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Full Name

Britta Karan


Vergence Human


Legendary Ninja/Legendary Sorcerer 8 | Continuous Aura of Magic (Spellcraft DC19), Discern Lies (Will DC20 Negates)


HP 84/84 Temp: +5 | AC 28 (T 25, FF 18) +4AoO (no flanked) | Perc +16 | Init +7 (+ additional 4 after surprise round) | F +7, R +13, W +14 (-2 will vs charm/compulsion if involved with power/wealth) | CMD 27 (29vs Dirty Fighting) | Jutsu 7/6 | |




Chaotic Neutral






Common, Common (Nonverbal), Read Lips



Strength 8
Dexterity 20
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 15
Charisma 22

About Britta Karan


STR 8 (-2 Racial)
DEX 20 (+4 Racial)
CON 14
INT 16 (+2 Oath)
WIS 15
CHA 22 (+4 Racial)(+2 Level)(+2 Item)(+2 Oath)

HP: 84 (8+8+8+8+8+8+8+8+16con) (When receiving healing from an ally's class feature, spell or spell-like ability they control, subtract 1)(1 fast healing if on solid ground)
Initiative +7 (5dex+2trait)(tattoo glows when in danger, granting +4 to initiative after surprise rounds)(Gain 1 temporary Jutsu each combat)
Speed: 40ft
AC: 27 [10+6cha+5dex+2na+2dodge+2def] (Can’t be flanked)(+8AC vs AoO from moving)
Touch: 25 Flat Footed: 18

SAVES (Electricity Resistance 5, up to 15pts. Then can expend it.)
Fort: 7 =2base+3con+2resist
Ref: 13 =6base+5dex+2resist
Will: 14 =6base+6cha+2resist (-2 will vs charm/compulsion if involved with power/wealth)


BAB: +6/+1
CMB: +14 =6BAB+5Dex+0Size+2feat+1enh (DirtyF +18)
CMD: 27 =6BAB-1Str+5Dex+5Cha+0Size+10+2feat (Dirty Fighting 29) (+4vsBull/Repos/Trip)

Unarmed | +12/+7 (6bab+5dex+1focus) | x2
B | – | – | 1d4+1 (ignores hardness of 8 or less, and halves hardness above that) | Arcane Strike (adjacent enemies take 2pts), Sneak Attack +3d6, Poison DC24 Staggered

+1 Keen Kunai | +11/+6 (6bab+5dex+1focus+1enh-2deadly/power) | 16-20x2
P/S | 50ft | 4ammo | 1d4+16 (7dex+6power+1enh+2arcane) | Arcane Strike (adjacent enemies take 2pts), Sneak Attack +3d6, Poison DC24 Staggered, Virulent Poisons are +1DC

SKILLS (Total = Stat + Ranks + Class Skill + Modifiers)

She is considered Trained in any skill that deals with technological subjects.
Acrobatics (Dex)* 20 =5+8+3+4speed ½ dc and considered at a running start
Appraise (Int)* 6 =2+1b+3
Artistry (Int)*
Bluff (Cha)* 18 =6+8+3+1background+10innocence
Climb (Str)*
Craft Alchemy (Int)* 18 =1+6sphere/2b+3+2trait+2tool+2feat
Craft Mechanics (Int)* 16 =1+6sphere/2b+3+2sphere+2tool
Diplomacy (Cha)* 13 =6+4+3
Disable Device (Dex)* 18 =5+8+3+2tool (1/day roll twice and take higher)
Disguise (Cha)* 17 =6+1+3+5minor+2kit
Escape Artist (Dex)* 16 =5+8+3
Fly (Dex)* 9 =5+1+3
Handle Animal (Cha)
Heal (Wis)* 15 =2+8+3+2tool
Intimidate (Cha)* 10 =6+1+3
Investigate (Cha)* 11 =6+2+3
Knowledge (arcana) (Int)* 6 =1+2+3
Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int)
Knowledge (engineering) (Int)* 6 =1+2b+3
Knowledge (nature) (Int)
Knowledge (planes) (Int)
Knowledge (religion) (Int)* 5 =1+1+3
Knowledge (technology) (Int)* 9 =1+5b+3
Linguistics (Int)* 5 =1+1+3
Lore Alien Anatomical/Physical Mutations (Int)* 5 =1+1b+3
Lore of Humanoids (Int)* 12 =1+8+3
Lore of Society (Int)* 10 =1+6+3
Perception (Wis)* 16 =2+8+3+3feat
Perform (Cha)
Profession Pilot (Dex)* 10 =5+2b+3
Ride (Dex)
Sense Motive (Wis)* 17 =2+8+3+1background+3feat
Sleight of Hand (Dex)* 16 =5+7sphere/1b+3+4item (1/day roll twice and take higher)
Psi/Spellcraft (Cha)* 17 =6+8+3
Specialized Skill (Spellcraft: Force-Related)* 17 =6+8b+3
Stealth (Dex)* 15 =5+7+3
Survival (Wis)* 13 =2+8+3
Swim (Str)* 3 =-1+1+3

* Class Skill
Check Penalty: -0


1st-Level Ninja//Sorcerer: Cantrips, dirty fighting, jutsu pool, secret techniques, sneak attack +1d6 // Arcane Edge, Aura of Power, Bloodline, Bloodline Skills, Bloodline Spell, Cantrips, Eschew Materials, Force of Personality, Magical Expression, Soul Shield
2nd-Level Ninja//Sorcerer: Ninja trick, uncanny dodge, vanishing trick // Bloodline Gift
3rd-Level Ninja//Sorcerer: Cloth-wrapped sandals, improved dirty trick // Bloodline Spell
4th-Level Ninja//Sorcerer: Ninja trick, sneak attack +2d6 // Heart of Arcana
5th-Level Ninja//Sorcerer: Combat jutsu (1), Stealth expertise // Bloodline Spell
6th-Level Ninja//Sorcerer: Disguise veil, ninja trick // Bloodline Gift
7th-Level Ninja//Sorcerer: Powerful dirty trick, sneak attack +3d6 // Bloodline Spell
8th-Level Ninja//Sorcerer: Ninja trick // Heart of Arcana
9th-Level Ninja//Sorcerer: Combat jutsu (2), vanishing master // Bloodline Spell
10th-Level Ninja//Sorcerer: Ninja trick, sneak attack +4d6 // Bloodline Gift

