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A lot of great art in the Monster Codex Book to work with. Pathfinder Pawns are a great route to take if you're looking for quality minis on a budget. I'm hoping for a Dragon Booster or something of the like to be released, never enough unique dragons.

Flipped through this book today at Barnes and Noble and really hope the Monster Codex will turn into a Pathfinder Pawn collection. High quality product as always, good work Paizo.

Another group of pawns that'd be nice would be more metallic dragons! Specifically large Gold, Bronze, Silver etc. It's cliche, but I love dragons haha

Also, glad to hear someone else has a place in their heart for the bird people.

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Well, I was hoping to get this before Christmas but making these products isn't something to be rushed. I just hope that the Inner Sea Gods are in the collection. Also Tengus, more bird people!

I'm pretty excited for this pawn collection, but I guess I'm excited for all of the pawn collections.