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Uchuujin wrote:
Or 'Until you take an action to tighten your grip'.

Always remember, Keep it tight!

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First Level Halfling Ranger
Wielding a sling-staff, 1d10 Damage normally.
1st Level Ancestry Feat: Titan Slinger – When attacking Large or larger creatures, upgrade sling damage dice 1 step (1d12)
For Hunter Edge choose Precision – The first time you deal damage to your Hunter’s Prey in a round, you deal 1d8 precision damage.

A 1st Level Halfling Ranger can do 1d12 + 1d8 + half Strength Mod to an Ogre…. With a rock.

At 2nd Level take the Rogue’s Devotion feat and at 4th take the Sneak Attacker Archetype feat.
Then at 4th Level you can do 1d12 + 1d8 + 1d4 if they are flat-footed + half Strength Mod to an Ogre…. With a rock.

And if you Critical Hit, you can do the math from there.

Is Barkskin still the terrible spell it was in the Playtest??

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I noticed that Damage Resistance was rare in the PlayTest. Paizo seemed more inclined to give bonus damage to sources that the creature is vulnerable to (Weaknesses) rather than reduced damage. Skeletons seemed to be the only exception.
Are there any other creatures in the Bestiary that have Damage Resistance?

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Are there any plans in the future to develop a "Modern" setting for Pathfinder/Golarion ?

I wonder if Cleave and Great Cleave still exist and how they are used.