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Just got done with an interview with Dave Gross last week that will post in March. We have in the past also had Ed Greenwood and Chris Jackson on episodes and hope to get more Pathfinder Tales Authors in the future. If people are interested in listening I will put a link below.

Just thought I would post a lil something here to get the word out as there is always cool stuff to hear.

Thanks, enjoy.

Silver Crusade

Hey there guys,

I was hoping to get your guy's opinions. I have a podcast (insert your groan here then keep reading)

For a quick backstory, we are successful, and have had a bunch of pathfinder people on the show such as Ed Greenwood, and Chris Jackson. As well as high end organizers as well as other authors and game designers. And many such as Kieth Baker and Ed have asked to come back. So trust us.

Ok, now that the establishing were not like every other 10 million podcasts.

We started doing episodes about specific classes, and have done wizards clerics, and most recently paladins. Paladins being what caused us to make this decision, I was hoping if you get time to listen to it, to let me know your thoughts on what we had to say, and maybe other classes.

A) feedback is great

B) we want to do more of these, but I feel eventually some of the flavor classes can't really get a whole episode because their class history really starts with pathfinder and other than possible historical references and the class itself doesn't have a lot to make a whole episode about. So we have been mostly sticking to the core classes.

But I am sure you good folk out there may have some more insight that would be awesome helpful to us.

(Yes we are on itunes and damn near every podcatcher out there)

Silver Crusade

I am sure everone is well aware of the weight and size of roleplaying books. And many people have rooms specifically for gaming. But most cool gaming themed styled book ends are 2-3 lbs a piece and not tall enough. So when you have a row of players guides, bestiaries, ultimate this, and complete that. No basic bookend will hold them up when you pull a book out.

I believe that designing and selling a few cool gaming styled book ends that can withstand the height and weight of roleplaying books would be a very good and profitable product to produce and sell.

Also, if you wanted to go a step further, it would be extra cool if you sized it to work as a "mini" that could double as a figure.

Could have it be a dragon, giant, ship, elemental, heck if if it looked like other books, or a wizards/scribes desk area. Just look at all the coole ones that exist, but aren't tall enough and/or weigh enough to hold roleplaying books.

Just my thought "and hope" someone will make these.