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Level 5


VP: 18

Description: The dark-haired lithe man enters the arena smoothly and calmly, wearing long silken robes with a dark vest over them. The light catches small bits of metal shining on the vest. He surveys the crowd briefly with a glance before turning to his opponent and bowing. He holds a parchment in one hand and a sword in the other, while a bandolier of vials is secured across his chest. A few spears are slung over one shoulder in a quiver, and a long-handled sword is sheathed over the other. Two scroll cases hang from his belt. It seems that the swordsman has used his wealth thus far to purchase some jewelry--a ring shines brightly on his sword hand while a pale pink stone orbits his head.

Visible weapons--spears, katanas (one in hand, one sheathed). Visible armor--robes, barbed vest. 2 scroll cases, spell component pouch

Level 4


VP: 12

Description: A muscular half elf walks into the arena, wearing ornate armor with a bandolier of vials slung over it. Over his shoulders he has a rope with a hook attached to one end and an iron disc attached to the other, as well as a sickle and ball attached to another chain. The man smiles, revealing red-stained teeth as a small stone orbits his head.

Visible weapons--Kyoketsu shoge sheathed, Kusarigama sheathed. Visible armor--parade armor

Faust (inactive)
Level 4


VP: 10

Description: An armored dwarf walks into the arena, weapons and armor clanging. He holds a shield in one hand and wears a necklace bearing a pentagram symbol. The same image shows on his neck, like a brand.

A bandolier of vials is slung over his chest, an assortment of weapons and two scroll cases hang from his belt.

Visible weapons--battleaxe (sheathed), heavy pick (sheathed), light crossbow (sheathed). Visible armor--full plate and heavy wooden shield