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I have been looking for the rest of the novels to be added as well. I have most of them already, and want the rest to be there when I get to them. For the most part they have done a good job with them, besides the fact that they change the reader on some books written by the same author so the characters take on different personalities. Looking for some new stuff as well! Forgotten Realms Novels, Dragonlance Novels, now Pathfinder Tales! They cant all die!

Hi, I am looking for ways to differentiate between the same monster miniature on the board at the same time by having some kind of plastic, silicone, or rubber base marker that the miniature can sit in or that can go around the side of the base. Does anyone know if this exists? Or does anyone have a better idea. I do not wish to paint anything.

Is this the last we will see of the current version of the Game?

Thanks Yewstance! This was all great information. I have only played the game for a few months on and off and have really been getting into it lately. The more I get into it, the more I see how loose some rules are and it makes me second guess a lot of what I do. Every time I do something that seems too easy, I have to spend time thinking it over to make sure I did not cheat on accident. Thanks again for the help!


I have a few questions about using Rivani.

1. Her ability lets you use the Knowledge skill instead of Ranged. How does this work if you used a Range weapon or want to use a Ranged weapon? She has 1 weapon in her deck to start, I just do not see how it would do any good, unless it somehow plays well with this ability.

2. If you use this same skill to use Knowledge instead of Perception, does that mean you can still use a card that adds to a Perception roll? or will only cards that add to a knowledge roll work now that it is a different skill?

3. In the pathfinder society Adventure card scenarios, do you use both Occult decks for Rivani's "box", or just the one she came from?


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Will the Seasons 3 and 4 cards ever been uploaded to The First 4 sets are on the site already. thanks!


Can this scenario bundle be played with the goblins characters, promos and/or from the goblin decks? I cannot see where it might state this. would the story make sense and the game play work if I played with only goblin characters?

Thank you for the help!

Hi everyone,

I am just finishing up Mummy's Mask and will be starting Skull and Shackles soon. I have a few characters that I am looking at using, but I feel like I want something more. I am wanting to make a custom character on the DrivethruCards site. I have never used the site, or made a custom character. A few questions:

1. Do they send you printed cards that can be used with other Pathfinder cards? Meaning you wont know the difference if you have some cards in a location pile?

2. I have never played the Pathfinder RPG, so I have no clue about character creation. I want the character to be good, but fair. I was thinking of a gunslinger/swashbuckler pirate character. I will most likely use the Kendrick Bonefist Miniature and the art for the character. Does anyone want to take a crack at it?


Are there any novels set in Osirion?

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Will this ever be reprinted? I was going to buy the series, but this one is not in print. I looked elsewhere and the only copies are on Amazon or other resellers for $88 up to well over $300 for one copy of just this. PDF's are not as useful and thus won't buy the series if that's the only option. Hope this gets reprinted!
We don't have any plans to reprint the AP at this time.

any plans yet? I would love these as physical copies, but they are going for $100 plus for a few of them not sold here. Maybe a hard cover deal like the Curse of the Crimson Throne?

Will we ever see a Mummy's Mask pre-painted miniature set? Or the miniatures for the Iconic Characters from the Hell's Vengeance Character Decks? I want to spend my money, but Paizo is not making products fast enough...

Do these scenarios have anything to do with the Hell's Vengeance character decks? If not, are there adventures for the card game that work with that setting?

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I see a lot of people asking about character sheets, I too am looking for them. Any idea when they will be posted? I would love to see them for the new sets coming out so I can use them right away!

Why did these sets stop coming with cards? Those cards were an important part for me.