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Full Name

Chest Thumper




Male Half-Orc 3rd level Druid CG Medium humanoid (orc) Init +1; Senses darkvision, scent; Perc: +12 Francis - Init +4; Senses Lowlight vison, Perc: +1







Special Abilities

Darkvision 60ft, Natue's Bond


Chaotic Good




Pridon's Hearth


Common, Druidic, Orc, Sylvan



Strength 14
Dexterity 12
Constitution 13
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 18
Charisma 8

About Chest Thumper

Chest Thumper
Sex: Male Race: Half-orc Class: Druid Age: 17
CG male Medium humanoid (human, Orc)
Init +1; Senses Darkvision 60ft., Scent, Perception +12
15; touch 11; flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +1 dex)
hp 21
Fort +4; Reflex +2; Will +7
30 ft (20 ft in armor)
Ranged Dart +3 (1d4+1/x2)
Melee Masterwork Greataxe +5(1d12+3/x3)

Space 5 ft., Reach 5 ft.

14; Dex 12; Con 13; Int 12; Wis 18; Cha 8
BAB +2; CMB +4; CMD 15


Beast Bond


1st: Self-sufficient
3rd: Keen Scent

SKILLS (12 ranks, +6 Background +3 Int) Asterix denotes class skill
*Climb +8 (3 ranks, +3 Class Skill, +2 Str)
*Handle Animal +6 (3 ranks, +3 Class Skill, -1 Cha, +1 Beast Bond)
*Heal +11 (2 ranks, +3 Class Skill, +4 Wis, +2 Self-Sufficient)
Intimidate +2 (1 rank, -1 Cha, +2 Racial bonus)
*Knowledge (Geography) +6 (2 ranks, +3 Class Skill, +1 Int)
*Knowledge (Nature) +9 (3 ranks, +3 Class Skill, +1 Int, +2 Nature Sense)
*Perception +12 (3 ranks, +3 Class Skill, +4 Wis, +2 Bestial Alternate Racial Trait)
*Survival +15 (3 ranks, +3 Class Skill, +4 Wis, +2 Nature Sense, +2 Self-sufficient, +1 Outcast)
*Swim +6 (1 rank, +3 Class Skill, +2 Str)
Common (Taldan), Druidic, Orc, Sylvan

Nature Bond
Wild Empathy
Woodland Stride
Trackless Step
0-Level DC14 (4/day)
* Flare*
* Guidance x2
* Resistance
1st-Level DC15 (3/day)
* Cure Light Wounds x2
* Magic Stone*
2nd-Level DC16 (2/day)
* Barkskin*
* Flame Blade*


Masterwork Great Axe (12lbs)
10 Darts (5lbs)
Hide Armor (25lbs)
Backpack (2lbs)
Bedroll (5lbs)
Flint and Steel
50 ft. Silk Rope (5lbs)
17 Days Trail Rations (10lbs)
Waterskin (4lbs)
Potion of lesser restoration
Potion of cure light wounds

Carrying Capacity Light: 58 lbs. Medium: 59-116 lbs. Heavy: 117-175 lbs.
Currency: 42.2 gp
Total Weight: 68 lbs.

On first glance, Chest Thumper appears to be a pure blooded orc. His mouth and nose extend in a snoutlike shape and he has a heavy, brooding brow. His lean, lanky build and his large eyes demonstrate his human blood. There is a gleam of intelligence in his eyes for anyone who cares to look for it. His ears are large and sharply pointed. He has a stooped posture and will sometimes go on all fours (or some threes, if he happens to be carrying something.)
He wears the cured hide of some scaly beast as both clothing and protection and carries a well cared for great axe.

No one knows the story of Chest Thumper’s origins, not even Chest Thumper. His earliest memories involve living with a troop of apes and he considers them his family just as they considered him part of their family.
This continued until his adolescence when the troop happened across a tribe of orcs. Curious, Chest Thumper followed a young orc woman as she returned to her village after gathering water. Despite getting a sound trouncing from her when he got too close and sniffed her, he was fascinated by the civilization of the orcs.
He and his “brother” remained with them when ape troop moved on and the orcs, not wanting to offend whatever gods or spirits had looked over the strange foundling in the jungle allowed him to stay.
They named him “Chest Thumper” due to his propensity to do just that when he was trying (usually unsuccessfully) to intimidate someone. But when they tried to name his brother “Razor Claw” he calmly informed them the ape’s name was “Francis.” In fact, he had not bothered to name himself but had given each member of his troop a name.
Chest Thumper learned that there were even more civilized places, usually from unfortunate prisoners of the orc tribe and his hunger to see such sights as the spires of Absalom or the places where rain falls as a white solid and remains on the ground for months or years only grew.
Eventually, he left his tribe. They, happy to see him go, and not wanting to offend his guardian spirits gifted him with a suit of armor and a great axe.
A couple weeks later, he wandered into a trading outpost and began selling his services as a guide. He still dreams of visiting more civilized locations, but, quite frankly, is intimidated.

Chest Thumper is a man of few words. He has a certain feral intensity that others often find disconcerting. He neither knows, nor cares about the niceties of society. He has his own code of honor, though and would never betray or abandon a friend or companion or even an employer. He is fiercely loyal to Francis and often defers to the ape’s opinion, though how much opinion Francis has and how it is communicated is difficult to discern.

Statistics: Size Medium; Perception: +1 Initiative +4 Speed 30 ft., Climb 30 ft.; AC (22)20 (+4Dex, +1 natural, +5 armor (+1 Magical Chain Shirt.)) touch 14 flat-footed 16; [b]HP: 17 Fort +3; Reflex +7; Will +2 Attack bite +4 (1d4 +2), 2 claws +4 (1d6+2); Ability Scores Str 14, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 7; BAB:+2; CMB: +4; CMD: 18; Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light), Improved Natural Attack (claws) Skills: Acrobatics +7, Swim +6 Special Qualities evasion, low-light vision, scent. Tricks: Attackx2, Come, Defend, Down, Fetch, Track, Work Equipment:+1 Chain Shirt