1st: Precise Shot
B: Skill Focus (Perception)
B: Dodge
Class: Deft Maneuvers
Free: Combat Stamina
Background Feat: Master Alchemist - Can make poisons/gear for with alchemy faster.
Background Feat: Black Marketeer - Use the black market to gain illegal substances.
Story Feat: Thief of Legend (Story) - 1/day roll twice and take better for disable/pickpocket attempts. Goal: Steal treasure worth at least 50,000gp protected by at least 8 traps or challenging foes and leave no evidence. Completion: Disable Device check with a -5 penalty retroactively after triggering to interrupt the trap‘s function 3+int mod per day.
2nd: Combat Reflexes
3rd: Spell Rush (L. Sorcerer) - Gain tempHP equal to spell lvl cast + Cha modifier.
Class: Step Up
4th: Gang Up
5th: Toxic Spell - can use 1 dose of contact, ingested, inhaled, or injury poison as an additional material component for a spell you cast. DC is modified by Spell focus.
6th: Quick Dirty Trick - can replace an attack with a dirty trick
7th: Arcane Strike
Class: Greater Dirty Trick - +2 CMB/CMD vs dirty trick and penalty lasts for 1d4rds+1rd/5 over CMD. Removing the condition, they must spend a standard action.
8th: Disarming Strike - If you perform a critical hit, you can disarm in addition to normal damage.
B: Skill Focus (Sense Motive)
Reward: Flensing Strike
Reward: Weapon Focus (light)
Reward Teamwork:

Future Feats: Press to the Wall, Unarmed Combatant

Combat Stamina
Points: BAB+Con Mod (9)
Stamina Feat Effects

---Arcane Strike: Increase duration 1rd/pt.
---Combat Expertise: If activating Stamina points, if you have 1 in your pool, ignore an amount of combat expertise penalty equal to how much you spend.
---Combat Reflexes: When you miss with an AoO, spend 5pts to make a second attack at -5.
---Deft Maneuvers: For every 2pts, you are 1 size category larger for CMB.
---Gang Up: If you spend 5pts, you gain benefits if only one other is fighting with you.
---Greater Dirty Trick: When successful, can spend 5pts to make the action to remove “take a full-round action”.
---Improved Dirty Trick: Can spend pts up to str/dex. CMD to resist increases by that number.
---Improved Disarm: Can spend pts up to str/dex mod. CMD to resist increases by that number.
---Power Attack: Can spend 2pts to negate penalties.
---Precise Shot: For 2pts, make an attack against foe engaged with ally. If it hits, it deals nothing but your ally gets +2 to AC or attack. Lasts until your next turn.
---Quick Dirty Trick: For 2pts, change an attack that doesn't have the highest BAB into a Dirty trick 1/rd.


Racial Build
Vergence (20RP):
0 rp: Medium Size
0 rp: Normal Speed
0 rp: Standard Stats
0 rp: Standard Languages (start with common and racial language)
0 rp: Humanoid
0 rp: Normal Size
0 rp: Normal Speed
0 rp: Standard Racial Stats
4 rp: Advanced Charisma - +2 to Charisma
4 rp: Advanced Dexterity - +2 to Dexterity
4 rp: Focused Study - At 1st, 8th, and 16th level, members of this race gain Skill Focus in a skill of their choice as a bonus feat.
4 rp: See in Darkness - see perfectly in darkness
4 rp: Bonus Feat

Oaths (8pts)
---Bonus Talents (-3 OP): Gain a talent at 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th.
---Enhanced Abilities (-2 OP): At 4th +2 to an ability score and every even level after. Doesn't stack until 10th to max of +4. At 13th, +6. Beyond stacks forever.
---Enhanced Armaments (Su) (-2 OP): Gain +1 enhancement bonus at 4th level. At 8th level, the character can split her attunement between two weapons, granting each a +1 enhancement bonus. At 9th level, she can grant a single weapon a +2 enhancement bonus instead of granting two weapons a +1 enhancement bonus each. At 14th level, she can either grant a single weapon a +3 enhancement bonus or grant two weapons a +2 enhancement bonus each. At 15th level, she can either grant a single weapon a +4 enhancement bonus or grant two weapons a +3 enhancement bonus each. At 17th level, she can either grant a single weapon a +5 enhancement bonus or grant one weapon a +4 enhancement bonus and another weapon a +3 enhancement bonus. You can add abilities to the weapon by subtracting from the total enchantment bonus.
---Inhuman Resilience (Su) (-1 OP): +2 to NA that increases every 3 lvls after 8th. +2 resistance to saves and increases every 3 lvls after 6th.
---Oath of Ritual (+1 OP): Perform ritual, spend costing 5gp/CL or reduce your maximum hp by CL for 24hrs. Defiance Penalty: All ability scores are -2. Atonement: Perform ritual 3 days, spend 100gp*(CL*2)

(Alchemy) gain 5 ranks in the Craft Alchemy skill + 1 for each talent (6)

---Poison: Standard action, or a move action if you have access to an alchemist’s lab or alchemist’s crafting kit. FortDC10+ranks in alchemy+cha mod (24). Fatigued for 1 minute. This poison may be contact, ingested, inhaled, or injury (chosen when created), but you cannot increase its DC by using multiple doses. May apply this poison to a weapon as part of the same standard or move action used to create it. Can make a melee touch attack against a target or throw the poison as a standard action. Thrown poisons have a 10 foot range increment. A poison remains potent until used or for 1rd+1/4 ranks of Craft (alchemy). Inhaled poisons are considered splash weapons that fill up a 10 ft. cube when used.
---Specialized Venom Talent: You select 1 creature type (or subtype) from the ranger favored enemy list; your poisons may affect creatures of that type even if they would normally be immune to poison (or ignore any racial bonuses they may possess to saving throws against poison). For every 4 ranks in Craft (alchemy) you possess, you may select another creature type (construct, outsider evil, undead).

