMB (CMD) for defending against these maneuvers as well.

For a "fighter bonus feat", I was hoping to rephrase it to state "a character with fighter levels that has selected this feat". It is hard to remember if one took the feat with their bonus feat, before or after they multiclassed, etc.

Finally, were you able to look over the edits to the sorcerer and wizard at the bottom of page 5. I figure you did but you did not post anything.


Please cancel my companion subscription now after the dragon empires primer. Thank you.

From the feats document:

Under the chaotic mind feat: you reference the zen warrior fighter talent that I believe was removed.

Under favored terrain: you state that it does not scale as a druid’s does, could you just say it does not scale instead?

Under the oath feat: you reference the multiple oaths feat in the last sentence, I believe it was removed.

For the resistance feat: Was it intentional to make it only for full BAB classes? Keying it off BAB rather than character level seems to make that the case.

Under the storm lashed feat change profession (sailor) to profession (sailing)

Under Familiar shadowform: is the feat still necessary since one now has the incorporeal familiar choice.

Under Urgent Shield: how long does the shield last once summoned?

Under Spell Mastery: remove the reference to read magic.

Under Spell Perfection: Change enlarge spell to reach spell.

Under Split Slot: Change references of Arcanum to feat.

Under Dodge, critical: I believe that improved uncanny dodge has been subsumed by the uncanny dodge feat.

Under feint, improved: you reference tricky maneuvers in the special section, did you decide to keep them as a maneuver choice?

Under the giant slayer feat: it should probably provide feat bonuses rather than racial bonus to attacks.

Under mounted combat: Change the ride skill references in the second paragraph of the benefit section to handle animal skill checks.

Under the bull rush, improved: Under the benefit section near the end of the 1st paragraph did you mean CMD rather than CMB? This also happens under the improved overrun feat.

Under the Critical, improved feat: delete the reference to a fighter bonus feat.

Under impaling attack feat: change the prereq reference of improved wrestling maneuvers to improved grapple.

Under power throw: The +11 and +16 abilities seem to be the same.

Under Distracting Lure: The prereq armor specialization should be Heavy Armor Optimization I believe.

Under redirection: Change the save reference of “half your monk level” to “half your character level”, also under synergy change improved forcing maneuvers to improved bull rush.

Under insightful strike: The BAB progression seems off, I think that abilities progression may be out of order (the +16 ability should maybe be the +6 ability?).

Under Severing strike: Change references to stroke of precision to severing strike.

Under demonic obedience: what is the benefit of the resistance gained equal to?

For the equipment document:

For the light shield you state that a shield enhancement bonus does not work for a shield bash attack, do you want to make a clause to that effect under the heavy shield also?

For you weapons table, the kestros was not added. Also do you want to create a separate entry for spiked shield and armor or just default to the normal pathfinder rules.

For the garrote, cord, garrote, wire, whip, and net: change references of improved wrestling maneuvers to improved grapple

The flails and whips description should come before hammers and picks to stay alphabetical.

Correction under my wizard and sorcerer edits, the enlarge spell feat should be changed to the reach spell feat, not the widen spell feat.

I feel a little better about the intuition addition now, though I still would like to see how play testing treats it (and the work it causes will be huge I fear). Also I think the Bleed out option in endurance did not make it to the document posted online since I did not see it under endurance in my print out.

Having divination spells target intuition is good.

Also even with the toning down of the perception skill I still would count it as a benefit under wisdom. Back in 2nd edition I used an old dragon magazine suggestion to make 5% x your wisdom = perception, ever since that time perception had always been a core ability score for all my characters in 1st and 2nd edition.




I have been thinking about the 4 saves change and came up with a few questions/observations:

I looked over the spells and discovered how few spells actually are charm spells, most of the save or suck spells are compulsions. That being said dividing up charm spells to intuition and compulsion spells to will create three saves (Fort, Will, and Intuition) rather than two that are able to knock a player out of the combat with one roll (save or suck). This would seem to weaken the non-spell casting classes more. Allowing spell casters a new weakness to exploit seems to only strengthen them, especially the casters that are able to change out their entire complement of spells each day to vary their offensive options (i.e. the wizard and cleric).

