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I'm back.

Like a dog returning to his vomit and all that.

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Brain numb. Must take break.

Ok that one could have been cool and not over-powered at all, if the writer had not put in a bane. No reason for the bane if the use is that limited.

One that skirts the auto-reject rules, that will probably be twitch voted down unfortunately.

What's with the Runes???

I learned something about animals today I didn't know. I'd say more, but no spoilers. Googled it because I was pretty sure it couldn't, but it COULD! Scary.

Cthulhudrew wrote:
Name that doesn't has little/no connection with the item's abilities. Seen this a couple of times.

Yep, including one with the name misspelled.

I'm either seeing a lot that are priced way too low or I totally don't understand the rules for pricing. =P

Sorry to take so long. It must have fell between the cracks. Hopefully you're still following the thread.

That's a good question and the answer is yes, it would heal the living and wound the undead. The caveat being that the GM needs to make sure that it follows the normal rules of magic item creation so as to not over-balance things.

The World Guide is due out in October. I finally stopped adding things to go into it, so the production is going ahead. The first adventure path (We call them Arcs) module is due out by the end of September.

Dark_Mistress wrote:
I DLed it and gave it a once over. It looks interesting. I noticed a error though the spell Shadow Guard under level just say 8. No class, nothing else. I am guessing it is suppose to be Level: Charlatan 8

Oops. I thought we fixed that. Yes, it's charlatan.

I added an epub to the pdf file free of charge. Layout didn't charge me for it, so I'm not going to charge you for it. =) There's also some minor corrections throughout, although none that actually change the crunch or fluff at all.