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Full Name

Chaiyek Taiskiy


Shirren Roboticist Mechanic 1


Init +2 | Per +4 (blindsense [vibrations] 30') | KAC 14, EAC 13 | SP 4/7, HP 12/12, RP 3/3 | Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +0










Castrovelian, Common, Elven, Kasatha, Shirren, Ysoki


Lab Technician

Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

About Chaiyek Taiskiy

NG Medium humanoid (shirren)
KAC 14 (+2 armour, +2 Dex)
EAC 13 (+1 armour, +2 Dex)

REF +3


Speed 40 feet
Baton, tactical +0 (1d4 B)

Laser rifle, azimuth +2 120’ (1d8 F) burn 1d6

> > 15/0 charges (usage 1)
STR 10 +0 points
DEX 14 -2 racial, +6 points
CON 12 +2 racial, +0 points
INT 15 +4 points, +1 theme
WIS 12 +2 racial
CHA 10 +0 points
BAB +0

Feats Fleet, Skill Focus (Perception)
Credits 20

Chaiyek was born and raised in Qabarat. He studied software engineering at the Qabarat University, then moved to Absalom Station to pursue his own project - Talos, a partially sentient computer installed in Chaiyek’s brain, who serves as a constant companion to Chaiyek. Since he moved to Absalom Station, he has joined the Starfinder Society. He wants to be able to keep learning more, so he is allied with the Dataphile faction.

Chaiyek stands about 6’ 4” tall. He has a rust-brown exoskeleton, and a small holographic display of blue and green information scrolls past his left eye. He is extremely extroverted and friendly.


• Blindsense:
Shirrens’ sensitive antennae grant them blindsense (vibration)—the ability to sense vibrations in the air—out to 30 feet. A shirren ignores the Stealth bonuses from any form of visual camouflage, invisibility, and the like when attempting a Perception check opposed by a creature’s Stealth check. Even on a successful Perception check, any foe that can’t be seen still has total concealment (50% miss chance) against a shirren, and the shirren still has the normal miss chance when attacking foes that have concealment. A shirren is still flat-footed against attacks from creatures it can’t see.

• Communalism:
Shirrens are used to working with others as part of a team. Once per day, as long as an ally is within 10 feet, a shirren can roll a single attack roll or skill check twice and take the higher result.

• Cultural Fascination:
Shirrens are eager to learn about new cultures and societies. Shirrens receive a +2 racial bonus to Culture and Diplomacy checks.

• Limited Telepathy:
Shirrens can communicate telepathically with any creatures within 30 feet with whom they share a language. Conversing telepathically with multiple creatures simultaneously is just as difficult as listening to multiple people speak.


• LVL 01 | Theme Knowledge:
You’re obsessed with the intricacies of constructs and how automated machines function. You can easily identify what a machine’s function is and have an easier time attempting to access the internal programming of mechanized life-forms. Reduce the DC of Engineering checks to identify creatures and technology by 5. Computers is a class skill for you, though if it is a class skill from a class you take at 1st level, you instead gain a +1 bonus to Computers checks. In addition, you gain an ability adjustment of +1 to Intelligence at character creation.


• Fleet:
While you are wearing light or no armor, your land speed increases by 10 feet. When you are encumbered, your land speed instead increases by only 5 feet. When you are overburdened, your speed is reduced to 10 feet.

• Skill Focus:
Choose a skill. You gain a +3 insight bonus to checks involving the chosen skill.


• LVL 01 | Artificial Intelligence (Exocortex) (Ex):
You construct an Artificial intelligence (or AI), a sophisticated program of self-motivated code that you can access for help in a variety of endeavors. This AI is the product of your own genius, far more advanced and complicated than any available for sale to consumers (though it falls short of being truly self-aware), and only you know the secrets of its creation and operation. Your AI can take one of two forms: a drone or an exocortex. You must pick one of these forms upon taking your first level of mechanic, and once this choice is made, it cannot be changed.
Exocortex You begin play with an exocortex, an Artificial processor that interacts with and augments your biological brain’s cognitive functions, which can aid you in a variety of tasks, from combat to digital infiltration. Your exocortex is implanted within your physical body or brain, similar to a piece of cybernetic hardware, allowing your AI to access your mind and feed you information. As you gain levels, your exocortex advances in sophistication and processing power. Only you can access or interact with your exocortex.

• LVL 01 | Bypass +1 (Ex):
You are skilled at getting inside computer systems and electronic devices. At 1st level, you gain a +1 insight bonus to Computers and Engineering skill checks. At 5th level, every 4 levels thereafter, and at 20th level, this bonus increases by 1.

• LVL 01 | Custom Rig (right arm) (Ex):
You have created a customized toolkit you can use to hack systems and items. Your custom rig can be configured to take up an upgrade slot on your armor or can be installed as a cybernetic augmentation system in your brain (though it can be combined with a datajack for the same price as installing a datajack normally), your eyes, or an arm. For more information on augmentations, see Equipment. Alternatively, you can configure it to be a handheld device, meaning that you must retrieve it and hold it to use it effectively. While using this rig, you always count as having the appropriate tool or basic kit for any Computers or Engineering skill check you attempt. Some mechanic tricks and drone mods require the use of a custom rig. In addition, you can use your custom rig as a Mk I comm unit.
If your custom rig is damaged, destroyed, lost, or stolen, you can kitbash a new one from any engineering kit, hacking kit, or other technological toolkit, reconfiguring the materials into a new custom rig with 1 hour of work. You can have only one custom rig at a time. If you create a new custom rig, your old one functions as a normal toolkit of whatever type you made it from and can no longer be used with your mechanic tricks.


• LVL 01 | Combat Tracking:
Your exocortex provides you with enhanced combat ability, granting you proficiency with heavy armor and longarms. At 3rd level, you gain weapon specialization in longarms just as if your class granted proficiency. As a move action during combat, you can designate a foe for your exocortex to track. As long as that target is in sight, the exocortex feeds you telemetry, vulnerabilities, and combat tactics, allowing you to make attacks against that target as if your base attack bonus from your mechanic levels were equal to your mechanic level. Designating another target causes you to immediately lose this bonus against the previous target.

• LVL 01 | Memory Module:
You can use your exocortex’s memory module to enhance your own knowledge. Once per day, as a reaction while not in combat, you can reroll a failed skill check to recall knowledge. In addition, your exocortex grants you the Skill Focus feat as a bonus feat. You can’t use your exocortex’s memory module while combat tracking is activated. Every time you gain a mechanic level, you can rebuild your exocortex’s memory module, replacing the exocortex’s bonus Skill Focus feat with Skill Focus in a different skill.