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Fun Roleplaying, slightly annoyed at Formatting


Ran at 1-2 Tier.

Overall I really enjoyed the focus on diplomatic role-play. There is a lot of nuance in guiding how to portray the Ghibrani and can be a lot of fun when you take the time to improv the interactions.

Our group decided to skip the Starship combat altogether as it did shape up to look like a tedious grind like everyone else is saying, and I'm sure my opinion of the scenario would have suffered if we bothered to slog through it.

My one major frustration is that the summary at the beginning of the scenario is referenced multiple times by what the Ghibrani know (or not know) about their planet's past, but the information isn't organized in a clear way so it requires the GM to reread the lore over and over to know who knows what. I felt that this could have been organized better, and that I would've been able to integrate the multiple aspects of the lore into the RP if it was.

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Ran this at a convention. I enjoyed (and the players did too) the free form nature of the three missions as well as the flexibility to set up an ambush during the last encounter.

I do have a few minor nitpicks. The fact that both organizations are 'Consortiums' made it difficult for the players to follow what was going on during the last encounter.