(Scoundrel) gain 5 ranks in the Sleight of Hand skill + 1 for each talent (7)
---Marked Target: You may make a melee touch attack against a creature as a swift action; if this attack is successful, for 1 round, the creature is battered (-2CMD and can't take AoO) and takes a -1 penalty on Perception checks for 1 round. For every 4 ranks in Sleight of Hand you possess, this penalty is increased by 1.
---Swift Hands: You may use your Dexterity in place of your Strength when attempting a dirty trick or steal maneuver and may use your ranks in the Sleight of Hand skill in place of your base attack bonus when determining your combat maneuver bonus to perform a dirty trick or steal maneuver. In addition, you may apply any enhancement bonuses to your unarmed strikes to your dirty trick and steal combat maneuvers.
---Trick: Whenever you perform a steal or dirty trick combat maneuver, or make a Sleight of Hand check to take an object from a target unnoticed, you may apply one (trick) talent to it. (Trick) talents cannot be applied to maneuvers performed as a free action.
---Bob and Weave Talent: As long as you have an ally adjacent to you, you can spend a swift action to have that ally provide you with soft cover until the beginning of your next turn, even if the ally providing soft cover moves. You can use this soft cover to make a Stealth check.
---Misdirected Attack Talent: Whenever you provoke an attack of opportunity due to leaving a creature’s threatened square, you gain a dodge bonus to your AC equal to 1/4 your ranks in Sleight of Hand (minimum 1). If an attack of opportunity provoked in this way misses you, you can expend an attack of opportunity to choose to redirect the attack to a creature within the attacker’s reach (other than the attacker themselves), adding a bonus to the attack roll equal to the dodge bonus granted by this talent.

(Tech Sphere) gain 5 ranks in the Craft Mechanics skill + 1 for each talent (6)
---Jet-boosters (drone, gadget) Talent: Activates as a move action.
Slow Burn Mode: 1 charge/4hrs. Fly Speed 30ft. Move 3ft off ground. Falling from beyond that slows you until 3ft above ground. Does not obscure visibility.
Normal Burn Mode: 1 charge/1rd. Fly Speed 60ft (poor). Exhaust obscures visibility if near the ground (as per a large size Hover Feat).
Overdrive Burn Mode: 2 charges/1rd. Fly Speed 90ft (clumsy).
Weaponized Booster Mode: Can attach and move a creature 30ft. Can be used with remote control.
Water Conversion Mode: Works the same underwater as above. Weaponized mode can be reduced by a swim check for half speed moved if successful.


Alchemical Adept (Magic): +2 trait bonus on all Craft Alchemy. If you fail by 5 or more, you don't ruin materials.
Reactionary (Combat): You gain a +2 trait bonus on initiative checks.
Unintentional [Clumsy Slave] (Regional): The first time you attack someone with an attack that deals nonlethal damage, your target must make a Sense Motive opposed by your Bluff check minus the damage dealt to realize you actually intended to harm him; failure means he believe the injury was an accident on your part instead (though he may still want to punish you for it).

==Background and Occupations==
Background (Apprentice): +1 competence to Bluff and Sense Motive and 160gp


Favored Class Bonus: 8/5 New ninja trick
Proficiencies: Simple weapons, battle ladder, battle stein, battle wrench, climbing pick, fishing tackle, garrote, grappling hook, iron brush, machete, net, ten-foot pole, torch, and whip. Every technological weapon. Light Armor, and bucklers.

==Martial Tradition== (Exchanged Weapon Proficiencies for Gearhead)
Charge Pool: Your charge pool begins with zero charges, but you may add a number of charges equal to 1+1 per 2 ranks of Craft (mechanical) you possess to your pool with 30 minutes of work or 15 minutes if you have access to an engineering kit. Max in your pool is ranks in Craft Mechanical + the number of tech talents you possess (9).
Techmaniac: You gain proficiency with all technological weapons. Additionally, you gain a +2 competence bonus to Craft (mechanical) checks made to activate gadgets. At +10 base attack bonus, this bonus increases to +4.
Tech Savvy: You are considered to be trained in any skill used against a technology-based subject. If the skill in question requires training to use even against non-technological subjects, you may instead make a Craft (mechanical) check in its place with a -5 penalty.
Toolkit Training: You are adept at using adventuring tools as impromptu weapons of war. You gain proficiency with the battle ladder, battle stein, battle wrench, climbing pick, fishing tackle, garrote, grappling hook, iron brush, machete, net, ten-foot pole, torch, and whip.
Tech Sphere: You gain access to the tech sphere (Jet-boosters talent).

