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All I'm gonna say: Starjammer done right - B5's Shadow Battle Cruiser. Give us liveships!

Nidal needs a book to justify why it exists when we have the Darklands and Nex and Geb. Personally, I think it could be very interesting, but it's got to do something none of those other places do.

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From the tiny female minority, god bless you for the male dryads. ;)

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I'll add we have enough demons/devils for now. What we need are more angelic/divine creatures to balance that out.

Which monsters are you most looking forward to seeing in a set?

For me:

1. Owlbear - I need it. Horned owlbear from the artwork for our poor unlucky owlbear. On all fours, none of that standing on hind legs stuff.

2. Peri - from the moment I saw the art work, with the flaming peacock eye wings I wanted this mini. Badly.

3. Proteans - Any and alll

4. Bandersnatch

5. Linnorms

6. Cecaelia

7. Sprite - I need this for a character. Have no idea if they can actually pull it off since it's diminutive.

8. Azatas (All) - Yes especially the pretty male Azatas. There's little enough girl-bate in RPGland anyway.

9. Merfolk

10. Nixie

11. Blink Dog