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Not a bad skull pole. It actually stands well.

It's a box. Something different from your every-day treasure chests, but nothing special. A broader color palette could have made it stand out.

A nice lion, but not perfect. The uplifted paw would be better as a variant, rather than the only option available.

A plausibly useful pile of vines, this would be better served if the painting picked out a few details.

Unexceptionally painted, this adequately represents a serpentman as a traditional cleric, though it does not fit well with the sinuous, subtle, & sinister feel traditional of serpentfolk.

A useful, if static, miniature (but how active can you be with a creeping vine?). The baffling thing is the decision to make flowers red instead the traditional yellow.

An oft-needed miniature. The sculpt is detailed, but the paint job is not.

An inoffensive little cobra (emphasis on the "little"). Close examination reveals the rivets of the construct, but they're inobvious enough that this can also pass for a live snake.

While not particularly well-painted, this is a novel take on the Dryad. I like the bird & hair-flowers particularly.

A very nice, non-giant eagle, except for this line's obsession with all-American eagles... (Where are the Harpy, Golden, & Haast's eagles?)

A bit large, but well sculpted & painted, and the only pre-painted plastic pixie ever made.

While looking more like an Asian water buffalo than a Medieval European ox, this is a sturdy, acceptable mini, and surely the best ox available. It would be nice if they came equipped for work, though, since most players will interact with oxen as draft animals.


Another wasted opportunity.

"Forest Streams" would be a more appropriate name for this set.

LONG have we needed a true forest map, perhaps pure forest on one side, and forest with a handful of small sites hidden within the trees, but, once again, it is not to be.

Imagine a blank field of trees, with a set of similar tiles one could place to create points of interest within...

Another tragic entry, alas!

Four tiles wasted on a gigantic fountain no "village" would have. One or two tiles of mud trampled around a village well could have been tiles someone would actually use.

Yet another colossal & outlandish tavern no local could afford, with gigantic (over five-foot diameter!) round tables, rather than normal plank affairs. This might be reasonable, if the tabletops were sections sawn from a mighty trunk, but from the grain, they are clearly not. And chairs, chairs, chairs, rather than normal tavern benches. Someone put a lot of money into serving these peasant yokels.

Attractive art of ludicrous content, so par for the course.

James Krolak wrote:
I passed on both of the last 2 sets

I find this a stunning comment. I found RDI & DD were the most actually useful sets I've seen in this line. Usually, these sets are full of well done but pointless minis.

In my youth, I would have found Rope Trick a waste of space, but in my aged senility, I rather appreciate it (I'm even sorry it's so rare, since that'll drive up the single price).

Translucent weapons & walls can be had from WizKids' "War of Light" HeroClix minis.

Reaper's Bones does do a decent Wall of Fire set.

The black tentacles (& other tentacles) available through Auggie's are from Dungeon Crawler, available (painted or not) through their own site, as well.

As for a Dancing Lights mini, I would like 3 or 4 translucent white balls, set in a sturdy transparent plane (which might make a better Will-o-Wisp, too).

I have enough humanoid figures. Give me a 6-pack of Biters!