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Slick rules content matched with tightly-themed fluff


I feel that the more recent Player Companions have been hit or miss. Arcane Anthology is one of the hits.

Most of the new spells are ones I want to use. I dig the new rules for copying preparation rituals--they're not too overpowered and generally well-balanced for the cost, plus they lend much-needed flavor to what would otherwise just be a list of spells. The new prayer and meditation book rules also give options for more scholarly-minded casters who are members of classes that don't traditionally use spellbooks.

I especially like the Magaambya content--all of it. The new bloodrager and arcanist archetypes are on point.

All in all, a good marriage of rules content with interesting setting information, perfectly bundled.

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Rewards interesting PC strategy without punishing the straightforward approach


I've played and GMed this excellent scenario. Spoilers below.

Good roleplaying opportunities that reward a deep-cover infiltration approach. But if you prefer to go in swinging, that works too.
PCs who are good at the less-used sneaky/social skills, like Disguise and Sleight of Hand, will get a chance to shine--yet the encounters are set up in such a way that PCs who aren't don't get hosed.
Combats match up interesting terrain and enemy tactics to shake things up a bit.
Good riddle/puzzle/social encounter that rewards players who have been paying attention to PFS metaplot, while providing a "safety net" for players who haven't.
Superb chronicle, including a new minor wondrous item.
One of the first scenarios to include full stat blocks for all referenced NPCs in the back.
Uses Flip-Mat: Desert Ruins and two custom maps. The custom maps fit easily on a blank Flip-Mat or 24x36 grid paper, with no 10 ft. squares (yay). The custom maps are an interesting place to adventure (a palisade guarding a fortified cliff dwelling, basically).
AP Easter Egg!
Lady Darchana returns (love that NPC).

Could have just been my group, but it felt like the boss had a glass jaw at low subtier/4 player adjustment.
There's not a well-defined trigger that will initiate combat if the PCs dither about when to blow their cover. My PCs were so into the deep cover thing that the gnolls had to actually tell the ones disguised as slavers to leave the compound before the PCs decided to kick off the revolt.

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I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of this adventure. "Rasputin Must Die!" does not disappoint.

Brandon Hodge, this is truly an achievement. Paizo is known for very good APs; some chapters such as "Seven Days to the Grave" and "Sixfold Trial" are the most brilliant examples of the overall high quality of the line. "Rasputin Must Die!" is taking its place among them. Definitely in the top 3, if not THE best AP adventure I've read.

I can't wait to run Reign of Winter so my players can experience this adventure.