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Just got back from Gencon this week and my wife started to ask me about how she could use this Sylph miniature that she has picked up. It has wings, and I know that Sylph characters can get those. Any way this would need to be a fairly simple character, what I mean by that is that it can have multiple tricks, but each thing it does needs to either give flat number bonuses or not be too reliant on combinations so that it is easier to track the abilities.

One thing that those wings will allow for is distance to be created in an open environment. This means that grounded opponents will not be able to engage her if she is flying above them. This makes ranged options preferable. Also air domain powers and spells benefit from her racial ability making those a strong option, sorcerer bloodlines and spells also look good based off of the same ability.

My first attempt, an Inquisitor of Sheyln, looks something like this
S-14; D-16; C-11; I-14; W-14; Ch-10
Traits: Fate's Favored, Insider Knowledge (knowledge local)
Alternate racial trait: Thunderous Resilience, Whispering Wind
1: Inquisitor: Point Blank shot; Air domain
2: Inquisitor:
3: Inquisitor: Precise Shot, Coordinated shot(bonus teamwork)
4: Inquisitor: Dex +1
5: Inquisitor: Rapid Shot
6: Inquisitor: Enfilading Fire (bonus teamwork)
7: Inquisitor: Airy Steps
8: Inquisitor: Dex+1
9: Inquisitor: Wings of Air; Target of Opportunity (bonus teamwork)
10: Inquisitor:
11: Inquisitor: Deadly Aim.

Shopping list:
Lucky Horseshoe/stone of good luck
Mithril Breastplate
Belt of Physical Perfection (Str/Dex)+2
Headband of inspired Wisdom +X
Ring of Protection
Bane Baldric

Please evaluate build with suggestions for improvements and how to play it, important items or other feat options. Or go a completely different direction, the only thing I really want to do is make use of those wings.

Thanks in advance

Despite the name, Wings of Air doesn't make you grow wings. You just get blown around by wind.

Wings of Air wrote:
The winds lift you, carrying you where you want to go.

It's the way that Isis flew in The Shazam!/Isis Hour.

Isis wrote:
Oh Zephyr winds that blow on high, lift me now so I can fly.

I really loved that show!

Do you have Horror Adventures? There is an interesting Inquisitor archetype that makes you an Int based prep caster with a spell book that you wield as a cold iron weapon.

There are some pretty interesting things you can do with melee combat and flying that are an awful lot more fun than floating in the air and shooting down, round after round after round after... . Things like Flyby Attack are obvious, but there's plenty more interesting stuff.

A Sylph of any class wielding a Slashing Grace sword could take Amateur Swashbuckler: Dodging Panache, slashing down onto enemies (possibly with Lunge or Blue Scarf reach) and then immediately springing up into the air if attacked, poised to "step" back with a full attack next turn. Throwing in things like the Stylish Riposte Weapon Trick and/or Crane Style can turn the whole thing into pure aerial domination. Way more fun than "I fly up. I full attack. I full attack. I full attack."

Either Alchemist or Oracle (Wind) would both give you legit wings (on at least a temporary basis), with Alchemist lining up well with the racial stat array and Oracle being a very thematic choice.

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