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I thought the comics may have peaked with Jim Zub, but I was wrong! I am loving this series, and the character options are the gravy to my mashed potatoes! Thanks Erik.

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Congrats Francis!

The MB Lodge has been significantly upgraded with your efforts!

It is much appreciated.

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This happening? And if so the 29th is a Tuesday so it's either done or about to be played... which is it?

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Signed up, lemme know if possible to play today or in the future!


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These are awesome. PRINTED!

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DungeonCrawler_greyhaze said wrote:
There's a new Kenku in the Pathfinder set Skull and Shackles too.

Thank you very much, now this fortunately or unfortunately has sealed my decision on starting to collect those darned Skull & Shackles minis (I was on the fence as I only like getting mini's I can paint myself... especially metal ones).

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Andrew Betts wrote:
I would like to point out that it isn't a finished product. It's in constant development until it works like the desktop application. So really this is a beta, with new features and bugs being discovered all the time.

Yeah, this is what I figured. I'm being patient because this could be really good when it's all worked out in the end.

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I love the app but have had quite a lot of crashes since using it this past month. I have an iPad mini. The past couple of weeks it's worked fantastic though, until my last gaming session last night.

It crashed a couple of times of which I am used to with this app. While I do love the app and its features either the use of my iPad's memory is too significant or this software just is not acceptably stable enough to call this a 'finished' product. Last night during my Pathfinder Society session I went into my cleric's ability list and got stuck. I clicked on my character's name at the top and it would just flash. I had to hard reboot my iPad during the session. Stuff like that occassionally happens. Still, I love the product, I just wish it was more reliable. Currently I try to work off of the iPad but always have both a printed version of everything AND the iPad stuff because of issues with the program.

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Hi Howard!

Wanted to mention that I LOVED your book and have been reading your Pathfinder back catalog.

One of the main reasons I loved the book was because of all the characters. Every one of them I really liked. Lisette is the star of the book for me (I've been looking for a suitable mini to play a character like her now!) but Elyana comes a close second. Heck I even like the half-orc.

Looking forward to whatever you write next. Incidentally I liked your Abir & Dasim story in Return of the Sword and have been meaning to get to more of your work. Glad to see I crossed paths with more of your writing in the Pathfinder world!

um, what does this mean:

Howard wrote:
If I were to write some more books featuring the survivors of this one.

Does that mean that I may never get to read about Lisette or Elyanna again!?!?! Inconceivable!

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Vic Wertz wrote:
Our subscription offering isn't quite ready to roll out, but we will have both electronic and non-electronic subscriptions.

Thank you so much for getting back to me and explaining everything to me!

I am a huge Big Finish fan so mixing Pathfinder with Big Finish is going to be a major highlight of next year for me!

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So I am ready to pre-order my Big Finish audio plays.

I am trying to decide what site to buy them from. Big Finish or Paizo?

Big Finish has them for $45 Canadian (whole season subscription), download only. However, on the press releases the following statement is made: " and will offer subscriptions at a discounted rate."

What, if any, would be the benefit(s) of waiting to subscribe through the Paizo site? Can it be confirmed that Paizo will even offer a download subscription rate and if so what will their cost be, and when will it be offered? Sorry, but I am inpatient and want to get my subscription in place right away. AND, if Paizo isn't going to be offering anything of significant difference with their website's subscription, I would like to go ahead with this purchase through Big Finish, like tomorrow :)

One benefit for the Big Finish site is the availability of using PayPal for payment, so that may have decided this already for me. However, if there are any extras or price differences being offered through the Paizo site, I suppose I cAn wait to part with my money, I would just like to know what it is. Can I get any more info on this line of products?

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I'm pretty new to the Pathfinder world so thought I would start absorbing the fiction line.

I first played the game at a con a couple of weeks ago. One of the games was We Be Goblins which while I was apprehensive at first (I wanted to play my newly made character!), I ended up loving!

Please excuse me if there are already novels on Pathfinder's goblin characters, but unfortunately I cannot find them so far. If there are, can you recommend them to me? If there aren't any, and I am suspecting that unfortunately this is the case, I would like to recommend a Goblin point of view story, perhaps life in a clan, etc. etc.