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The Exchange

One of my players wants to create a wooden platform with four chairs attached to it. He then wants a levitate spell on each chair at caster level 3 (300 lbs weight limit each chair).

The plans is then to have a flying creature tow the platform around; a poor man's flying carpet.

My question is: Would each chair than be a magic item or would the entire assemble be the magic item.

2*8*1800= 10800gp if the whole assemble is considered the magic item.

2*3*1800*4 = 43200gp

I personally think that each chair would be a separate magic item, but I wanted to get some input from the Paizo community.


The Exchange

One of my player wants to buy a cold iron longsword and then have it coated with silver. His goal is to have one weapon that will fulfill both cold iron and silver DR requirements with one weapon without having to use weapon blanching.

My question is: Will this weapon bypass fey creatures DR 5/cold iron or would the silver inhibit the cold iron by preventing it from coming into contact with the flesh of the fey creature?