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Wounds 9/14; FP 3/3

About Celephix

Unitas Celephix
Tech-Priest Enginseer

WS 33
BS 36
S 35 (32+3Reg)
T 35 (32+3Reg)
Ag 30
Int 44 (39+5Spec-3Reg+3Reg)
Per 33 (36-3Reg)
WP 36
Fel 34 (31+3Reg)

Wounds: 14 (8+4+2)
Fate: 3

Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Guard, Tech, War)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus, Archeotech)
Low Gothic
Operate (Surface)
Schol. Lore (Beasts)
Tech Use

Mechadendrite Use (Weapon, Utility)
Rapid Reload (Reg): Action type to reload reduced by one step (i.e. full becomes half, half becomes free)
Technical Knock: Unjam any gun as half action 1/rd, requires touch.
Weapon Training (Las, Power)

Mechanicus Implants: Electro-Graft (interface with machines), Electoo Inductors (emit or siphon power); Respirator: +20 vs toxins/gas + vox synthesis; Cyber-Mantle (fixings for further implants); Potentia Coil: store and produce power/fields; Cranial Circuitry.
One with the land: +10 Knowledge/Trade/Survival to interactions/identify potentially domesticated beasts & to harvest, cultivate, identify crops
Naive: -10 on opposed scrutiny tests vs deceive, first time gain insanity, gain double).

Sacred Unguents

Utility mechadendrite:+10 Tech Use, 6 injector pistols (for sacred unguent) Censer blast once/15 minutes: as ½ action can distract giving -5 penalty to WS by living creatures within 2m radius for 1 round. Knife with Defensive Quality + Mono upgrade.
Good Craftsmanship MIU: +10 Tech Use/Operate/Logic/Inquiry/BS when interfacing with MIU systems.
Two Good Craftsmanship Cybernetics of choice:
Good Quality Subskin Armour: +2 Armour points to Arms, Body, Legs (stacks with other armour)
Good Quality Manipulator Mechadendrite: 1.5m arm with +20 on Str based tests. Can also tether to gantries or heavy objects as Free Action. Can use in combat as Reaction or Standard Attack for 1d10+2 I damage. Device cannot be used for fine manipulation.

Willpower (reg), Ballistic Skill, Intelligence, Knowledge, Strength, Tech, Toughness, Weapon Skill, Willpower.
Celephix remembers her early life, as a young girl, living on a world with fields, herd-animals, a family. She remembers not what happened next. She assumes that there was some trauma and her mind has either blocked some memories to protect her psyche or maybe the memories were taken from her in an attempt to correct a psychosis.
Either way, her next memories are of the gruelling training and body modifications of the Adeptus Mechanicus, a body that was barely hers any more. She followed instructions, performed tasks, worked on machines both titanic and microscopic. Now she is granted some independance, an assignment to the guard, she still falls into command structure but under a sergeant of the guard, not a overseer of the Mechanicus. The feeling is odd.
Moreover, the world is familiar, an agri-world, of farms and herds. Perhaps it is where she was born, if not it is similar to her memories.

Celephix fits the appearance of the adeptus mechanicus, her face hidden beneath a mask, had body mostly hidden beneath heavy robes. Though the bulky mechadendrites emerging from her spine add considerably to her bulk.
In the rare occasion she is seen without her robes and mask, her skin is pallid, and she completely lacks any hair. Most of her cybernetics are focussed around her core, the MIU wrapped around her body like a corset with it’s mechadendrite arms attached near the centre of her spine. The subskin armour is barely noticeable, though her skin sometimes feels hard where it should be soft and hovers a little below the ambient temperature, instead of being warm as it should be.