I was also wondering how often making an intuition save would really matter. Yes against charm spells it is key, but I could only find 8 spells designated as charm spells (5 of which are the spells with charm in their name) when I looked through the list of spells I use (Core spells and select others), and honestly if I had to choose to defend myself against compulsion spells (most of the save or suck spells) or illusions and charm spells, intuition would be the minor save to focus on.

Am I missing something or was that intentional?

sorcerer and wizard:


Change you begin play with 4 zero level spells to 3.

The Blast metamagic ability is gained at 4th level and so it probably should come before the rapid metamagic ability that is gained at 5th level.

Under aberrant form: you gain 100% immunity to crits and sneak attack under the unusual anatomy ability, gaining it under aberrant form is redundant.

Under Bloatmage: change the bonus feat enlarge spell to widen spell; under the eldritch blast’s great blast ability I believe the description in the parentheses after fell nausea is redundant; under bloat one should gain bloat once a day at 9th level rather than 8th, and at the end of description of bloat change “begins” to “begin”.

Under celestial: change the bonus feat defend ally to shared shield.

Under dreamspun: change the bonus feat improved tricky maneuvers to improved feint.

Under elemental, earth: change the bonus feat improved and greater forcing maneuvers to something like improved bull rush and improved overrun.

Under the Fey bloodlines: interestingly the fleeting glance ability is a (Sp) or (Su) ability depending on the bloodline, should they be consistent?

Under the Djinn eldritch blast greater blast ability, do you want it to reach hurricane wind force at 19th level?

Under Hag: you state they can gain ogres and hill giants as followers both under the bonus feats and the bloodline arcana.

Under Incantatrix: what do they gain damage reduction to?

Under Maestro: did you want to give them the bonus feat disguise spell rather than the spellsong feat?

Under the sevenfold veil: Should the bonus feat arcane shield be urgent shield instead?

Under the shadow bloodline: change the bonus feat improved tricky maneuvers to improved feint.

Under the spell thief: change the bonus feats improved and greater tricky maneuvers to improved feint and ?? (uncanny dodge is a possibility)?

Under stormborn: change the bonus feat enlarge spell to widen spell, also since the bestiary 2 gives stats for lightning elementals would you like to allow this bloodline to summon lightning elementals rather than air elementals?

Under Verdant: do you still allow the steal maneuver (under the tanglevine ability).


You give them the bonus skill spellcraft and it also appears on the wizard class skills, is that correct?

Under the runic wizard ability did you want them to gain a competence bonus to linguistics rather than spellcraft?

For the abjurer protective ward ability: I think the “for one round” comment after the deflection bonus to AC is an error since you state it lasts for a number of rounds equal to your intelligence bonus earlier in the paragraph. Under mental backlash you should gain this ability at 12th level rather than 7th level.

Under the evoker’s counterfire ability: you state they gain this ability at 4th level twice.

Under the elemental fire master specialist ability change the enlarge spell feat to widen spell.

Under the witch hex aura of desecration, do you want the increase to the negative energy and turn resistance DC to scale?

Under the witch hex water lung, do you want it to be 1 hour/level rather than 1 minute, it seems really short otherwise.


Also creating four saves is... much more complicated. Very interesting choice, let me know how it works.

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I looked over the Adventure paths and would like to see the following in the bestiary 4:
Bog strider
saumen kar
were bat

There are minor differences between the druid and ranger wild empathy, did you want to combine them?

In the Ranger lore section the table is missing the outlaw ranger choice.

The Ascetic hunter still references the monk’s stunning fist ability which I believe was removed.

For the favored enemy adaptation, you changed a lot of the racial feats for the civilized humanoids, you may want to update the feats allowed (an state which race they are linked to).

For the giants and monstrous humanoids throw anything was updated to catch off guard I think.

For the ordained hunter and ranger mage, did you want to state “minimum zero” after the ranger level -3 when determining caster level?

Runecaster refers to bard level rather than ranger level.

Under combat styles there were a few feats/abilities I could not find: Pinpoint targeting, Great throw, Sleeper lock, decisive strike, versatile student of war, devastating critical, shared shield, vigilant defender, and greater power attack.


few more things:

For the Cleric:

For bonus feats, I believe that channel smite is now channeling strike correct?

For the Fire and Winter domain’s 20th level ability, I believe that the Enlarge spell feat is now the Reach spell feat.

For the Protection domain, I could not find the defend ally feat, what did it change to?

