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Don't forget that Combat grab has the Press Keyword so it cannot be your first attack of the round so It must have an attack penalty of at least -4 to work.

Since Furious Focus has the Press trait, it cannot be used on attack number 1. Only useful on attack number 2 if you plan to do 3 attacks.

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For the sluggish 1 I don't think that getting it from multiple source stack so if you get large with later feats you kinda negate the penalty (since you would have it anyway).

For the weapon, I think that having access to a weapon mean lowering martial to simple and exotic to martial if I can extrapolate the ancestry weapon familiarity here. So you would chose any weapon and you have access to it. It is not a free weapon.

Are the other classes at least trained in Unarmored? I didn't find it and I was wondering if the wizard take a -2 to def for Untrained while having no armor what prevent him from wearing an actual armor.

I am building a character that want to use the equipment trick: Ladder trick from Adventurer Armory 2 for the Guarding Ladder (Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes): You can hold a ladder in one hand and treat it as a heavy wooden shield with the fragile special feature.

I assume my ladder count as a shield for feats like Shield Slam but does it still count for Improvised weapon feats and traits like Catch off-guard and Surprise Weapon?

I will be playing a gestalt slayer/ Wizard Arcane archer and I have lots of questions on what work and what does not work with the spell Arrow Eruption.

1) Are the attack penalties based on the current target or the original target. Example: does the cover to my original target apply, or to my targets or both? Same thing for the target in melee or the range penalty.

2)a) If my original attack is a sneak attack, do all my new arrows are sneak attack if I am no longer hidden/invisible?
b) Assuming they are sneak attack, are they sneak if they are farther than 30 feet from me but still within 30 feet of the corpse
c) If I widen the range of the spell to 60 feet, are they still sneak?

3)a) If my original attack was an assassinate slayer talent, are my created arrow also assassinate?
b) If no, are they on one target if take the action to study the target and then I cast a quickened arrow eruption.

4)a) Is the seeker arrow/ phase arrow from the arcane archer classed as a one time bonus that cannot be duplicated by the spell

5) If I use the magic ammunition Phase arrow, Do I need line of effect from the corpse to the target or as long as i can target from my line of sight the arrow will be launched.

6) Is non-magical add on to the weapon like poison also duplicated?

I started a Siegebreaker today and from what I read from the Breaker rush, I don't actually need to succeed on the maneuver to deal the damage. Do I read correctly?

Breaker Rush (Ex): At 1st level, a siegebreaker can attempt bull rush or overrun combat maneuvers without provoking attacks of opportunity. When he performs either combat maneuver, he deals an amount of bludgeoning damage equal to his Strength bonus (minimum 1). If he has Improved Bull Rush or Improved Overrun, the damage dealt by the appropriate maneuver increases by 2 and he adds any enhancement bonus from his armor or shield (though such enhancement bonuses do not stack, if both armor and shield are magic). This ability replaces the feat gained at 1st level.

Also another question about Bull rush: If I succeed a Bull Rush maneuver by alot, do I need to push the target the maximum distance or I can choose how much I push between 5 feet and the distance granted by the roll?

I looked through many terrain like Dense rubble, undergrowth and none of them ever write the words Difficult terrain. It seems that no terrains are written with that word in the actual Environment section.

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I am playing a ghost rider in our Giant Slayer campaign and my mount gained the ability to ignore difficult terrain. We came across shallow bog and deep bog rules and none explicitly declared the terrain as difficult. Same thing for going uphill.

Is any terrain costing exactly 2 square of movement considered as difficult terrain by the rules

If a terrain cost more, like the deep bog which cost 4 squares per square, is it still considered difficult terrain?

I am currently playing a gestalt character water kineticist/fighter. I am wondering if the shroud of water count as a shield for Shield focus and Shield specialization. My feeling is toward no because it seems to only be a source that give shield AC and not an actual shield.

If yes, can source like the Shield spell also be chosen for Shield Spec.

Our group is now in book 4 and our Aurushalae has chosen to be able to return her gift to her hand every turn. The question we had is can she return it from the discard pile or only from the displayed state?