Deft Maneuvers (Ex):
Gain Deft Maneuvers feat. In addition, whenever a ninja attempts a dirty trick combat maneuver, base attack bonus is equal to their level and can always inflict any penalty listed in the combat maneuver regardless of circumstances.
Jutsu Pool (Su): Gain points equal to Charisma modifier (6). Gain Jutsu for doing dirty tricks, finishing blows on people or objects below 0hp, and striking an unaware target with her HD or higher.
Secret Techniques: DC for techniques is 10 + 1/2 the ninja’s level + her Charisma modifier
---Athletics: Acrobatics are at a running start. At 10th, reduce DC by 1/2 level to jump.
---Ninja Weapon Specialist: Add dex to dmg instead of str.
---Throwing Specialist: Daggers/Kunai/Shuriken increase 20ft range. At 8th and every 8 after, increase range by 20ft. Treat daggers and kunai as ammo for the purpose of drawing (free action).
---Disguise Veil (Su): Full-round action, can alter as per disguise self spell for 10min/lvl. Masks alignment. Spells make Spellcraft vs Disguise to reveal this. At 12th level, this ability instead lasts for 1 hour per ninja level.
---Striding Assault (Ex): As full-round action, move half speed and make a full attack. Spend an additional point as a swift action and make an additional attack.
---Vanishing Trick (Su): As swift action, disappear for 1rd/level as per invisibility.
---Fount of Magic (Ex): As free action, spend jutsu/level of spell on list and cast it without preparing it. Duration is reduced to 1rd/level.
---Speed Casting (Ex): As free action, when casting a spell, spend jutsu equal to spell level+1 to quicken cast as a swift action instead of normal casting time.
---Vanishing Master (Su): At 9th, swift action for 3pts, disappear for 1rd/lvl as greater invisibility spell.
Sneak Attack (Ex): 1d6 at 1st level, and increases by 1d6 every 3 levels thereafter (3d6). Should the ninja score a critical hit with a sneak attack, this additional damage is not multiplied. Ranged attacks can count as sneak attacks only if the target is within 30 feet. Unlike other classes, a ninja can use sneak attack while striking a creature with concealment.
Ninja Tricks
---Combat Medic: The ninja learns the cure light wounds spell and treats it as a 1st level ninja spell. At 6th level, they learn cure serious wounds as a 2nd level ninja spell. At 10th level, they learn cure critical wounds as a 3rd level ninja spell. At 14th level, they learn heal as a 4th level ninja spell. A ninja can cast any spell granted by this ninja trick as a swift action.
---Fog Dweller (Su): The ninja can see through smoke, fog, and other similar phenomena (including magical effects), and can deal precision damage to creatures with concealment. The ninja can also spend 2 jutsu points as a swift action to grant this ability to a number of allies equal to their Charisma modifier (minimum 1) for a number of minutes equal to their Charisma modifier. At 10th level, the ninja gains a dodge bonus equal to their Charisma modifier while in smoke, fog or other similar phenomena.
---Kunai Luminary: The ninja changes the critical threat range of kunai to 18-20/x2, treats a kunai as a masterwork thieves kit, and can treat kunai as shuriken for the purposes of the flurry of stars secret technique. At 8th level, the ninja can treat one kunai they wield as though they were being wielded in two hands for the purposes of the Power Attack feat.
---Mixed Assault: Whenever the ninja makes a melee attack against a creature, all ranged attacks they make until the beginning of their next turn gain a +2 circumstance bonus to attack and damage rolls and do not provoke attacks of opportunity. At 8th level, whenever a ninja makes a melee attack, they can make a ranged attack as a swift action; they can spend 1 jutsu point to make this ranged attack as a free action.
---Poison Engineer (Ex): Free action. Create doses of poison equal to Charisma mod+1/3 the ninja’s class level (7); they remain active for Charisma modifier (5) before becoming inert. Can be applied as a swift action. She is immune to her own poisons. These effects also apply to normal poisons.
Injury; FortDC10+1/2lvl+cha mod (20); Effect of either fatigue/sicken/exhausted/staggered; Duration 1rd/cha mod.
---Eyes of Innocence (Ex): This provides a non-magical effect identical to the innocence spell. At 6th level, she detects as true for discern lies or similar effects, and may be said while under the effects of zone of truth or other similar abilities that compel truth. At 8th level, this ability also prevents your alignment from being detected via the see alignment spell or similar effects.
---Ranged Dirty Trick: A ninja may attempt a dirty trick combat maneuver with a thrown weapon as a standard action as long as that weapon is thrown within 30 feet of the target. Whenever a feat or ability would require a melee attack to be used for a dirty trick (such as with the Quick Dirty Trick feat), the ninja can instead make a ranged attack with a thrown weapon.
Cloth-Wrapped Sandals (Ex): Attempts to track her are at -10 penalty and leaves no trail if they wish.
Improved Dirty Trick (Ex): Gain the Improved Dirty Trick feat.
Combat Jutsu(Ex): When she rolls initiative, they gain 1 temporary jutsu point in her pool. Temporary jutsu points are spent first and last for 1 minute or until spent. At 9th level+every four levels thereafter, this ability grants an additional temporary point when rolling initiative.
Stealth Expertise (Ex): Gain the Signature Skill (Stealth) feat which allows her at 5 ranks to ignore 10 sniping penalty.
Uncanny Dodge (Ex): They cannot be caught flat-footed, nor do they lose their Dex bonus to AC if the attacker is invisible. They still lose their Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized. A ninja with this ability can still lose their Dexterity bonus to AC if an opponent successfully uses the feint action against them.
Powerful Dirty Trick (Ex): Choose Greater Dirty Trick feat or Quick Dirty Trick feat, regardless of prerequisites.
Unchained Poison: Your poisons include a track dependent on damage they do. Regardless of failure to poison, they take damage equal to poison DC minus 10 divided by 2. Failed saves increase the poison track and duration 50%. Constructs, Evil Outsiders, and Undead are susceptible to her poisons ((from Alchemy sphere)).
Poison Tracks

Arcane Edge (Su): Damaging cantrips add half Charisma modifier, rounded down.
Aura of Power (Su): Possess a magical aura. Spellcraft DC of 15 + half level. Identify her as a sorcerer and her bloodline.
Bloodline (Angelic Bloodline)
---Bloodline Skills (Ex): Heal, Knowledge Religion
---Bloodline Spells (Ex): castigate violence* (cantrip), bless (1st), lesser angelic aspect (2nd), magic circle against evil (3rd), sanctify weapons (4th), angelic aspect (5th), heal (6th), banishment (7th), greater angelic aspect (8th), gate (9th).
Magical Expression: Allies in sight, are in range (including touch) if they want to be.
Bloodline Gifts
---Divining (Su): You can detect evil, detect snares and pits at will as a spell-like ability. Continuous Discern Lies effect. At 18th, continuous true sight.
---Freewill (Ex): Each ally that would be affected by a spell cast by you may choose to not be affected by that spell and instead regain 1d6 hit points per level of the spell instead.
Eschew Materials: Eschew Materials as a bonus feat at 1st level.
Force of Personality (Ex): At 1st level, use Charisma modifier for Will saving throws.
Soul Shield (Su): Gain an untyped bonus to AC equal to their Charisma modifier or class level, whichever is lower. Doesn't stack with armor/shield bonuses. This applies to touch/flat-footed even if unaware.
Heart of Arcana
---Inspired Heart: Will DC10+3*spell level to cast an unknown spell list that isn’t prepared. Failure deals 10hp/each level of spell attempted.
---Wandering Heart: Add a spell known. Knowledge Arcana DC10+5*spell level to add a different spell at start of day.


