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Just a Mort wrote:

Wave shaman, take martial weapon proficiency for your greatsword.

Str 14
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 15
Cha 10.

Use the following stat array, pick up fluid magic hex at lv 2, then fill your spell slots with water themed spells. PFS doesn't do sentient weapons. Closest would be bladebound magus.

I'm more concerned with the particularly effective against mages part, and the dual nature of the sword.

I could do something like Acid/shock on it to give it the opposed element types.

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Ever since I started playing RPGs my favorite fantasy RPG character was Frog, from Chrono Trigger. Having recently acquired a Grippli boon, I'd like to recreate him for PFS play, this means he needs to be fully recognizable at low levels, and at higher levels (12+) I don't need to pay any attention as he'll likely be shelved.
Core concepts and abilities required:
Fighting with a large sword, it's appropriately sized for him but frog wields the legendary Masamune, a sentient sword with 2 intelligences trapped inside. It's particularly effective against mages.
Casting water Magic. Frog has access to spells that use water against the enemy.
Casting Healing magic: Frog cures his allies regularly.
Light/medium armor: Frog is a knight, but doesn't wear heavy armor. Usually he had a cape.
Hero's Medal: in game he earns a medal for his heoics, but in Pathfinder I just need a way of representing this, a neck slot item or chest slot that affects his abilities somehow.
Summoning a giant Frog to squash his enemies- don't know if that one's feasable

Btw did I mention I need to do this on a grippli, and not suck.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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Ok great, thanks guys for answering so quickly!

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A well respected member of my local gaming community and I disagree with how this ability works in PFS play. The issue revolves around how many points an arcanist begins a scenario with in play, maximum or starting daily value.
My thoughts: because the pool starts each day with a reset to a level that is not the maximum, begin with that, then consume spell slots to fill resovoir if you believe it is necessary.

His thoughts: similar to staves in pathfinder society you have the ability to fill the resovoir off camera

My counter argument: but it always costs you something to do so be it items or spell slots. So begin at daily allotment, then expend resources to fill if necessary.

Help me out here, please.

Also if this should go in the rules forums please move it there, but as it pertains only to how to treat this in organized play, I thought this was more appropriate.

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For that matter a Polymorph Any Object would suffice, but this effect seems beyond the capabilities of limited wish.

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Just got back from Gencon this week and my wife started to ask me about how she could use this Sylph miniature that she has picked up. It has wings, and I know that Sylph characters can get those. Any way this would need to be a fairly simple character, what I mean by that is that it can have multiple tricks, but each thing it does needs to either give flat number bonuses or not be too reliant on combinations so that it is easier to track the abilities.

One thing that those wings will allow for is distance to be created in an open environment. This means that grounded opponents will not be able to engage her if she is flying above them. This makes ranged options preferable. Also air domain powers and spells benefit from her racial ability making those a strong option, sorcerer bloodlines and spells also look good based off of the same ability.

My first attempt, an Inquisitor of Sheyln, looks something like this
S-14; D-16; C-11; I-14; W-14; Ch-10
Traits: Fate's Favored, Insider Knowledge (knowledge local)
Alternate racial trait: Thunderous Resilience, Whispering Wind
1: Inquisitor: Point Blank shot; Air domain
2: Inquisitor:
3: Inquisitor: Precise Shot, Coordinated shot(bonus teamwork)
4: Inquisitor: Dex +1
5: Inquisitor: Rapid Shot
6: Inquisitor: Enfilading Fire (bonus teamwork)
7: Inquisitor: Airy Steps
8: Inquisitor: Dex+1
9: Inquisitor: Wings of Air; Target of Opportunity (bonus teamwork)
10: Inquisitor:
11: Inquisitor: Deadly Aim.

Shopping list:
Lucky Horseshoe/stone of good luck
Mithril Breastplate
Belt of Physical Perfection (Str/Dex)+2
Headband of inspired Wisdom +X
Ring of Protection
Bane Baldric

Please evaluate build with suggestions for improvements and how to play it, important items or other feat options. Or go a completely different direction, the only thing I really want to do is make use of those wings.

Thanks in advance

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The Pathfinder Palooza is back with all new scenarios and the season 7 interactive special, The Sky Key Solution! Sky Key Solution has not been offered in Southern Illinois at all, so this is a rare opportunity to play it.

