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Red Metal wrote:
According to the FAQ, the Promethean Alchemist's homunculus companion falls under Biped [hands], not Plant/Verminous. Additionally, unlike animal/plant/vermin companions, they can activate magic items, which may well include wands.

Yes it's falls under Biped [hands], but the list is for animal/plant/vermin, which count as "animal companion".

Actually "animal companion" is based on Druids' Nature Bond class feature and other similar class features with description like "functions as a druid's animal companion" or "use his xxx level as her effective druid level". This kind of companion can grow with the table as Nature Bond class feature descripted, benefit from feats for "animal companion" and limited by this FAQ, that's also why "animal companion" is different from familiar, phantom and others.

What I really want to say is there is no reason to conclude homunculus in this kind of "animal companion". Because this class feature provides a new table for growing just like phantom or eidolon and doesn't mention about anything of druid.

Let's see how this happened.

1. The FAQ about if familiars can active a magic item like a wand was going to be fixed.

>>>2. The FAQ was updated as this blog article informed. And there comes out a new FAQ tells that animal/plant/vermin companion can't active a magic item or use a weapon. In the new FAQ, the imp companion (also uses the rule of animal companion as Druid's class feature) from diabolist prestige class is considered as a expection that can active a magic item but can not use a weapon.

>>>3. Some one asked in this threads if homunculus can be seen as a animal companion for benefit from feats designed for animal companion.

>>>4. Staffs read this reply and added "and the promethean alchemist’s homunculus, which gains weapon proficiency as described in the archetype" to the FAQ. Then homunculus seems become a animal/plant/vermin companion under Biped [hands] kind, though it is nothing in common with "animal companion".

The 4th step makes no sense and causes more question (see what Suede has written), that's what we doubt for.

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I also have some questions about Promethean's Homunculus companion.

According to this newest FAQ, it is included in animal (plant or vermin) companion and it can't use or even wear most magic equipment.

1 So can this kind of Homunculus be treated as "animal companion" in any other situation? Such as benefitting from feats (like Boon Companion) or class ability normally for animal companions?

2 Promethean Alchemist trades this companion with bomb and mutagen, which means she has lost nearly all way to deal damage. And compared with normal animal companions (pick up another one for free, low int ability), Homunculus is more weak but more expensive, it cost 100 gp per HD if destroyed (just like familiar) and it can not change feats unless pay for retrain (just like eidolon, Phantom or familiar). This archetype is more like summoners or spiritualists as they only have a limited spell list, a companion and nearly nothing else. What can a summoner do during a game and what equipment should she purchase if her eidolon have only a neck slot and can't trigger any magic equipment?

3 Homunculus can pick up UMD as its class skill as description said and can speak after getting 5 HD, also it has at least 10 int. I don't understand why it is limited for using magic equipments more like animal or vermin but not an eidolon, Phantom or an improved familiar.