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Just got done with an interview with Dave Gross last week that will post in March. We have in the past also had Ed Greenwood and Chris Jackson on episodes and hope to get more Pathfinder Tales Authors in the future. If people are interested in listening I will put a link below.

Just thought I would post a lil something here to get the word out as there is always cool stuff to hear.

Thanks, enjoy.

Silver Crusade

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To me, if the players know they won't die, they make stupid decisions. there needs to be a healthy fear of morality in their character. which means you also need to have them feel invested in their character to care about that.

So as a Gm you have to make sure they know, "you are first level, you should run when you hear there is XYZ obvious higher level monster in the next town." as opposed to either "who cares if we die, it'll be worth the loot." or "We can fight it, the GM won't actually kill us." or worse, both.

Healthy fear for morality is a good thing.