The schedule of events and all other information needed for the palooza can be found at the link below. Make sure to sign up quick in order to reserve your spots for the weekend!

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Something that I've been working on for PFS goes like this:
Eldritch scion magus. 1/2 elf for arcane training.
Flamboyant arcana. Precise strike deed.
Wand of flame blade. It's not a stretch to find that a wand of flame blade would allow the blade to extend from it instead of from one's hand. In fact Paizo did this in dawn of the scarlet sun.

I picked up a toppling rod, this is so that I can use a toppling magic missile to knock several enemies prone.

I love the bard idea, in my opinion a bard would represent more of the consular skill set style, more mind tricks and things, while the magus is more of the guardian skill set.

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Emerald Spire goes to level 13.

I'm actually doing the same thing as you. This is my build.

1/2 Orc

17 (+2) Str

Sorc- first 4 levels. This is important because I want that second level spell. Draconic Bloodline is a requirement. I'm using Red Dragon Bloodline, but technically speaking Gold would probably be more useful
Traits: Reactionary, Magical Knack I want to go First and have high CL
Feats: 1: Improved Initiative- As I said I want to go First.
3: Arcane Strike
5: Extra Rage
Obviously my melee class is going to be Barbarian, I'm only taking 1 level, then DD until I cant. The reason is simple I want that extra strength.

Spells: Lvl 1's: Burning Hands, Shield, Mage Armor (Bloodline), Magic Missile.
Lvl 2: Alter Self. I use this for Trogladyte it provides +2 Str and 3 natural attacks.
Stat Boost at 4 goes to Strength

Mid-Levels (6-10) All Dragon Disciple. I get +4 Strength YAY!
Effective Sorcer level goes from 4-7, CL from 6-9.
I have full CL until level 9. That's pretty good. I'm looking at Buff Spells and a couple of Bonus feats:
7:Extra Rage
9:Extra Rage Simple Here, these are dungeon crawls, rage will be at a premium. Once I'm buffed I'll want to be raging.

Bonus Feats Power Attack, Blind Fight, Damage And Blind Fight with Blind Sense is great.

Spells: I've got some goals here. I need to shut down the lights, avoid saving throws, and provide good damage spells. For a level 2 we need scorching ray, for a level 3 we want Deeper Darkness. These will provide the conditions that I want to fight in. Me vs a Room is fine if no one in the room can see except for me. Also consider Glitterdust to show your allies where enemies may be lurking.
Stat Boost at 8 goes to Charisma

High Levels 11-13

Still with DD, I get +2 Con and Int YAY! In here we pick up as a Effective Sorcerer Level goes from 7-10 (5th Level Spell at level 13) and CL goes from 10-12.

Feats: Core so I get 1 Draconic Bonus feat (Toughness) and 2 other feats, I'm going with Extend Spell, and Extra Rage.

Spells: Looking to Buff, and Spells without saves that either have an enviornmental effect or some direct damage. Dimension Door, Wall of Fire both come to mind, as does Haste.

Hope this helps you.

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Typo Under
"What is the arcanist"
The arcanist is and intelligence based Caster"
Should read The arcanist is an intelligence based Caster"

Under When to play an arcanist
"When a Sorcerer learns Scorching ray that slot is wasted"-- What? Scorching Ray is a great spell, how is it wasted unclear language.

Tiefling Summoner leaves off the feat of Superior Summoning, and improved initiative. Both are key. I'm not saying where you should place them on the list but you left almost all feat slots empty, so you have room. You could also list improved familiar and give him an imp for his familiar, buff the summoned creatures with a wand from the imp. Just a thought.

All in all a great guide to an underplayed class. I like it. It does need some polish, and I'm trying to be helpful please do not read any of the above suggestions for improvement as hurtful, I can't do these guides, but I grade papers for a living and language clarity frequently jumps out at me.

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So we're having a fight atop a mountain and this flying harpy flies off the mountain and begins to cast spells at us. Now she's only 10' from the ledge, and my invulnerable rager (Logan, he's pretty famous locally,) decides that the harpy doesn't have magical flight probably, and that grappling her would likely take her out of the fight. So he leaps, he wears a grapplers mask, but I think the fall was greater than 400'. But Logan is a level 11 Barbarian. So at the bottom of the cliff he's still grappling the harpy. I decided to attack her with my claw, comes up 20, and it's a x3 weapon. So harpy is out of the fight, and so am I for a while.