Under the sun domain: the granted powers heading seemed to be deleted, unsure it if was something I did or if it was on your copy also.

Under the Thievery domain, did you want to treat sixth sense the same way you treated it with the Halfling paragon?

I did not see power over shadow in the feats section anymore, did you just want to grant the 20th level travel domain the shadow walking skill with 20 ranks?

Under Animal Devotion’s special heading, change references to turn or rebuke undead to channel energy and channeling uses.

Do you want to allow sorcerers with the shadow bloodline access to the umbral shroud feat?

Fire devotion under special, change the reference to rebuke uses to channeling uses.

Under merciful healer, do you want the removal of poison and disease to be automatic, or will it just grant the recipient an extra save against the effect that does not harm them if they fail?

For the Knowledge devotions I believe that the Student of War and Battle leader feats have been combined into the skills section, also the dread secret feat is now automatic in the dark knowledge domain.

For the Druid, second to last paragraph in detect spirits erase the “turn to”.

Wild empathy: Can you attract elementals with your leadership feat? At 18th level do magical beasts with an intelligence score less than 3 need to make a will save to attack you?

Hierophant under the animal shaman is misspelled.

Arcane Hierophant: under spell theurgy delete “number of” before druid caster level.

Under ascetic druid under martial artist, I assume their unarmed attacks damage progress like the monks correct?

Sorcerer: I noticed that the table 1 Spells known for the sorcerer (1st level spells) does not match the favored soul’s progression.

Favored soul

Under spells, in the second paragraph favored souls should gain 3 rather than 4 0 level spells and one rather than two 1st level spells of their choice. Also the references to table two in the second paragraph should reference table 1. Finally you do not mention them gaining bonus mystery spells, would you like to add a reference to that fact?

Under divine mystery second paragraph, change the reference to table 2 to table 1.

Under Aspirancy, change divine reflexes to you gain lighting reflexes as a bonus feat for your favored soul class.

Under Athar delete the reference to xp cost under the steal spell like ability revelation.

Under the battle mystery, delete the reference to great bull rush under maneuver mastery.

Under the Cult mystery Madness revelation, delete the reference to using your charisma modifier for Will saves rather than wisdom.

Under the Flames mystery change the cinder dance revelation to granting the surefooted feat rather than acrobatic steps. Under the energy penetration revelation delete reference to the greater spell penetration feat. For heat death, do you want to place a limit to how often this ability can be used a day? Do you want to have the searing flames mystery grain searing evocation as a bonus feat instead, except that spells modified by this feat to not take extra time to cast or a higher level spell slot? For the Elemental focus do you want to remove all the water spells, or still give them a choice of what element to remove from their spell list?

Under the frost mystery: Under the energy penetration revelation delete reference to the greater spell penetration feat (this also should be done in a few other mysteries also). Do you want to turn flash freeze, numbing cold, and piercing cold into flash frost, numbing cold, and piercing cold evocation bonus feats instead? Ice magic should likely require you to remove all the [fire] descriptor spells from your spell list. Finally for the final revelation you should gain improved great fortitude correct?

For the life mystery, did you really only want to grant 1 + the char modifier channeling times a day for the channel revelation?

For the mercy mystery, did you want to combine the combat healer revelation with the battle mystery revelation of the same name, only allowing a mercy favored soul to select it at 1st level instead?

For the Nature mystery: the natural divination revelation can state “as the juju mystery of the same name” since they appear to be the same. For wild speech the wild empathy ability could be as a druid of equal level as your favored soul level.

For the Stone mystery change the 20th level’s reference to the extend spell to the reach spell, do this also for the Wind mystery.

For the water mystery the storm revelation and the frost mystery winter storm revelation are the same, you could combine them.

Fighter: some of the knightly order chanllenge give a morale bonus to attack should this stack with the normal morale bonus to attack the challenge fighter talent grants? The riposte talent's special section still refers to greater weapon maneuvers. Under the banner ability the table's attack bonus and the description's attack bonus does not seem to match.

Happy holidays

For the bard:

Do bards suffer the 5% spell failure penalty when they are using a buckler?

For bard spells: they start play knowing one rather than two spells of their choice correct?

Under the bardic lore commanding: in the 2nd paragraph you want to add your bard level rather than fighter level to the save DC correct?

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