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I am currently running both Kingmaker and Reign of Winter for two different groups and realized that both mesh rather well. As such I decided to incorporate some elements of Irrisen into Kingmaker by having agents of Irrisen start scouting out the Greenbelt as a possible place Queen Elvanna may touch with her ritual. Due to the powerful Fey influence there I belive that the Greenbelt would probably lie upon one of the leylines the Queen is using, and with this remote backwater under development into new kingdoms it may be easier to conquer these regions if there were already agents in place to do so. Indeed they may even steer some of these kingdoms into being predisposed to ally with the Winter Witches (of course the witches will only keep this going until they are not needed, then conquer them easily and may even make such a coup seem legit). Since Kingmaker takes places several years before Reign of Winter the Players are unlikely to have to deal with any supernatural winter appearing in their lands until after Kingmaker has run its course. Just an idea, hope it helps.

I haven't read every single post on this forum, but for me the big thing I noticed about viking immediately:
rage without alignment constriction...
That means you can have a lawful rager, maybe multiclass with paladin or Hellknight (Hellknight of the Nail viking means getting +8str for a few rounds :D). Just something to consider, have fun with that idea.

I'm excited about this book mostly because I want to see what an Aldori Dueling sword actually is. In Inner Sea world guide it looks like a scimitar, but in the primer it looks almost like a straighter Katana, yet based on its location and the fighting style I've always felt it was a sabre or cutlass. Also I'm hoping some more obscure weapons get some love in this book, like the Wolf Tooth Club, Urumi, Kriss, and Sawtooth Sabre, and/or a section on how to get more out of your weapons or weapon enhancements like a serrated edge, blades made with higher quality forging techniques like springsteel, various designs for revolvers, ect. Even if we don't get these things more support for martial characters is always welcome!

the goblin player can be an awesome or a terrible idea, especially with the first book. I suggest having the goblin player make a backup character to introduce in case the rest of the party, the townsfolk, the other goblins, ect. decide to kill him off. That also being said, having the Goblin "Hero" could be cool too. Just to mess with the players, maybe have the Goblin be the focus of Foxglove's obsessions in the second adventure, just to throw them the hell off! :D

No fighter no problem. Druid tanks have been around for ages and do just as good of a job as a fighter or barbarian so long as they have time to buff and summon. That being said, when you guys reach the last few adventures you should watch out because if the druid gets KOed by a surprise then your party will be reeling and needing you to heal them ALOT.

Don't go there, just my opinion. As a DM you are entitled to doing whatever you want with setting information and the , but from what I read of Second Darkness and on the post the designers have said that a Good Drow is something that is not or should not be in Golarion. Also it has a very strong Drizzt vibe (if you know what that means). However, a Neutral Drow may not be out of the question, and if your party is good aligned or good aligned-ish then they may be able to gain the distinction of being one of the few people in Golarion to convert a Drow to a good alignment. just my opinion however, as DM you are free to do what you wish with lore and stuff.

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Rough Concepts here, nothing balanced or priced.
Hourglass of Broken Dreams
The sands of this hourglass are actually the ground remnants of dreamer's bones harvested by the Leng. 1/day the wielder may let the sands run and draw upon the bliss of a dream re-roll a single check, attack, or save made within the last round. The user may attempt to use this item more than once per day, but the item has a cumulative 10% chance per use to instead to use Insanity, Nightmare, or Plane Shift: Leng.

Scrollcase of Shifting Sigils
This scrollcase may store up to 100 scrolls in an extra dimensional space. 1/day the user may instead switch out any scroll for a scroll of Legend Lore. However there is a cumulative 10% chance the scroll may instead reveal some incomprehensible truth or concept that causes the user to suffer from an Insanity Effect.

Potion of Protection from Cats
An unusual potion, this potion grants the drinker the duel effects of sanctuary and protection from alignment, but only from cats or other felines (as determined by the DM).