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Thanks guys, it's really been fun being a part of this campaign. Hope to be doing it for a long time.

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While i am not complaining about the cost, I wish to explain $300 in 3 months, this came partly because my store owner does not allow PDF's in store, and while he was going to make an exception for products not offered in a printed edition I find it more reassuring to not bring my laptop to the table. So I purchased the CoreBook, GM Guide, Beastiary, APG, Campaign Setting Book <Makes me a better GM by being familiar with the setting, not necessary but I would not call it trivial either> and 15 Scenarios that I have had printed and made maps for the 15 Scenarios I broke down the price on to what I spent at roughly $10 a pop. Again I'm not complaining and it looks like I just need to tie a little $2 fee onto the game so that I can recoup the costs and get most of the money back, I have mini's so that is not included in my expenditure and my spending should drop back as I never have to purchase the Core Assumption again.

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well how it gets to 10$ goes something like this:
5.99 for a 5 pack of 3 hole punch folders,about 1.20 per
3.99 for a scenario about $4
9 cents per page for printing bout $3 per scenario, but that includes 8 chronicle sheets and 2 copies of faction handout pages so that I can cut one apart and hand it out to players.
I buy gaming paper for maps by the roll, $5 and it does about 6 scenarios before the roll comes up short. Final tally is right at $10 per. However I think that the idea of placing a $2 entrance fee would substantially reimburse me for the expenditure. It isn't like I mind being the DM, I enjoy it. It just seems like I'm spending a lot of money. But I do not remember ever having less than an average of 5 players per table, so if I charge $2 per head I will make the money back. And now that I have a beginning library I can put the money I put into into more scenarios. Seems like that's what other people are doing. Thanks all

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Ok so I have run 7 events, and will be achieving my first star soon <started the society in my local community our first meeting was in November, last week we had 11 players> I am wondering about GM credit. I didn't apply credit when I did the reporting for my first 4 events, can I apply that credit to my "Absorb the Credit" Character still, I have the chronicles but at the time the Character did not exist. Also Who holds me accountable on my Day-Job rolls and Handle Animal Checks for training my Animal Companion new tricks? I can take 10 and make 20 on them, but I don't know that taking 10 is in fact legal, and I know I only get one attempt per scenario. It seems like this is on the Honor system for GM's.

As a sub topic, how do you other Game masters deal with the cost, because for me I have been printing the Scenarios and binding them myself this raises the price to about 10$ per module after map-making supplies <Gaming paper> So in 3 Months I have dumped about $300 into this game with most of it going directly into scenario's that I am not playing in. How do you offset this cost? Just looking for ideas at this juncture, because $40-$60 a month for a hobby is not out of my price range, but it is getting pretty expensive especially considering I will want to purchase other products as well.

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So I have a question about the Playing of Pathfinder Society charcters online, If your character is involved in an online campaign. Online mods go on for a long time while your character is involved may you apply some experience for game mastering to it, and also I would assume that you cannot play the character until the online module is complete. Am I correct?

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I am the Coordinator for the group in question the following is our list of adventures that we have played through or purchased to play through

Frozen Fingers of Midnight
Slave Pits of Absalom
Mists of Mwangani
Voice in the Void
The Devil We Know all parts
Before the Dawn Both Parts
Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible
The Beggars Pearl
The Citadel of Flame

I have Game Mastered for most of these but we have not played yet
Slave Pits
Mists, Voice in the Void
Before the Dawn
Devil We Know part 3 and 4

Of the Others I would say that many players have enjoyed all of the other adventures that I have run, though frustration sometimes sets in with the difficulty of some of the faction missions. <Had one person execute a key NPC on sight before his faction mission could be obtained last week> Some of my new players just like a good fight, while my more experienced players enjoy creatively bypassing encounters <DC 18 Color Spray out of a Level 1 Sorceress was incredibly annoying to me as a game master, but effectively bypassed 3 of a scenario's encounters>

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So, even though I dropped 50 on the corebook I still have to pay another 10 for the pdf... that sucks, dont get me wrong its cool that the pdfs are available, but kinda crappy that they don't come with the purchase of the book.

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I have purchased from local gaming store to support them, is there a pdf copy of the books I purchased included with the books? or are those only available through purchase on Paizo?