Thanks alot

In the beginning we were very lax on the timing on when card could be played. Cure and Leryn were played during combat just to be played. After coming on the forum I think we now restrict too much the timing on actions.

1) Spells like Glibness and sagacity. Can they be played during an encounter if the same player want to use an attack spell? Can the card be played before the assemble dice pool?

2) Can Arushalae's cohort be played in response to an encounter or must it be played before an explore?

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The broom is now my go to item, you can sweep caltrop, clean dangerous dusty places, use it as a poking stick or as an emergency low duration torch.

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Our DM rolled it as a random encounter from the table against our all halfling party. After getting the glasswork and encasing the homonculus in glass, we decided to go get the corpse of the barghest from thistletop to encase it to create our gallery of dead monster. The 2 casters stayed behind to craft magical items while the fighter went to the cleared thistletop. We encountered it in our travel. Days later the rest of the team came searching for us, they only found my mule standing in charred grass. Our halfling party was half TPKed by hubris.

Thank you, we have a pact of non-rocket tag with the DM so I was more asking to know the full power I can go if the team is starting to die and I need to save the day.

With Combat Patrol must I move toward the enhanced reach of my weapon or can I use the movement from Combat Patrol to actually move away from my opponent. It is for a mythic game were I have the Retributive Reach mythic path ability that give an extra 5 feets of reach. In my turn if I activate both Mythic COmbat Reflex and combat patrol, will I be able to 5 foot away everytime the enemy moves toward me and I AOO him at the same time, until he either stop coming at me or any of us run out of movement?

I also plan to combine this with the Intercept Charge teamwork feat. The teamwork feat says that the ennemy must end adjacent to me. If I keep getting away with combat patrol, must he continue toward me or can he end his move where I was when I interrupted his charge?

I am not sure if our playgroup understood the Giant Fly correctly and it was our major obstacle when we did the first scenario of WotR.

After we act, the fly get shuffled in another open location. Does that means that we roll the dice then the fly gets shuffled in a location, if we fail to beat it, we get damaged and we bury a card (I don't have the card on me to cite the exact undefeated effect), if we succeed to beat it, nothing happens since the card is already shuffled in a location?

Did we play it properly?

I scared my DM when I talked to him about doing a build with Bodyguard, Covering Fire from Ranged Tactic toolbox and Harrying Partners from Melee Tactic toolbox.

Covering Fire: Benefit: You can use the aid another action with a ranged attack against an opponent, regardless of whether the opponent threatens an ally. Range penalties apply to this attack roll. Choose one ally when making the attack. If the attack is successful, that ally gains a +2 bonus to AC against that opponent’s next attack, as long as the attack comes before the beginning of your next turn. All allies with this feat also gain this bonus against that opponent.

Harrying Partners: Benefit: When you successfully use the aid another action to improve the Armor Class or attack roll of an ally who also has this feat, the benefit from aid another lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

Both are teamwork feat so you will need to either have help from your team or give them the feats via things like tactician or Ring of tactical Precision. Whenever an ally is hit, you lose an arrow to give him your team the aid another bonus for the rest of the round (only against this opponent I think). At some point the only way to hurt the team will be on one big attack, by killing you first or moving outside bodyguard range.

I recently died in my Wrath of the Righteous campaign and before I submit a new character to my DM I wanted to make sure that my build was working the way I think. It will be a 2 weapon fighter archetype and the goal will be to use Improved snap shot to throw 2 shields as attack of opportunity. I will use a blinkback belt and 2 quickdraw throwing light shields.

Relevant fighter abilities:
Equal Opportunity (Ex): At 13th level, when a two-weapon warrior makes an attack of opportunity, he may attack once with both his primary and secondary weapons. The penalties for attacking with two weapons apply normally. This ability replaces weapon training 3.

1) If I have Weapon Finesse, if both my shields are agile, will I add my dex to damage when I throw them or only in melee?

2) Is a ranged attack with a shield considered a shield bash for feats like Shield Slam?