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You find yourself standing at the feet of great grotesque gargoyles before a great mountain that ascends beyond sight into the star studded heavens. AS you gaze into the dark eyes of the great statues you can almost feel an greater presence gazing at you from beyond, a sightless gaze matched only in intensity by the intimidating unknowable spaces between the stars above... You wake up and immediately cast your gaze away from the stars above, unable to look the unfathomable viewer from above in the "eyes".
Also, I once ran a campaign (and am now running the sequel) where a player was taken into Leng after touching a specific artifact. Now in his sleep he occasionally drifts back to Leng and must survive the long Leng night if he wishes to awake in the morning. However the servants of his house soon started dying mysteriously in the night, and rumors of strange figures wandering his estate made him realize he was becoming more than just a visitor: he was becoming a conduit, and now quests across, under, and beyond Golarion to find a solution. If you are a fan of Leng, Lovecraft, or Dreamstyle campaigns this may be something you may want to consider for your players after the Nightmare Rift visit.
Hope this helped.

Well, color me paranoid and intrigued. I feel like this whole train of through would make for an interesting NPC for a module or a AP that serves no other purpose but to link all these unusual and seemingly inconsequential events together in a Beautiful Mind type of way and the players walk into his room full of news paper clippings, occult writings, and scattered numbers, formula, and symbols that do not match any known alphabet. Just imagine the paranoia the gullible and impressionable players will have, especially if they have to make a will save vs some sort of insanity effect all this accumulated lore in one place can inflict upon the mind. This is why I love these threads, so many great ideas.

P.S. just sprinkle in some Mothman into this, just for extra crazy vibe ;D!

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I have to admit, while I love this setting, I have a difficult time with the sheer number of monsters seemingly overlapping their territories. Foe example I'd read something about Hydras living in swampy regions, then Black Dragons, then Water Orms, then Hag Cults, ect. I am almost spoiled for choice when it comes to putting monsters in specific regions and then I have to justify placing them there and how they would fit without breaking the ecology ect. I think that may have been mentioned.
Other point: hesitancy for detailing the "risky" or "difficult" parts of the world. Places like Nidal, Numeria, the Mana Wastes, and other realms that are made to represent a specific niche of fantasy/fiction seem to get slotted for DMs and GMs to work on themselves but require them creating entirely new rules for their homebrew games, which is a task that, as a GM, I know I don't particularly relish.
This being said, I still like how they had the guts to put these risky elements into their setting, bravo.

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Lets not forget when he also accidentally freezes Valeros in Ultimate Equipment. Honestly I feel that Alchemists are just so easy to make fun of because they have the greatest combination of risky factors: they intake chemicals and play with bombs and knives. Simply walking next to one would probably set most people on edge, especially when they hear the inevitable sound of "oops!"

Ximen Bao wrote:
Dr. Calvin Murgunstrumm wrote:

I can even imagine a druid who doesn't even like nature, but is reluctantly called by it.

He hates the rain. The sun is too bright. His animal companion annoys him with it's cheerful nature and it's strange awareness of the quest that it has dragged him on. Bugged by bugs, is allergic to flowers, finds camping uncomfortable.

But nature has chosen him, and sent a badger to pester him until he succeeds in his quest.

Think Marvin the Paranoid Android, but with a cheerful badger and visions from nature.

You have to 'revere' nature to keep druid powers. Might be tricky if you hate it.

As to hating one particular aspect and revering the rest? Probably fine.

Perhaps he deeply respects nature or takes more of the natural scholar approach as suggested in Kingmaker, but still dislikes actually being immersed in it or specific aspects. That or he could be one of those weird Cthulu-esqe druids who have everything about Golarion's Nature and will talk about how great things are "in the cool spaces between the Stars where dark is light and light is dark... and it doesn't bloody rain all the time!"

Hey everyone, this is my first thread for Paizo so I just want to thank the company and community at large for hosting the website. Now down to business: I am currently running a homebrew dungeon in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords and the players are going to Icestair as part of their journey. Being a trading center for 11,000 plus people ran by a Tian bureaucrat and placed in a mountainside glacier I realize there are many amazing things that could be done with this place but unfortunately my creativity has hit a dead end. I feel like it would have a lot of Tain aspects about it but maybe also have some features that were there before like ruins lingering about from a forgotten Snowcaster Elf outpost or something more mysterious like an underground section resembling the Nameless Spires on the Crown of the World that the city has built its foundation upon. Overall I am looking to pack it with as much awesome as I can.