Spell DC: 10+Spell Level+6Charisma+1Alchemical
Ninja Spells
0-Level: dancing lights, detect magic, ghost sound, mage hand, message, prestidigitation
1st-Level: 7/day blend, charm person, create pit, cure light wounds (swift action), grace, pilfering hand, vocal alteration*
2nd-Level: 5/day aura of the unremarkable, blindness/deafness*, cure serious wounds (swift action), fog cloud, full pouch, invisibility, knock

Sorcerer Spells (*Can Apply Toxic Spell to)
0-Level: Inf/day acid splash, castigate violence (class), detect fiendish presence, detect poison, flare*, mending, open/close, read magic, touch of fatigue*
1st-Level: 8/day bless (class), burning hands, discern next of kin, endothermic touch*, interrogation*, memory lapse, reduce person*, touch of blindness*, vanish
2nd-Level: 8/day burning arc, blade tutor’s spirit, crimson confession*, diminish resistance*, ghoul touch*, lesser angelic aspect (class), lipstitch*, locate object, splinter spell resistance*, touch of idiocy
3rd Level: 6/day bone flense*, deep slumber, fireball, magic circle against evil (class), mark of spite*, storm step, touch injection
4th-Level: 3/day blast of wind*, charm monster, crimson breath*, locate creature, sanctify weapons (class)
5th-Level: 0/day angelic aspect (class), animal growth*, draconic suppression*, duplicate familiar*, feast on fear*, gravity well*, pain strike mass*, slough*, steal years greater*, strip scales*, symbol of pain*
6th-Level: 0/day circle of death*, claim identity greater*, contagion greater*, discharge greater*, eyebite*, flesh to stone*, heal (class), path of winds*, wither limb*
7th-Level: 0/day archon's trumpet*, banishment (class), epidemic*, expel blood*, plague storm*, symbol of weakness*
8th-Level: 0/day greater angelic aspect (class), orb of the void*, symbol of death*, temporal stasis*
9th-Level: 0/day gate (class), massacre*, scribe's blessing*, wail of the banshee*


Money: pp 1404gp 0sp 0gp
Current: 46 lbs.
(Xgp)=Reduced Cost from crafting, (F)=Found

Special Items:
Blinkback Belt - 5000gp - 4 Kunai instantly teleport back to her belt after thrown.
Blood Reservoir of Physical Prowess (part of Silver locket heirloom) - 2000gp - Slot: None - deals 4 con damage. Adds 4 charges. Draw a charge to cure ability damage. Gain bonus to physical ability. Must be held in hand to use.
Boots of the Earth - 5000gp - +1 Fast Healing. +4 CMD vs movement combat maneuvers.
Bottled Blade - 1500gp 2 lbs. - Slot: None - Pour out bottle to make a +1 weapon with a weapon blanch applied. Blanch and weapon last for 1hr then falls apart. Bottle refills every day.
Brawler's Ring - 800gp - Slot: Ring - Increases unarmed strike damage and ignores the hardness of any object less than 8.
Cape of the Swashbuckler +2 6500gp - +2 charisma and +1 dodge
Cipherchalk - 50gp - Slot: None - Unlimited chalk.
Ciphercoal - 50gp - Slot: None - Unlimited charcoal.
Crude Tattoo, Capacitive Ink - 1000gp - Slot: None - The tattoo can store up to 15 of resistance to electricity points inside of it. Swift Action can disperse 1d4 points of it on next melee attack for each 5 points stored.
Crude Tattoo, Desperation 810gp - Slot: None - 1/day as a standard action, can draw a fragile ink weapon from the tattoo for 5 minutes or until it breaks. Ink returns to user.
Crude Tattoo, Perilous - 900gp - Slot: None - Glows or itches when you are in danger giving +4 to insight bonus initiative following a surprise round.
Gloves of Arcane Striking - 5000gp - Slot: Hands - Only works if you have arcane strike. When you aid another add arcane strike bonus. Same goes for boosting AC with aid another. Can do burst damage with Arcane strike.
Handy Haversack 2000gp
Kunai, +1 Keen Silversheen w/Sunderblock 750gp
Kunai, +1 Keen Silversheen w/Sunderblock 750gp
Kunai, Masterwork Cold Iron 304gp
Kunai, Masterwork Energy 2gp
Kyber Crystal of Arcane Assimilation - 3000gp - Slot: None - Affixes to a weapon and you can "sell" items into it to add magical properties to your items without a crafting feat. May require a ritual to utilize.
Poisoned Sand Tube - 3 doses of contact or inhaled poison in 15' cone. FortDC12 dazzle effect.
Ring of Protection +2 - 8000gp - +2 deflection to AC.
Ring of Spell Knowledge - 750gp - Slot: Ring - DC14 spellcraft to teach a 0-level spell to the ring. Adds that spell to your spell list.

Alchemical Isolation - inhaled DC 13/1 save, initial defeaned, secondary blinded, 1/minute 2 minutes
Alchemy Sphere-based Poison: Any; FortDC24, 1min, Fatigued.
Count Ambras punishment - Contact DC 16, onset 1 minute, 1/minute for 6 minutes, initial: 1 dex drain and Nauseated 1 minute, 350 gp
Confabulation powder - inhaled DC 18, 1/minute for 2 minutes, staggered + extra effects, 80 gp
Flaming Doom - DC 18/2 saves, 1d6 fire dam + save vs catching fire, 900 gp
Ninja-based Poison: Injury; FortDC20; 7rds; Exhausted/Fatigued/Sickened/or Staggered.
Smell of Fear - Inhaled DC 17/2 saves, 1/min for 6 minutes, 1d2 Wis and Shaken becomes Frightened

