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LazarX wrote:
ChaoticBlue wrote:

I know we have the Harrow deck(which is a game in itself, as well as an Rpg component) but I was just thinking how great a Rider Waite style tarot deck with actual pathfinder characters and situations would be.

Absolutely none. Tarot decks are supposed to be symbolic, not something that comes out looking like a Golarion Topps baseball deck.

The Harrow deck on the other hand, has a lot of support, including rules text for the item, a feat or two, and a prestige class. There's no real improvement by putting in a New Age knockoff.

Thanks for the opinion Lazar ^_^. Just for clarification, I'm not looking to improve on or replace the Harrow deck as a game component. I would be looking for a stand alone symbolic deck to do readings with IRL, just with Pathfinder character art.

Mike Selinker wrote:
Well, given that I designed the Harrow deck, I'm pretty happy with how it works, tarot-wise.

No offense meant Mike. I'm learning the Waite system now so I wanted to continue with what I know. So far I have Pirate, Manga, Comic book, and steampunk traditional decks, so I thought why not one with the iconic and other pathfinder characters? Is divination with the Harrow deck hard to learn?

At standard size, (78 cards per deck) that'd be a mighty generous promo ^_~.

I know we have the Harrow deck(which is a game in itself, as well as an Rpg component) but I was just thinking how great a Rider Waite style tarot deck with actual pathfinder characters and situations would be.

Flenta as The Magician: Flenta surveys four objects on a table that she just recently "acquired" and gazes upon them giving an impish smirk, the spark of inspiration beginning to strike for what these objects may be able to do and how they can be used for her benefit.

Darago as Death: Darago stands ominously over a fallen peasant and is beginning to cast a spell as the man's family mourns his passing, Darago is about to prove that death isn't the end......but the beginning.

Zarlova as the High priestess: Zarlova sits in an arcane study pouring over various texts that contain the disciplines of both divine and arcane. The books she studies as well as her general appearance shows that she will dedicate herself to the pursuit of understanding the universe no matter what (or who) she has to devote herself to.

I have more thoughts and examples but for now, is this something anyone else would want to buy? If so(or even if not) who or what would you put on the cards? If you aren't interested in using them for readings would you be interested in it as a collector's item from an artwork perspective?

I forgot to mention a little tidbit about our friend the "Varisian" Illusionist, part of his power is automatically acquiring a boon, as long as it isn't a blessing. There must be a deeper meaning that at one point he was named dark and had no power over blessings(which,except in WoR, are Divine based).

I would have been interestedto see a Callous Rake based Paladin, it could have opened the door for another character like Arueshalae who has a good and evil role(Redeemed and Fallen). From the short description in the Codex it would imply that this character had a choice as to where his final allegiances lay and also the part those around him would play, much like our favorite Succubus. "The callous rake is a young paladin exhibiting unpaladinlike behavior. If unchecked, these habits become the first step toward disgrace".

Again, just some food for thought ^_~.

I received my Paladin Class deck yesterday and noticed something interesting. On the back of the package 3 sample cards are present, One Being a shady fellow named the "Dark" Illusionist. I thought to myself, that's funny, why would a Paladin want to associate with any person that had dark in it's description? Then upon opening the box I found that card renamed to be the "Varisian" Illusionist. Also included is a Sacred Slayer which is a Half Orc Rouge, and a Pit Gladiator, more strange choices of companion for a Paladin, flavor wise. Not to mention the Ebon Thorn armor, which has a very evil look and feel to it. Now that's not enough evidence to suggest an Anti Paladin, However it leads me to believe that one of the Original Paladin's was going to be Tristram Reis(Callous Rake,NPC Codex)as he is described as being "unpaladinlike". That would explain having odd companions and dark armor, or perhaps the box art was just a typo and the cards included are just coincidence, You decide ^_^.

Hmm. If I were a betting man I'd say the next deck after Inquisitor will be related to Mummy's Mask.

I myself would like to see more caster specific armor and weapons( Robes and staves...etc), especially some that don't require proficiency. Zarlova and Darago(and some others) would be very grateful ^_^.