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As a DM going on 5 or six or so years xp, I would like to point out that there is a truckload you can do to make these simple 2int monsters interesting. That being said, it is more dependent upon how the 8-18 int races see them. For example: describe how they are used as war mounts by the lizard folk, or worshiped by the kobolds of the Red Mantis island. Include interesting bits of data about how more advanced civilizations have included them in their gladiator games, or include them as a mummified creature in an Osirion Pharaoh's tomb. As a DM I have on and off again used Dinosaurs to great effect and my players usually got a kick each time they appeared in game (often more than they did Dragons). Paizo, I would gladly throw my vote (and cash) behind this book! Let my Players Walk With Dinosaurs!

Sly old Ed Greenwood found another world to play in. Good, I look forward to this, for if anyone can elegantly cram detail and intrigue in this (relatively) untouched part of Golarion it's Ed.

FallofCamelot wrote:
More thread necromancy?

Yes, I cast Raise Dead on all Numeria Threads! BWAHAHAHAHAH. On that note, I wonder what would happen if you make a negative energy powered robot? Zombots?

Yes, I love the idea behind this book. As a DM with lazy players (to put it lightly) who barely research the setting before creating their character and really basing them more off of new movies and games that come out, this will be a mercy to DMs like me. Not to mention this will be great for making in depth and story driven NPCs to travel alongside the party. Keep up the good work guys.

Good idea Paizo. While rampaging orcs, deadly curses, forgotten tombs, and magic items are the fries and softdrink of an adventurers career, I feel dragons are the real meat of their conquests. Need to impress upon the players the dangerousness of the villain: give him a dragon! Need the players to find a powerful item to complete their quest: make it guarded by a dragon! Need to put the Min Maxing fighter or Barbarian back in his place: kick his 455 with dragonfear and make him run home to the wizard (and his will save!). I think it's beyond time that Paizo came out with another book about dragons, and even if it is a book about slaying/taming them it is a worthy addition. (Not to mention I bet the dragon already read the book before the adventurers arrived, and is about half way through How Many Ways to Cook An Adventurer: A Dragon's Guide to Home Defense)

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!

I love the Paizo company and the Golarion setting, so please do not take the following comment to be anything but constructive! I too dislike the new format that the Companion books are using, they seem to be cluttered with artwork and random jolts of unnecessary frames and boxes. I am particularly not a fan of the Roles sections. This stems from being a DM who loves being surprised by his player's interpretation of the setting and how they build their characters. Seeing these Roles feels like they are giving uncreative or uninspired characters a cop out and promoting the "Cookie-Cutter" character concept. I do not mind suggestions, or even a quick section that provides the type of feats or skillz a character may be interested in, but to virtually map out the character for the player is a bit of a buzzkill as a DM.
Now, as for this product: I love the idea of another Society book coming out. While I do not personally run PFS games most of the time I like my players to be members of the society since it gives good hooks and nice rewards. I would like to see a bit more information that can be used by those who do not run PFS, but that being said all such information is easily adaptable and I look forward to seeing what new developments are in store for the Pathfinder Society as a faction of the setting.

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I do like the idea of a book that expands on Lycanthropes (honestly I feel they are too underpowered) but I am a bit nervous about skinwalkers. The concept it cool and I love it when Pathfinder goes back to origination concepts of things found in real world lore and legend and not holywood and popular media, but I have a feeling that this will be a bit too much like the Shifter from Ebberon, which while fun should stay in its own place. That being said, if it is not like the Shifter then I really look forward to the concept and also hope like a few others that this reveals something from Arcadia!

I'm actually psyched for this book, whenever I start a new game my players say "Epic?" and I always say, "No" simply because I don't feel the 3.5 Epic rules go well with Pathfinder. Now I have something that, while not Epic, will definitely be able to give my players what they want. Thank Paizo!

Think Skynet from Terminator. It would have limited control over the Gearsmen and pull strings in the technic league without exposing itself (the league would be a danger to it). However, it maybe be able to project an image appropriate to the emotion it wishes to inspire by some sort of hologram projector that the natives may misinterpret as a ghost. Its goals would likely be to weaken or enslave the league and then remove any being who can be a threat to it.

Why are the metals from those links undesirable: make a crossbow bolt with the brittle metal as a head and then fill it with contact poison, or a barbed needle of that cancer causing metal that will eventually kill those hit. Comeon guys, we're gamers, we can make anything deadly.

Right, I just found something to put in a Numerian ruin for our Bard.