3) Are the 2 attacks with Equal opportunities at the same time or one after the other? If I shield slam my opponent in a different range increment, do I take the penalty on my second attack.

4) If I use Combat Patrol with Snap Shot, do I need to move to the range of Snap Shot or can I just throw the shield since its actual range encompass the whole combat patrol?

I played a character with the feat in book 1 of Wrath of the Righteous. It was a Master of many style monk. The goal was to take Panther style and snake style and bounce in the middle of group of enemies. Being staggered matter less when you plan on doing damage through AOO. I did die before seeing at full power but at low level you cannot be hurt. I did use a crossbow when I was waiting for weapon finess at 3.

I DMed a homebrew from level 1 and they got mythic by the end of game 1. I gave a mythic rank about every 2 level. The game ended at 6/3 and the mythic was really manageable.

In my setting the player got Mythic from the blood of a space whale while the world was being invaded by ooze. Each type of ooze was a mythic template so my big monsters were humanoid with pc classes with a template and they had lots of mooks. My players were almost always overwhelmed by number so they often needed to use the extra attacks mythic move on minions. My bosses could survive a few round that way and the fight felt epic.

I stopped the game before going in the high levels high mythic but it makes a great low level play.

Edit: Not being afraid to kill the wizard when sending a greatsword fighter at level 1 is a good feeling.

I think it is you don't die at all when you are in negative hp nless it is from a coup de grace or critical hit withn artefact. If it is you only stop respawning when you die by a crit or coup de grace, you only have a relatively small window in which you can't be killed. If the finishing blow is not a crit then the ennemy will need to wait 24 hours to try to kill you again.

If you continue to stay alive until a crit is scored on you, it will eventually happens, the opponent must not hope for a lucky roll at the correct moment.

Not dying is in a way weaker than respawning against some ennemies.

I am playing in a 5 PC game and we just finished book 3. One of the main factor that reduce the power of a bigger than average group is that in the first 2 books the dungeons are all pretty cramped so you can't really get everyone in position. Also I found that this adventure really like the confused condition so more players is not always better in those spots.

Our group is pretty strong so the DM started to add mook to boss encounter where the boss was alone and the fights got meaningful. There is like only one fight in book 1 that is a solo character that isn't challenging by himself but I wouldn't change anything really in that adventure.

We were an all halfling gorup so our damage was pretty low and our defense really high. We closed the door behind us so she wouldn't run away. We couldn't out damage her dr the few time we managed to land a hit on her. After burning all her spell unsucesfully I took a couple round to build a makeshift lasso and managed to grapple her. We then brought her to the glasswork where we encased her in glass. We beheaded her after and from now on we glass all the major bosses we encounter. (This practice later killed 3 out of 5 pc)

Mine was in a 3.0 gestalt game were I played a Shapeshifter(Druid)/Warshaper - Totemist. I had the vow of poverty so in term of a personnality I was normal goody 2 shoes but what he looked like put him in the weird category.

Huge Fire Elemental with a chimera face, 4 giraillon arms, bulette feet, Gary Render ghostly aura sphynx claw, phase spider cloak, purple wurm scales and a Tarrasque mouth in the abdomen (GM custom 20th level gift). Add to that the holy radiance, the halo and that I specialized in fighting in grapple.

I always wanted to be able to draw it.

One of the best way I see is too find someone else with alot of strength and Magic Jar him so his body lose all the strength. If you are evil you could capture one and heal him when you need to wish one he failed a Magic Jar. Even without a 44 strength monster you could start your buffs inside of his body. This would requieres no special build except taking the corresponding spell.

My take for a bodyguard would be with an halfling Cavalier (honor guard) with helpful trait and the Order of the Dragon. By level three when you use Bodyguard you would give +6 AC (base +2, +1 order, +1 Honor Guard, +2 Helpful). With your mount you can easily manage to stay next to a fast moving ally. Also the 2 new fighting defensively for halfling in ARG gives half your bonus to all adjacent allies. This build will not make you the greatest tank yourself but your allies should be safe from AC attack when they stay near you.