In a way. Personally,I wanted more mental cards for Radillo's power so I made a bunch to cover the gap. Using the card creator each player is welcome to fill in the class deck characters needs as they choose. However, I think everyone is looking for something more official to fix any issues with the original 7 class decks. Also , to my knowledge(maybe the Op players could help me out here), I'm not sure that created cards (other than Councilor's Ring) are Op legal.

Just wondering if Arueshalae's art is going to be added to the community use package and if so how soon. When she's added she and I are going to the DriveThru(Cards that is ^_^).

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Inquisitor Deck

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The Inquisitor class deck is in the Paizo store for February release ^_^.

Situation 1: The way it it is worded I believe you would end your turn and wouldn't have to resolve any rolls until your next turn and explore.

Situation 2: You're second example on damage is correct, there are many types of damage not just one. If the I instruction is to take POISON damage you cannot reveal or recharge an armor that negates COMBAT damage as they are not the same thing. In that situation however you can banish or bury to reduce damage to zero because that is specified as All damage. ^_^

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I know, I'm anxiously awaiting that feature as well. Until then though I figured it'd be fun to have more than just the six maximum characters in your party do I made ally cards for Harsk, Valeros, Damiel, Vika, Wu Shen, and Kyra, just to name a few. That way you can cram lots of Iconics and class deck characters into one session and bring their flavor along with you even if you can't play them as a full character at the moment. I've been wanting to play Flenta for a awhile (she'll be in my next party) but she hasn't fit well with the other characters I also wanted to play. With her ally card I can bring her magical mischief along no matter who I play or whatever base set I choose.

P.s. As I've said in a previous post, a version of Flenta pretending to be a Necromancer (or even a Cleric) would be hilarious

Thanks Dave ^_^. Who knows, it might become an official trait one day ^_~.

I'm having really good luck with Arueshlae, Tarlin, and Xarlova in Runelords. Arueshalae has Dexterity, Charisma, Knowledge and Disable covered. Not to mention that she can evade anything, add 1d4 plus bonuses with her gift to the rest of the party and add to combat checks at other locations with ranged weapons. Tarlin is in charge of strength and fortitude checks as well as the majority of combat. Take his ability to heal by discarding a two hander and make all his spells cures and he's a tank. Zarlova handles our Divine and Arcane checks in addition to wisdom and craft. All in all they seem to compliment each other quite well.

cartmanbeck wrote:
I noticed that the cards I just added instantly became the "most popular" cards as well, so that makes me think someone is ordering my cards right after I make them! :)

Darn, and I was so happy when my Iconic and Class deck Ally cards were the top 12 or so for awhile : /. I didn't buy them myself until several weeks later so I guess someone must have actually bought them. At least my Flenta is still # 35 ^_~.

I'm thinking the Temple Sword will work well in Rooboo's hands(or claws?), the only downside would be having to acquire it instead of adding it to her starting deck(But there's always house ruling, right? ^_~)

Thanks for the quick answer Vick ^_^. I can't wait to see what the designers come up with for the rest of the decks. It's nice to know that not all of the new characters can be looked up so this batch of class decks will come with some surprises.

Also I hope we get more art by Mr. Van De Beek, I rather like his interpretation of Imrijka. For everyone out there who might think I dislike the Iconics because of my class deck posts, I LOVE Imrijka, she would definitely be my best character ever ^_^. I'd love to see Rogier do the art for at least one of the new inquisitors(A dhampir or fetchling with Arcane instead of Divine or a Lycantrope who uses BoG for moon effects would be nice, hint hint ^_~).As always thanks for all the hard work you all put into this game.

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When the Paladin deck placeholder art came out there were 3 paladins besides Seelah, when it was changed to three characters instead of four we got two new paladins that were not on the original art: Raz and Koren. I didn't notice until today that the art for both was drawn by the same man,Rogier Van De Beek. At first I didn't think much of it but then I checked the Monk class deck. The place holder monks were replaced by two new ones: Rooboo and Athnul, who were also coincidentally(?) both drawn by Rogier Van De Beek. If Maznar of the Druid deck wasn't drawn by a different person I would be prepared to call it a full fledged conspiracy ~_^.

Knowing this now my question is, are any of these characters from (or based on characters from) any of the sourcebooks or are they new and made from scratch? Also was there any particular reason why the changes were made and all the art just happened to come from the same man? I f they didn't come from any book I'd be more then happy(As would everyone else I'm sure) to start making custom requests for the upcoming and unannounced class decks ~_^.