Also keep in mind that the passage of the Silver Mount through space could have drawn interest from another planet, and that their vessel may have had a problem while they headed for Golarion and crashed nearby, allowing you to introduce items that players who are familiar with the Silver Mount would still find fresh and baffling. Also you could have some rouge technic league members find the ship first, get ready to take off, and are killed/possessed by the ghosts of the original inhabitants, and are trying to get enough power to restart their vessel.
just ideas for you or anyone else, enjoy.

Nice ideas TLC! I've been kicking around Numeria for a while and am prepping to run one soon, and here are some ideas and considerations I found could help.
1.) Androids (from Inner Sea Bestiary) come in two types I can only call (for the moment) "ship-born" and "League-born" the ship-born have wandered Numeria and came from the crashed vessels, and can be anywhere from 10,000years old to simply reactivated yesterday. These androids exist outside the league's control and as such are usually in hiding. The League born are made by the technic league after finding the remains of an old forge in Silver Mount or some other place, and are used as highly specialized solders, spies, assassins, enforcers, and test subjects, but are made extremely slowly and as such are not common.
2.) It has only been 100 years or so since the Worldwound opened up and the refugees of Sarkosis came spilling in. Since their worship of nature and strange totems conflicts with the Technic League's vision of advancement and science they have been vilified by the league and are often treated as 2nd class citizens or pressed into slavery.
3.) Numeria was once a River Kingdom and as such it may still cling to some variation of the 6 river freedoms. Of particular note is the freedom against slavery. The League may be trying to reverse this freedom or corrode it, i.e. the treatment of Androids and Sarkosians.
4.) Wake effect: The passing of the Silver Mount through Golarion's solar system may have caused other planets in the system to take note. If this is so then Numeria may occasionally be visited by creatures from other planets like Eox or Verces, or gathered some detritus off in disporia that got caught on it and survived the impact.
5.) Numeria is far ahead of its time tech wise, and some entities that respect balance and fate may not like that. Inevitables, Mothmen, Aeon and the like may have held Numerian progress back or may be focusing on doing so now and could threaten the entire country with annihilation.
6.) Last one, with the proximity of the Worldwound and the flood on knights and holy men going through Numeria, you can always play with the eternally maddening question: does sentience=soul? You can have androids and supercomputers suffer from crisis of faith or existence in ways that humans simply could not understand, such as why a diety would not create perfect beings, does creation of life=godhood, and other such ideas.
Just some brainstorming, good luck with your game and have fun!

YAY!!! The Inner Sea Bestiary is out and the Annihilator is has full stats! I have yet to find the occasion, but I REALLY want to test this bad hunk of murderous metal against my players, and I hope with this release other players may loose some of their phobia about Robots in their Golemworks.

It'll arrive when it arrives. Like anything tech, you've got to be slow and methodical in your construction, or else it will malfunction and go BOOM! However seeing a Module come out wouldn't be too bad.

To add to my previous statement, I've been dying to use the Annihilator since I first saw it in the Inner Sea World Guide. That thing looks so beast!

As a GM/DM/Whatever you wish to call it, I have always enjoyed having the blank places on the Golarion Map filled in, even if I wasn't thrilled at the content. However, Numeria is one of those places that has had frustratingly little material. I have always wanted to know how things in Numeria, particularly the items, organizations, and creatures all worked. The thing is that I hope that, eventually, all the blank places in the Inner Sea Map (And possibly beyond) become filled by the company that has done such a good job with the setting already. Plus, as a DM or GM you always have one very powerful resource available for not adding in any material you don' want: The word NO.

Does anyone know if the Minotaur Prince of Absalom has his own separate stats, or would he just be an advanced small sized (so medium) Minotaur? I'm looking into getting this mini anyway because I always loved characters who sought to bring the more "savage" races of the world and am thinking of using him extensively in my campaigns.

With three bestiaries and counting, what sort of fun monsters do you think should be included in this game and how should they be used?

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The goal, as far as I understand it, will be to create an MMO unlike any MMO before (or at least break the sterotype). As such I hope they pick a combat system that relies on more skill but still balances you the different classes. Therefore combat isn't only gear and upgrades but also strategy and cunning. Point and click animations are fine but nothing quite beats the thrill of knowing that it was YOU and not gear, dps, and xp farming that was the decisive aspect in a difficult battle. You don't see much of that online (the only one I can think of is DDO) but we'll see.