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Full Name

Chak Yuen Chen a/k/a General Chak a/k/a The Magpie


| HP: 35/100 | AC: 22 (13 T, 20 F) (+4 vs traps) | CMD: 31 (+4 vs traps) | F: 15, R: 16 (evasion, +5 vs traps), W: 15 | Init: 8 | Perc: 31 (37 vs traps, trap spotter)


| Speed 40 |

Tracked Resources:
Tactician 1/1 | Reroll 1/1


Chaotic Neutral Tengu Slayer 12 (Sheet) (Equipment)

About Chak Yuen Chen

Bot me

1. If Chak has a scroll that would be useful to the situation, then he will use it. He uses Linguistics instead of UMD to activate scrolls.

2. If attacking, Chak will get sneak attacks where he can, but will prefer full attacking over moving into position for a sneak attack and getting only a single attack. He will use studied target as a swift action against the target of his attacks. Chak will almost always use power attack.

I have given edit access to the character sheet. Just click the link in my character info. If there are any modifiers, you can put an x in the quick toggles and it will automatically update the bonuses.

You then can go to the macros tab to grab the dice rolls for Chak's action.

Preferred full attack is nodachi plus bite as a secondary, but he can uses claws and bite if he doesn't have time to draw his weapon.