Phew, now I know for sure that sliding off of my satin sheets has been a blessing in disguise ; ).

Rebel Song wrote:

I'm fine with not including the Iconics in the class decks, as long as there's a base set version of them to use if you want to use them. I haven't played the RPG, so the non-Iconics appeal to me more anyway (since they're not the stereotypical version of that character (as someone else said, Ezrren just LOOKS like a stereotypical wizard, whereas Radillo is just more interesting). When I chose to play as Zarlova in Season 0, I picked her because she looked more interesting to play than Kyra. And I didn't even know Kyra was the Iconic.

I agree with Rebel. When the Iconics were conceived they were pregens for pen and paper and became "the face" of the classes as it were. However, ( keep in mind, this is just my opinion again) does that mean that the Iconics have to be the face of the class decks? For ease as a pregen Valeros was "the" fighter, but now we have 3 others to choose from that can be built (and pregened)just as easily as Valeros. All I'm saying is that the card game is a new medium and (down the road) it may have to deviate from some of the RPG standards. Personally I think the class decks should be just that, the class, not the stereotypical face. BTW, I'm just enjoying the discussion and exchange of ideas and viewpoints . I'm not looking to upset anyone, so please don't send Wu Shen to eliminate me in my sleep ^_~.

If my idea didn't make sense I apologize.PACG is my first foray into gaming so I'm not really knowledgeable about sales models of card games, It was just a thought I had that I decided to share.

Midnight Syndicate Has several Gothic themed CDs that might be appropriate for Wrath. I used their D&D soundtrack for Runelords.

I definitely use them as an accessory, I own every deck up to Paladin and I've never played OP(official or home). I like them because they up the replayability of the base sets. I'm playing Wrath solo now (Haven't found a group yet : ( ),but I also have a Rotrl and S&S game going at the same time(my second time through for each). Having lots of character choices and trying to put parties together that would work well together and in each set helps me get a lot more bang for my buck, I might even hold off on MM so I can get some more games through with the sets I have. I don't know that I want all the future class decks but I am looking forward to Monk and Alchemist. Anyway, that's my (very long) two cents ;).

Andrew L Klein wrote:
Interesting that it's got 4 character on the temporary artwork. They've had this one in the pipeline for a while then. I spy a human or elf, what looks like a half orc, and halfling I think. The question is, which is gone?

We might not get any of those except for Zadim. None of the characters on the original box for the Monk deck remained when they changed the art, same thing for the Paladin deck, Raz and the half Orc weren't part of the mock up art for the four character box. They still have original boxes on Amazon for comparison.

Or maybe if you did an upgrade pack of two boons together, say: divine and arcane spells, weapons and armor, and items and allies. At 109 cards (or less) each they might be able to fix the gaps in the first 7 class decks. Or even just two packs, arcane and divine spells and items and weapons, armor and allies.

I was thinking, it might be cool to have NPC expansion class decks using the cohorts. For example make a Paladin deck with playable versions of Yaniel, Irabeth Tirabade, and Queen Galfrey. Or perhaps a Mendevian class deck, making three mechanically similar but different classed Wrath cohorts playable.

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You could always do a special edition of Flenta with a "Necromantic Faker" Role ; ).

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Just got to the Midpoint of Rise of the Runelords using Arueshalae(Redeemed), Tarlin, and Zarlova. I noticed that a few people had asked if she was viable and workable for sets other then Wrath, so I thought I'd share some notes(Cards, powers, feats....have been posted in the appropriate thread if you're curious).

Arueshalae worked great in Runelords as a character, but for good measure I added in the Ranger deck for her to get more Bows and Dex options(With Archer's Bracers she's getting avg. +9 to Ranged Combat).
I didn't find her owner items the Swallowtail Bracers or Spherewalker staff to be of immediate use, though the staff did come in handy later on for locations like Shrine to Lamashtu and The Dam. Also her power to reduce elemental damage still hasn't been needed but it should come in handy towards the end of the set.