Mundane Items
Billy Ten-bells - DC20 Sleight of hand to grand +2 circumstance to Sleight for 24hrs
Game, Cards
Game, Dice
Depilatory Oil - Removes hair and growth for 24hrs wherever it is massaged in.
Digital Key Copier - DC25 sleight of hand to copy digital key without being seen.
Drill, Powered
Full Wardrobe of First Order clothing
Glass Cutter - Cuts physical glass of all kinds without breaking it. Sleight DC15.
Jewelry, False - Grants +8 circumstance bonus to hiding tiny objects and negates frisk bonuses.
Jet-pack boosters, Weaponized x4 200gp
Key, Wax Blank - DC25 sleight of hand to copy a key without being seen.
Kit, Alchemy Lab 300gp total
--Alchemist's Kindness
--Acid Flask x5
--Alchemical Fire x3
--Smokestick, Greater 20ft x10
--Spellcasting Alchemical Reagents
Kit, Alchemy Lab, Portable
Kit, Disguise
Kit, Fishing
Kit, Engineering
Kit, Grooming
Kit, Mechanical
Kit, Mess
Laser Cutter - Cuts energy shields for a small time without disrupting the field itself. Sleight DC15.
Laser Pistol - Range 30ft Touch 1d3 damage (Ammo 60/60)
Locket, Silver (Heirloom)
Outfit, Dilettante - +2 to sleight of hand to hide small objects.
Pen, Poisoned - Increases DC of poison by 1 of any poison stored within. Acts as a shiv dealing 1d3+poison. If the user is not knowledgeable of poisons, and it is a contact poison, it can be used to poison through light brushes of the pen as tiny microscopic flecks are distributed on the hand.
Paper (1000 sheets)
Paper, Glue (20sheets)
Pot, Espresso
Outfit, Future - Converts 1pt of lethal damage to nonlethal.
Ring, Poison Pill - Contains poison. DC20 to open it undetected.
Rope, silk + Mini jet-propelled Grapple (50 ft.)
Scarf, Pocketed - Grants +4 sleight to hide objects on body.
Tent, Medium
Tent, Cover
Thieves' Ring - +2 circumstance to hide the ring. Works as thieves' tools.
Vial x200
Vial, Metal x100
Wine, Gallon

10min Background:
Step 1: Write five things about your character’s concept and background, five things that you think are the most essential parts of your character.
1. Exotic, tall, slender beauty who is known to knock a few humanoid species over when she enters the tavern just from looks. Her demeanor is calm and her stride full of confidence. One might think she could lead armies if need be, and they would be right. She is groomed for leadership and working in upper echelon relations but has an aura of not only power manifested about her (detected by magic), but of powerful beauty too.
2. Her clothing is immaculate and her gear is futuristic in nature. What it does is anyone's guess, but it is clearly mechanical in nature and has various lights that seem to be doing things while it is worn.
3. She has a keen sense of her surroundings. More than that though, she can constantly and without effort read people’s intent in their words to know if they are true or not. If focusing, she also can discern whether someone has evil intent. This ability has sent some people to their deaths in her past.
4. In her youth, she was trained in the many variants of poisons and how they worked. Since coming to the WSI, she has made it her life and to some degree, her livelihood. Some deal with her from worlds that have no such thing as poisons. Some deal with her to rid themselves of high-value targets. The inn uses some of her poisons to kill pests that try to sneak in from other dimensions. Some come to her for education in such matters or for antivenoms. She has taken every opportunity to gain as much knowledge on the subject as she can. While her past has trained her to be an assassin or political infiltrator, that's not what she considers herself. If asked, she would call herself an alchemist. For someone to assume she is an assassin would be incorrect based on her reputation and nearing offensive language. While that is her schooling, her reputation in the inn publicly is an alchemist. Only those who know of her skillset–such as those few she’s contracted with for missions for pay in the past, or those who are seeking to hire her under her alias–would think of her as anything differently and would probably already know not to publicly get in her face about it.
5. She is manipulative. When she hits you, she doesn't just harm your body, she harms who you are. After you are done fighting her, you will find yourself humiliated for even trying. You may find a significant portion of your gear gone, and she will not hesitate to flaunt it in front of you as if to challenge you to try again. If your combat abilities were a joke, you might leave with your life but missing your belongings which she will keep as tokens of victory. Only those beings of significant power who raise a sword to her she would take seriously. While manipulative and even playful in her power, she is a killer. That doesn’t mean she seeks to bring death to the multiverse. She is capable of being kind in friendship.
6. Britta is a powerful user of the Force. Some may debate where she lies or will lie in the grand scheme of powerful beings among her galaxy. What is known is that she clearly has represented someone mighty and has just begun her venture into the realm of power. In the scope of those in the WSI, she is still impressive in power, but nothing like some. In her galaxy, among those who saw her power manifest though, it was terrifying to behold (in their eyes). For that reason, she was viciously attacked and forced to defend herself out of fear to protect the leaders of the First Order.
7. In defending herself when her powers manifested, she killed numerous key members of an elite training program. The school designed to mold youths into adults who had protectorate jobs, secretive spycraft-type jobs, and other unknown positions of secrecy that were designed to destroy from within. After her teachers’ deaths, she fled the ire she knew would come.
8. In fleeing, she came across a nebulous doorway in the Unknown Reaches that led to the WSI. She has been an alchemist or mercenary, working for the many jobs that present themselves there ever since. She is in seclusion there but she doesn’t reveal this if the subject of her home dimension comes up.
9. Before reaching the WSI, and after fleeing the school, she began to see more of the galaxy with her own eyes, instead of through the lens of the First Order. Those in her galaxy have treated her poorly--like a villain--to her surprise. In theme, I would paint her as an innocent that grew to despise those who called her “villain”, and then, over time, actually became the villain they wanted her to be. However, since coming to the WSI, she has slowly become herself again--a semi-decent person. However, if she ever met someone from her own galaxy, someone who hated the First Order or stormtroopers and recognized her garb, she would readily put on the face of someone who was that villain–especially if they got in her face. One might even go so far as to say she has taken an Oath against Mercy against such a person. If it happened in the WSi, she would take the person outside and they likely would not live unless it was extremely important that they do so. Damn the consequences.
10. Since coming to the WSI, through rumor perhaps, some few people may see for her deadly abilities and reputation to be unapproachable and uncaring because of the less than scrupulous jobs she has taken; even not hesitating to go against some other people from the inn in competitive missions outside of the WSI. In reality, she was taught that what they were doing in school was bringing good to the galaxy. She sees herself as the hero. She sees herself as honorable, not the villain. That doesn't mean the mindset of a villain isn't there. She is dominant, unmoving, and deadly. She thinks that some jobs just need to be done, regardless of their morality. If they benefit whatever universe she is helping at that moment, she'll do it, even if others places or people hate her for it. To her, she would call that bravery, even if she’s a little misguided about the whole picture at times. She also is not one to blatantly express her jobs to others in a boastful manner. This makes people even warier as they only know rumor of jobs she has done, and the rumors often overestimate or villainize her far more than she is truly known for (sort of like the neighborhood “witch” on the block that kids are terrified of).
11. Having come from a world with immense, planet and star-ending technology, with the ability to interdimensionally travel from one place to another, she has naturally taken to learning technology. It was required at a young age to know everything about it, as you never knew when it would impede you. Since coming to the WSI, the connection to technology she’s had has reached heights she never dreamed of. While alchemy and poisons are her fields, mechanics and tinkering is her hobby.
12. She carries a locket given to her by her mother. It is a treasure in her eyes, made of a material native to Hosnian Prime. Some have supposed it is beneficial to wear, sort of like some places thinking rabbit’s feet are lucky. She has worn it since a child. No matter how hard life gets, she thinks back to her home through it; especially since it was destroyed by the Star Killer base. No matter how much money she has, she treasures it. Even in the most intimate of moments, she will never take it off or let it leave her sight. Anyone who even tries to touch it will find themselves stopped or if persistent, in an arm lock. What most don’t know is that it is tied to a noble house. When dangers such as cloaked hazards, poisons, or other dangers present themselves, it shines fairly brightly. Perhaps even enough so that it can wake her from a dead sleep. It was meant to keep nobles alive no matter the situation.
13. It would be easy to call her chaotic, in that she really doesn’t respect authority anymore. She figures from experience that they will all turn on you and she usually makes contingencies for when it does happen. She also is likely to work for money, but will do whatever she wants based on her morals at the time. She seeks to do good mostly, but can sometimes bend what is good to get what she wants and definitely isn’t very interested in preserving the lives of those who are not deserving of it. To put it this way, the Paladin might have an issue on a sinking submarine in closing a hatch and letting poor sailors drown. She would not. She considers it good, doesn’t really care about their lives, and cares about her own. Despite this, she isn’t murderous or diabolical in desiring people’s death. All her actions are seen as honorable/good in her eyes. Whether that’s true or not might not be the case in other’s viewpoints.
14. Since coming to the WSI, she is less concerned with old rivals and more concerned with new ones. She has run afoul with the Emerald Claw of Eberron. While such low-powered irritants would not bother her, they do occasionally have superior numbers and are often in the WSI after finding a doorway in a flower shop. She managed to “accidently” spill hot coffee all over their leader after he swatted her butt while walking past once. It wouldn’t have been that bad but she had requested the coffee extra hot, and managed to sneak some contact poison inside that really scarred the man’s face when it hit him. He was hospitalized and nearly didn’t make it out alive. While he has not returned to the WSI, his lackeys have frequently returned. Most encounters with them are just snooty looks and hateful comments in passing, but sometimes she’s found that on missions, the Emerald Claw sometimes shows up “by chance” to bother her. And by bother her, I mean attack. Their attempts have been harmless so far, but they have begun to escalate after numerous of their members have not returned from attacking her. One of these days, they may become a real problem. If resolution isn’t found soon, she may have to assassinate some people to get this target off of her back.

