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Asking this for a friend.

How would you prepare a game and encounters for a party of 20th Level Bollywood Monk/Bards?

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I noticed that age was brought up (as someone's family was mainly dwarves because they lived longer). I thought that I would also include the ages of the character.

Venture Captain Zeldana Asta - 43

Thais Asta - 21

Valon and Calistril Asta - 19

Then there's also her other children.

Unnamed Twins - 18

Unnamed Daughter - 16

As well as Thais' own daughter, a 3 year old half-elf.

Along with there also being some members of the Asta family that are adopted into the family though still treated and loved for as though they were blood related.

For Zeldana, originally she had gone into adventuring and joined the Society for fun, then when Thais came along, it became more of a means of taking care of her little girl. The Autumnwatch Lodge was a welcomed change of scene, considering Thais and her siblings grew up in their mother's Fangwood Keep for much of their formative years.

To answer the side question. I greatly enjoy the Pathfinder Chronicler class; that is partially why Thais Asta is being groomed to go into that class. It's special abilities let you get up to all kinds of shenanigans when you know what you're doing and do it right. The Deep Pockets alone is the best feature of the class aside from the Call Down the Legends, where you act like a Bronze Horn of Valhalla.

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This was something I was interested in, mainly if other players (like myself) play a character to retirement and then create a new character related in one way or another to the character they just retired.

For instance.

Venture Captain Zeldana Asta (Level 13)
Human Female

4th Level Bard
1st Level Fighter
8th Level Pathfinder Chronicler

Zeldana Asta is a famed member of the Grand Lodge, having experienced much during her tenure with the Pathfinder organization. Late in her career, she visited the island of Averaka in the Linnorm Kingdoms and aided the Half-Orc society on the island. It was the resulting loyalty of Zeldana to the Grand Lodge faction, the Pathfinder Society and her overall Presitge and Fame that saw her granted the privilege of heading a Society Lodge before she ever became a Venture Captain (I spent the 50pp on the Lodge Vanity).

Years after she would embark on a grand journey and mission, leading into the very heart of the Pathfinder Society and from these trials emerge as a Venture Captain. She would go into semi-retirement, returning to the Autumnwatch Lodge in Averaka to watch over the lodge. She would also go on to mother children who would grow up in the Lodge and be trained to follow in their mother's footsteps and join the Society just as she had.

Those children are...

Thais Asta (Level 2)
Human Female

1st Level Bard
1st Level Investigator

Valon Asta (Level 1)
Half-Orc Male

1st Level Avaraka Arbiter

Calistril Asta (Level 1)
Half-Orc Female

1st Level ????

Story says that Zeldana claimed her children's father by knocking out a full blooded Orc in one punch during a drunken brawl. Though it's more likely that she bed one of the Half-Orcs of Averaka; which resulted in the twins Valon and Calistril.

Her eldest daughter, Thais, loves her siblings even as others view them as a perversion. She has decided to follow in her mother's footsteps and plans on becoming a Pathfinder Chronicler just as Zeldana had. All of her children seek to become worthy of the Pathfinder Chronicles in their own way just as their mother has.

I also plan on furthering the Asta name with additional characters as time goes on.

I even have Velarrior Ileor-Blakros (I completed the scenario that lets you marry into the Blakros family). I have his Half-Elf, Half-Sister Izora Ileor.

I also have plans for (3x) 'Ibis' Tengus, the Thothmoses lineage which will cover Thothmoses I, Thothmoses II, and Thothmoses III

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Thank you very much for the speedy reply.

That makes it a bit more difficult seeing as the two other members in the party have gone through a portal and are now 500miles away from the mountain.

At least my archer should be able to handle the wraiths one at a time.

I currently have +14 / +14 / +9 with Rapid shot, so assuming I hit on all three, I'll do damage with (4x) Arrows and should be able to drop a wraith.

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I had been looking for a confirmation, though I do not feel as through it was answered in the thread that I was able to locate that was posted back in 2013.

To set the scene.

Our group is in a homebrew game that is based off a book series that our GM has read; with our characters based around Superheroes and Supervillains.

We are currently helping a Kingdom of Elves to clear out these holy sites. While clearing out this Mountain, we came across and managed to avoid (3x) Wraiths (at least that's all we saw, though there might be more).

My Archer (based off a combination of Nyssa Al-Ghul and the Huntress); is currently wielding a +1 Holy Evil Outsider Bane Longbow (The joke being that the average DMG is 88; and each hit is sending the defeated foe into the future).

Jokes and pop culture nods aside, I understand that a magic weapon does half damage to an incorporeal creature. The question though is, would the Holy affect do the full 2D6 of damage or would it also be halved?