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Will the rules sheet be freely available as a downloadable PDF? Just received my copy and I think the fate of all board games rulebook is to be destroyed, even with careful use.

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I don't get it. Why would it use the word "barrier" in the description if it wasn't a barrier to anything?

I am considering using it to construct a bridge. There are that many ten foot square panels that can be oriented horizontally.

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Thanks for the corrections and input. Having to touch each target wasn't something I was anticipating but it amuses me to think of the bard strolling through the the aftermath of battle tootling away on the flute, stopping to kick soldiers she wants to heal.

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I have a bard that wishes to create a flute that can cast CLW five times a day by playing the first line of Mary had a Little Lamb.

Am I right in using the Command Word, Charges per Day and No Space Limitation entries to calculate the materials cost? (1800x1x1)x(5/5)x(2)= 3600gp?

She will also need the Craft Wondrous Item feat and someone to cast CLW (probably herself).

The skill check DC is (5+CL)= 6
And the whole process is done over 4 days.

I'm still getting my head around the item creation rules. A step by step guide would've really been helpful.