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Mediocre at best.....


Most of the points brought up by The Good Brother are right on. It starts off with good hooks to get your party involved, then degenerates quickly into a very poor dungeon crawl. The descriptions of the rooms and in particular the traps are extremely poor, leaving the DM back pedaling trying to figure out how to explain the worst descriptions put on paper. There is very little thought given to the dungeon at all with the layout and rooms seemingly tacked on at random with the explanation that "xxxx undead was placed here as a guard", oh nice dungeon ecology! The end boss has a ton of potential as does the imagination for some of these rooms, but the execution and descriptions are awful. The best you'll get is a couple of paragraphs. Not to mention the totally bizarre magical items, and ZERO treasure will make your party wonder why they even bothered to go in there in the first place! With a few of the right turns your party can bypass everything including all the lore as to WHY the quest is even happening, let alone the lore behind it. You'll wind up being frustrated and confused, and worst of all, your party will shrug in a confused manner not caring at all about the poorly described traps, rooms and doors. Most DMs will try to end this poorly written fiasco as quickly as possible. Smart players will probably turn around and leave once they realize that this dungeon makes no sense, and their PCs have zero reason to be there.

Also beware the encounter levels. This is supposed to be for 6th to 8th level characters right? Ok so why is there a CR 10 encounter with the 'boss", and then the PCs get jumped with a CR 9 wizard with an empowered fireball (9d6 add 50%) specifically to attack the PCs after they are drained from their fights inside the dungeon? That makes no sense at all.