Her cohort, Arueshalae's Gift, however proved to be very useful. From the very beginning I've used it exclusively to up Zarlova's Wisdom check for the entire duration of each game. At one point with skill and power upgrades, Zar was rolling an 8 minimum with gift+1, meaning that she could auto acquire most Divine spells,(and then check the top or bottom of her deck for a spell or blessing)and also auto recharge most Divine spells(which if they are Attack go right to the top of her deck :}). It's cheating a bit I suppose , but all's fair when you travel with a Succubus right?

Once I'm done with Runelords I plan to run Arueshalae through S&S(in the Fallen Role)because the only thing better than a Succubus is a Succubus with HUGE......Firearms, of course ;). In this run I'm thinking of adding in the Rogue deck to also give her access to poison's and other dirty tricks(If you're gonna Fall might as well do it right, huh?).

Solo Run. Added in the Cleric Deck for Tarlin and Zarlova, and the Ranger Deck for Arueshalae.

Character Name: Arueshalae
Role Card: Redeemed
Skill Feats: Dexterity +4
Power Feats: Elec Poison and Fire reduced by 5, on your turn move after evade, Gift adds 1d4+1, Instead of first explore reveal Desna trait to shuffle 1d4+1 cards from discard to deck.
Card Feats: Weapon+1, Item+2
Weapons: Starbow, Deathbane Light Crossbow +1 x2,Returning Throwing Axe +1, Venomous Dagger +2.
Spells: (none)
Armors: Snakeskin Tunic
Items: Spherewalker Staff, Swallowtail Bracers, Archer's Bracers,Masterwork Tools x2.
Allies: Black Arrow Ranger,Poog of Zarongel
Blessings: Desna x 3, Erastil x 2
Cohort: Arueshalae's Gift

Character Name: Tarlin
Role Card: Noble Scion
Skill Feats: Strength +4
Power Feats: +2 hand size, Reveal 2 handed weapon to shuffle 1d4+2,Recharge Allies with Hireling or Aristocrat trait.
Card Feats: Weapon +2, Ally +1
Weapons: Bastard Sword +1,Impaler of Thorns, Wounding Spear-Axe +1, Longsword +2,GreatClub +1, Icy Longspear +1.
Spells: Find Traps, Cure x2
Armors: Magic Full Plate, Elven Breastplate
Items: Sihedron Medallion
Allies: Social Climber, Valet
Blessings: Sivanah, Calistria, Cayden Cailean, Iomedae

Character Name: Zarlova
Role Card: Theurge
Skill Feats: Intelligence +2, Wisdom +2
Power Feats: +1 Hand Size, When magic trait is acquired examine top or bottom card of deck, If top or bottom is a spell or blessing add to hand, Gain Arcane:Intel +2
Card Feats: Spells +2, Items +1
Weapons: (none)
Spells: Divine Blaze, Holy Light x2, Major Cure, Swipe, Lightning Bolt, Mirror Image
Armors: Deathbane Shield
Items: Holy Candle, Crown of Charisma, Wand of Enervation
Allies: Evangelist, Father Zantus
Blessings: Pharasma x2, Lamashtu, Abadar

Would it be I'll advised to begin with Origins?

I see, so there's backstory to be had across the entire series, not just origins? Or is origins more like the meetings series of dragon lance books where it's more about the origin of how the iconics came together?

I'm looking forward to the Alchemist, I had a great time playing Damiel(and it was a big surprise because I don't usually play characters of that type but he was a blast, if you pardon the pun). Next would be Inquisitor, I waited patiently for Imrijka and she was worth the wait. I'm also hoping that we get an Iconic spy so we can get a spy deck.

Theryon Stormrune wrote:

Besides an avid RPGer, I collect comics.

When Rise of the Runelords came out, the comics started approximately the same time. I, too, knew of the iconics but never as living characters in stories. We never played APs and never played pre-gens. But in the comics, Valeros, Seoni and Merisiel became alive. They unfolded a story from the beginning of the Rise of the Runelords. They introduced Ezren and Harsk and Kyra. Lini and others. They grew in depth and I lent the comics to friends so they, too, could see the iconics like I did. And it gave a new layer to the card game and the characters we were playing.

