Help me understand Furious Focus.

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So I'm sitting down to toss together a few ready-to-use characters for a potential game opportunity, and I'm starting with a fighter going for the Elven Curve Blade. Furious Focus at a casual glance seems like it would be an ideal compliment to it's Forceful quality, but when I actually try to figure out how Furious Focus works, I'm not 100% I'm understanding right. Does functionally bump the -10 of a third attack to -5 on the condition your second attack missed?

My reading is the action causes you to make an attack and you only incur the multiple attack penalty on your next attack if the attack you just made hits.


Normal Attack 1 @ base hit chance -> hit
Normal Attack 2 @ -5 hit chance -> miss
Normal Attack 3 @ -10 hit chance

Furious Focus Attack 1 @ base hit chance -> hits
Furious Focus Attack 2 @ -5 hit chance -> miss
Furious Focus Attack 3 @ -5 hit chance

As near as I can tell, it is a straight upgrade in your average damage assuming you miss any appreciable number of your attacks. Some people are saying that the math on the other fighter options like power attack is a dubious or situational improvement over the basic attack.

Since Furious Focus has the Press trait, it cannot be used on attack number 1. Only useful on attack number 2 if you plan to do 3 attacks.

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