Best bet would probably be a syntheist summoner or a druid. Or something with a big starting gold and the trait rich parent so your death can benefit the rest of the party.

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Does this errata also cancel the extra damage from feats like Mounted Blade or Cleaving Finish that are technically the same hit that continue on another target?

It is not written in the class ability section but at the end of the fluff explaining the class it mentions: The following benefits apply only when a sword saint is using a sword and carrying nothing in his other hand.

So RAI it is not meant for 2h or TWF and only with swords.

If race isnt decided you could take the Halfling Opportunist Prestige class. Only 5 level, you have 2 level of sneat attack damage and at level 5, all your Attack of opportunity are Sneak Attack. With Improved Whip Mastery you threaten 10 feet so you should get plenty of Sneak of Opportunity

EDIT: Didnt see your race, I leave the post in case it is not set in stone

I am playing in a 7 people Kingmaker game, we are usualy 6 people there every game. The DM double every ennemies in the encounters, the named NPCs and boss are either Advanced or Advanced twice. We do have above average stat so each encouter are still challenging but not overpowering. We didn't encounter many dungeons so this kind of increase is good for open spaced battle. If you plan on increasing the number of ennemies, I recommend increasing the size of some room in the dungeons (I didn't play Jade Regent so I doesn't know if there is). On a side note, never increase the number of shocking lizard if you ever randomly roll somes... near TPKed us

Any weapon could chop an head if it deal the last hp required to kill the opponent. Just make it like a spiked chain that always consider an opponent flat-foot during the first use of a combat. This way it is still deadly in the hand of a rogue but not insta-kill by anybody against anything.

The only thing that being on the correct terrain change is the +to ini and skill. The favored eneemy bonus depend on the target originating from the terrain. You can't change your origin mid-combat.

The AC from Favored defense is Dodge Bonus

He can multi rage but he still only has one immediate per round so he can only strength surge once so He can't auto-suceed all the sunders. Odds are still in his favor on most of the sunder though.

My build is Rogue 9/Ranger 3/ Horizon Walker 8

Put all your rogue talent into Terrain Mastery, all your feat goes into Extra Rogue Talent and Favored Defense. It should give a single terrain about +44 at level 20. By choosing Plain as the Terrain with Terrain Dominance it should treat AM Barbarian with your biggest Favored Ennemy Bonus since AM BArbarian as Heart of the Fields. A wand of Instant Ennemy will allow you to get the +44 hit/damage +22 AC but will let AM Barbarian charge you one round. With proper itemization you should have an high enough AC to survive the charge. With a Bow of Speed it's 6 attack with at least +44 DMG that can only miss on a 1, no matter the range increment.

By reading at the Delay rule you quoted, you never get another turn when you delay, you are just able to take action at another time during the round. This is more like an opportunity attack or a readied action with a move, standard and swift action than a whole new turn as RAW. And since poison requieres your turn to trigger and not you taking an action, I don't think you can do what you said to force multiple save.

I also did the rockfall everyone die in one of my weekend of gaimg back at college, game were supposed to be one shot but people always want to continue them as campaign. So I made sure nobody was alive by the end so there could be no campaign.

My best one was by giving a player a special metamagic feat that reduce the spell level of a spell by 2 but there is only the visual effect, no mechanics. And then givin him a spell two higher for him that could save the whole town from a mega meteorite. He prefered the TPK than telling the party he was not the archmage he claimed to be. Players accept it way better when they can blame another PC.

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The clone that use weapon should coat their weapon with the injury drug Shiver. It`s 50gp a dose and there is 50% chance that he sleep for 1d4 hours. It should even put to sleep an elven wizard since it`s not magical. I am not sure if immunity to poison negate the effect of a drug but for the cost it is not a big deal to add. The drug come from the Gamemastery guide though, not a 3rd party publisher but not one of the book you mentionned in the opening post.