I have been curious about the comics Theryon, would you recommend them? Are they very gory and or crude? I saw what I think was a part of one( Amiri making one person into twins) and I wasn't sure if they'd be for me. I have read some of the old D&D comics, If you're familiar with those would you say that they are similar?

Thanks so much to everyone who has answered so far. I think more than anything I wanted to see if group opinion was that the iconics should be included simply because they're the iconics, or that the players actually had a connection to them. I guess having never read the comics and never getting to know more about the iconics then is written in their origin blogs I never really got attached to any of them. Don't get me wrong, I have played some of them, and will continue to in the future, but for some reason I have more loyalty towards the new class deck characters who at one time were just random(and I assume in some cases nameless) NPCs. I was hoping asking for everyone's opinion might give me an answer, that someone else might have a similar opinion. I think where I'm at now( and bear with me on this) is that the iconics are in and on so much that I guess I just like to see some of the minor characters who have existed in books as a foot note or paragraph get some of the spotlight for awhile. But again, that's just my opinion, I'm not looking for things to change, just wanted to see what the community was thinking. Thank you all so much for your honest input so far ; ).

P.S. to the team,
Please keep surprise characters like Arueshalae coming ; ).

Just to clarify, I know why the system is the way it is and how it works mechanically,I'm sure it's not going to change and I'm not looking to have it changed.I'm just throwing out my opinion and curious as to what other's personal feelings are ; ).

I wanted to ask everyones opinion about the inclusion of Iconics in the class decks. I know that awhile ago it was discussed why the Iconics were included using Star wars as an example(could you have a jedi class deck without Luke Skywalker?)and I get that. However the Iconics are included in the base sets so you do already get at least one, and personally as a home player I'm never going to use 3 Linis. Now that we're down to 3 characters per class deck instead of 4, I (in my personal opinion) would rather see that 3rd slot be taken up by a new character,not just a mechanically different version of an already existing one. I know this might be a different matter for those who participate in OP and want to use an Iconic for that purpose,and I'm sure that there are home players who like the using a tweaked Iconic.That said, I'm curious to see where the home players and OPers stand on this matter.

And all the while Donahan would be shaking his head with a sigh of disbelief....

Anyone else curious about seeing the results of a joust between Alain and Raz : )?

I'd definitely be ok with that Jason. Also I'd be willing to do a guest blog for the reveal from a buyers point of view if the powers that be would let me test drive the deck, just throwing it out there ; ).(Attempts a Diplomacy check on The Powers with a 1d4 bonus from Arueshalae's gift).

Anyone know if the Druid deck was demoed at GenCon? I can't place the race of one of the male Druids, but he looks really cool, sort of Groot like.

Wow, thanks for the info Rebel. Now I'm VERY interested in this deck ; ).

You're welcome Andrew ; ). I was going to pass up the Monk deck because the original character art didn't stand out much but these new two characters look intriguing. I'm guessing that the female Monk is a Halfling, but whatever race she looks like she means business.

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The Image of the Monk class deck has been changed in the store, looks like we'll potentially be having a Tengu Monk now(If I judge right by the new image). Looks like the druid set may have been tweaked as well.

New Monk Art.

Thanks Troy : ). I was even thinking maybe set challenges with rewards, like finish the game with Valeros and Ezren to unlock Flenta, or play through with Kyra and Seoni to unlock Zarlova.

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I think instead of a physical promo I would much rather that they add (Free) unlockable content to the game itself. Today there are so many digital games that don't offer you much(or sometimes anything) for completion because the company would rather sell you extra content. My wish would be in game incentive to replay the game multiple times, perhaps the unlocking of a random class deck character when you complete the full game( If they let us unlock say,4, there would still be plenty to sell to us later), or when you complete the game you unlock the Iconic Hero owner cards for the characters you were playing. It's just my opinion, but I don't need physical incentive to buy the game, I'd be looking more for incentive to replay the game.

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Being able to use my conquering heroes in a >6 adventure is something I've been waiting to do since I finished Rotr. I would be in for sure.

How about a Ratfolk Plague Bringer( Alchemist)? There's plenty of time before we get the Alchemist deck ; ).

I second the Ratfolk Gunslinger ,and add Dhampir Inquisitor(kinslayer) and Tiefling Magus(Fiend Flayer) please : ).

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