Step 2: List two goals for the character that you, as a player, think would be cool to see accomplished in-game.
1. Her parents were wealthy. She wishes to follow that lifestyle and to have arsenals of unique items, a workshop, and huge homes on many planes and planets. Nice things, and comfortable, well-groomed clothing. She isn't overly greedy, but Britta definitely enjoys a little hedonism now and again. In her life, she'd love to have made such obscene amounts of money that she can travel any dimension and partake of the various luxuries and goodness that come from having wealth.
2. It may be silly, but she wishes to be in a romantic relationship. Not just lust. Lust is easy. She can have most anyone she wants, but she wants love. Whether she can trust anyone or not is another issue, but one of her goals is to lower her guard a little after so many years of being away from her own galaxy (that may want her dead). She wishes to relax enough to let someone in. There are scores who have tried, but she often refuses to allow them in beyond the one-night stands.
3. She wishes to experience a race beyond comprehension. While there are several alien species who come to the WSI, as well as godlike or godly beings, many are tangible or explainable. She wishes to have her mind sent into convulsions trying to figure out what utter uniqueness she's seen. Something that her own mind cannot even conceptualize if it tried.
4. Britta is designed, groomed, and instructed to be good at infiltration and subterfuge. Most adventuring parties she's been a part of have thrown this aside and just charged in. It would be wonderful for her to find a group or someone that really treasures her stealth and relies on her ability to do things and go places others can't. In fact, she wants to have a reputation as such and to be famous for it. Because of this, she has begun (at times), leaving a calling card. A little figurine of a bird. Her interdimensional moniker is "The Red Jay". As the Red Jay, she has brought down empires from within through infiltration on many distant worlds. Were any of those people to ever come in contact with her and learn who she is, they'd either love her with intensity or hate her for destroying their life and nation. Having an interdimensional mindset now, neither viewpoint really bothers her as long as she was seen as the hero by someone.
5. Being kind-hearted at most times, she enjoys being around those who see her as she is, not as the villain or deadly person she also is. She enjoys laserball, having fun on beaches, going shopping, etc. To find friends like that would bring her joy.
6. Since her awakening as a sorcerous power in her galaxy, she has used her powers for destruction. She can equally use them to restore life though just as easily as to take it away. It would be nice for her to somehow bring back the dead. Her own home planet was destroyed. If she could somehow undo everything through her raw internal power, it would confirm her future--that she is a being of such eventual power that whole planes of existence can come from the creativity of her mind if she wills it.
7. Being a manipulative sort, at one point, she'd like to have the whole group be in a life-or-death situation and be reliant upon her ability to get away with a lie. Her innocence and ability to skirt truth-detecting powers would be awesome to see come into play to save the lives of everyone. Perhaps if they meet a deity-level being of truth and she straight up lies to his face or something.
8. She wishes to collect and absorb many strange alien powers into her own weaponry. So many that she has numerous "combos" of Kunai and has to choose among them which one to use against a foe.
9. Britta is very attuned to the force and uses it to bring her will to the physical world. It would be nice if she could use the force in ways far more epic than her own spells fulfill at some point (which I suspect is what happens to those who command great amounts of the force). Perhaps a feeling takes over her that she can do some epic-level task that dwarfs other spells she commonly does. This could be because her connection to the force is stronger or her influence over the force’s limitless power is so much greater at that moment. Such epic moments would be awesome for spreading news of her power (and attracting enemies of significant power).
10. She has proficiency in all technological weaponry. It might be within her desire to find unique kinds of Kunai or throwing weapons that would qualify in this, such as a composite nanite blade that when it hits it infects someone and melds into their body. Then when they die from the nanites killing their internal organs, the blades return to her. Strange things like that might be interesting to use or collect.

