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Tacticslion wrote:
It was an interesting morning, to be sure. Exploding shower drains, flooded bathrooms, and <redacted for extreme political implications and hornets nest> aside, and sinuses, I’m doing well. How are you guys?
Managed to get a repairman in yet?
Nope! Still working on it. Our service requires us to contact a person to contact them to assess stuff then call them back then get approval then do the repairs. Because we have a toilet issue AND a pipe issue, and apparently “plumber” doesn’t cover all of that for some reason (none of their listenced contractors can do both). Go figure.

House? Homeowners Association? Rental?

Who does that kind of nonsense?


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Tequila Sunrise wrote:
Quick poll: What's a good way to get acquainted with some neighbors I've had 1 - 2 conversations with?
Suggest wife-swapping?
Oh thanks all, I was afraid I was going to get a bunch of weird suggestions.

Don't forget to hide webcams all over their bathroom, that way you know if they're getting low on toiletries and can also post compromising videos online before someone else does.

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Orthos wrote:
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So has anyone figured out why freehold hates everything good and loves everything bad?

Like I would probably agree with most everything bizzaro freehold says. He reminds me of the Simpsons halloween episode where bart has an evil twin but then it turns out bart was the evil twin all along.

I think it just comes down to a really really variant set of preferences, and likely at least in part growing up in a significantly different family culture than a lot of the rest of us.

On the other hand, he likes Final Fantasy 6, so he's not a total loss.

I'll be the judge of that!

Takes out pen and notebook, looks under the bumper, kicks a tire, makes a note, raises eyebrow, puts pen in mouth, kicks another tire, writes something else down, taps pen, looks under bumper again, says "mmm hmm" in a judgy manner, makes another note, puts both pen and notebook down.

Yup, not a total loss!

That'll be 500 dollars.