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I like Samo's hat. *downloads playtest based solely on this*

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I would like a book of compiled GM resources. There are all sorts of haunts, traps and hazards scattered around the adventure path volumes and modules. Having those in one handy place would be dandy. Maybe throw in the various little rule systems they've put into the APs too? *shrugs*


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I'd like to see:

1) Dragon Empires Hardcover

2) Dragon Empires Bestiary

3) Qadira Guide

4) Brevoy Guide

5) Galt Guide

6) Darklands Denizens Revisited

7) Misfit Monster Bestiary

I'm always EXCITES for a book a' monsters. Also dig the mock up cover.

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Is it love or a skeleton in a space suit? As if those aren't the same thing.

Few more:

- Dokkaebi, mischevious Korean spirit/sprite/goblins. Wikipedia lists a couple of varities.
- Orangutan (the real animal) and Orang Pendek (the cryptid)
- Neanderthal

Some general concepts:
- Some sort of mystical flying whale, with magical gallstones.
- A friendly little fruit monster, like a cuddly walking peach, but you can eat it for a healing effect or something.
- A Small or Medium mushroom/flower monster that's mostly mouth; can act as a guard dog for fey or intelligent plant creatures.
- Some manner of giant trampling tumbleweed.

And of course (because never enough):
- Chicken, Koala, Tanuki, Trilobite familiars.
- Anomalocaris, Cassowary, Wombat animal companions.
- More terror birds, like the Kelenken and Gastornis. The Axebeak needs buddies.
- The plant companions from the ARG (Carnivorous Flower, Crawling Vine, Puffball, Sapling Treant) given write ups.

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I'd like to see:

- Kasa-Obake/Karakasa, that Japanese umbrella monster
- The gentle Manatee, animal companion
- Giant Otter, also an animal companion
- Coelacanth
- A tea cup chihuahua, or similarly Tiny Dog, as a familiar
- Red Panda and Penguin familiars
- Archdevils
- Cats of Ulthar
- Some sort of arboeal ape that uses yelling for attacks, possibly named the Harangutan
- The Jackalwere's equivalent of a skinwalker
- An undead/corrupted Treant

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I hope October keeps being the spooky “Blood of” month. Maybe with Changelings? Fetchlings?

“People of” and “of Golarion“ stuff for Tian-Xia would be pretty cool. Kitsune, Nagaji, Wanshou, Hongal, Minkai... there are plenty of good topics to take a stab at. Maybe Handbooks for dealing with the Old Cults, surviving the Darklands or exploring the city? I wouldn’t mind seeing Galt get some attention in one form or another.

I’d probably lose my mind for a Lizardfolk of Golarion book. I don’t know why I like them so much, or even when and how it started, but I sure do. Something for Gnolls too, why not.

As for general content… I’d say more of what’s been going on. Feats, traits, drawbacks, new maps, archetypes, the occasional prestige class, new maps again. New maps one more time. I also really like the reoccurring Aasimar and Tieflings characters. Maybe get the Torch Bearer, others in on that trend? I’d also dig the occasional familiar or two.