I will add my proposition to reduce one specific aspect of griefing, camping bodies and repeatidly killing the same player. I will assume that the game will NOT have full looting on player death. A player should expect to be killed once in a while in a PVP game so the system will not protect from the first death from a player in a period of time. Player that enjoy killing player should be able to do so if they don`t grief the other player.

I propose something like a vengeful spirit. Once you are killed by a player, you gain a buff that reduced damage from every player that damaged you when you died and that increase your damage against them. The strength of the buff increase if you died again while the buff is active. This could be either a self buff or an aura that would also help your friend deafeat the griefing player. With enough death the damage reduction could be 100% so you would be able to continue doing whatever you want even if they are throwing fireball at you.

Off course this could unbalance willing pvp between player since some people would die repeatidly in a non important time only to kill when the time is right. This buff should not be earned if you are flagged for pvp (even if everyone can be attacked it would display people that are actively doing pvp) or if you attacked another player. If there is trick to charm another player to attack someone else like there was in UO, it should not prevent the buff from being applied and the consequence should be on the charmer.

I plan on playing a Mounted Inquisitor and I wonder if I will be able to end my turn overlapping some square with my teammate mount if I have the Cavalry Formation feat and he don't. I would technically be in a legal situation but he wouldn't be since he don't have the feat.

For the problem of a Full Plate fighter able to hide sucessfully when creating a diversion to hide with a bluff check, I have no problem in imageing the situation. During the round you created the diversion to hide, it's more the opponent not looking at you than you being great at hiding. After that to maintain your Stealth you need as a free action to make a Stealth check. So a fighter could only hide himself for one round.

The problem I see with this though is that there is no Stealth DC if someone try actively to find you during his turn since you only made a bluff check and will make the Stealth check on the following round.

Here is my item as was submitted, I learned since then to not capitalize my Aura and required spells and to italicized the spells.

Gloves of Passage
Aura Moderate Transmutation; CL 9th
Slot hand; Price 12,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.
These shoulder length gloves carved from earth elemental stone enable the wearer's arms to pass through any non-magical, non-living material. This allows the wearer to move objects small enough to be hidden with the Sleight of Hand skill through or from any surface. It also enable the wearer to perform unarmed strikes or natural attacks using the arms through any non-magical wall, shield or armor, ignoring cover (even total), shield and armor bonus to Armor Class.
Creatures with total cover from the wearer can ready an action to attack the wearer as if they possessed the Strike Back feat.
The gloves' cuffs cannot pass through objects, preventing the gloves from being removed inside a structure. The wearer's arms are automatically expelled from the surface if the gloves are dispelled or sundered. Both gloves must be worn for the magic to be effective.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Transmute Mud to Rock, Transmute Rock to Mud; Cost 6,000 gp

Gloves of Passage
Aura Moderate Transmutation; CL 9th
Slot hand; Price 12,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.
These shoulder length gloves carved from earth elemental stone enable the wearer's arms to pass through any non-magical, non-living material. This allows the wearer to move objects small enough to be hidden with the Sleight of Hand skill through or from any surface. It also enable the wearer to perform unarmed strikes or natural attacks using the arms through any non-magical wall, shield or armor, ignoring cover (even total), shield and armor bonus to Armor Class.
Creatures with total cover from the wearer can ready an action to attack the wearer as if they possessed the Strike Back feat.
The gloves' cuffs cannot pass through objects, preventing the gloves from being removed inside a structure. The wearer's arms are automatically expelled from the surface if the gloves are dispelled or sundered. Both gloves must be worn for the magic to be effective.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Transmute Mud to Rock, Transmute Rock to Mud; Cost 6,000 gp

Ok thank you, I can now stop obsessing with the details.

If I have an item that his function makes it a target of choice for an opponent to sunder, like a cloak that can grapple (not my item), should I list his hardness and HP or just mentioning the material is enough and let the GM extrapolate the value?

If answering this is more a hint than help with templating please disregard. I'm a bit too perfectionist and it is starting to obsess me since some wondrous item have it but I didn't see a worn magic item that have it displayed.