Step 3: List two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves her but that he is not actually aware of yet.
1. After the events at her school, they witnessed the destruction and sent assassins to find out where she is. Because she went to the Unknown Reaches, they haven't been able to find her, but on some worlds, such as the core planets, there may be people who are tasked to keep an eye out for her.
2. Someone in the inn who has seen her power and capability over the past years has formed a secret attachment and desires to capture Britta for experimentation. This, needless to say, is not a healthy infatuation.
3. Her parents are still alive after the destruction of the Hosnian Prime planet. Some of her family was on a reunion on the pleasure moon on the far side when the planet erupted. After discovering this, and before escaping to the Unknown Reaches, she traveled to see them. She then gave them an immense amount of money to build a new life under a new name on a new world on the edge of the outer rim. It was from there she traveled into the Unknown Reaches. This secret of where her family now is, she will take to her grave.

Step 4: Describe three people that are tied to the character through blood, romance, or honor. Two of them are friendly to the character, and one is hostile.
1. Enyela is a friend of hers from the WSI. Her occupation is a “serpent wench” from the Inn. The gnome has taken bribes from Britta for small favors. She also is one of the few people who engage in activities outside of the tavern with Britta. The two occasionally are seen enjoying a new restaurant at various locations known and seem kind to each other. They are not in a relationship. The gnome has been asked by Britta to keep her drinks safe.
2. A strange being from Cham Fau has called himself Britta’s friend because he recognizes her "spirit". He is a unique serpent-like oddity with impressive technological limbs and a suave tongue, despite not being able to vocalize anything in Common. Britta is not physically attracted to him, obviously, but she can see how his personality is appealing in his homeworld. He often comes into the WSI with a harem of similar species women around him but enjoys Britta's "spirit" more. She still doesn't fully comprehend his name because she can't pronounce it even by speaking his unique silent form of common face-twitching, but he can understand her. She just calls him "Hisssen", as it is close enough. To those who can understand him, such as Britta and some others, he is a very popular man in his universe and in the WSI. He has many favors to give. Some suspect he has some form of friendship with The Owner, but that’s never been confirmed.
3. She once stole from an alien being with a myriad of invisible unseen eyes while on a mission to a different dimension. The being had a key she needed. Despite his proficiency to see almost all things (why he was hired), she tricked him and managed to somehow conceal that she took the key. Later, his superiors found out and he lost his job. The odd, invisible-eye-covered creature was later seen in the WSI and recognized Britta by chance. While she doesn't know he knows her, he has plotted her demise. He may not be able to best her or her friends physically himself, but he certainly doesn't mind working for money to pay those who can. It is fortunate he is not wealthy himself, but as he grows in connection to the WSI and finds new avenues of income, Britta’s life has become far more challenging with random people threatening her regardless of what universe she travels to for work.

Step 5: Describe three memories that your character has.
1. Watching the horror of her home planet being destroyed by the very people she has worked with for numerous years of her life. It made her question what she knew of honor and the true motivations of the First Order.
2. It was drilled within her that she should show no mercy to any enemy that raised their sword at her. She cannot abide by that completely but does often not let any who do so live. All of them linger in her memory. One particular one is more painful than the rest, as she killed an entire family in a ship explosion as a political target in low atmosphere. Somehow, the target lived, and while in the hospital, she was brought before her dead children. Britta was there to finish her target off when she saw this. So terrible were the woman's gnashing wails that they pierced Britta's cold heart. She still killed the woman, naturally, but instead of a mindset to “finish the job”, it was done out of mercy (in a twisted way).
3. Before being picked up, she was top of her class at a Future Imperial Leaders Military Preparatory School based on one of the core worlds (not the one destroyed on Vardos). When she was old enough, she was then sent to the planet Vardos in the Jinata System as a separate but preliminary part of Project Resurrection. These children were faithful servants to the Empire and it was an honorable school, rather than the grunt-training, brainwashing school used to subjugate enslaved children to join the First Order.
4. Memories of her pressing to be the head of the class are prevalent in her mind. One such instance was against a student who had it out for her. This other girl would pass every test as successfully as Britta, and would mock afterward if she got slightly better. Britta ended up crippling the girl for life and made it look like an accident. When the girl was injured, Britta got ahead and didn't hesitate to mock the harmed girl when she would try to catch up. It's sort of tormented Britta with guilt for a while when she got older, which she eventually pushed aside and wrote off as something to not think about. She deserved it.
5. While she didn't really know her superiors names, she was attentive enough to learn the name of the one who started her particular squad. He was a mysterious subordinate of Snoke's righthand man, Kylo Ren. His name was Vicrul. More than that, she doesn't know, and it was the last she ever heard of any connection to any upper echelon among her teachers, but it did instill her with pride to be working for the Supreme Leader. I think I'm having Britta be a student of Vicrul of the Knights of Ren, who was secretly a student of Cronal who headed up the Empire's spy network before he became Perek and went all "artsy" before his death. Some of her fellow students (who have since graduated to their position to protect the Emperor) and potential NPCs could be Carnor Jax and Kir Kanos.

Player Information:

Free Actions:
Drawing ammo, daggers, or kunai
For 1 Jutsu per successful melee hit, throw a ranged attack as a free action at +2 to attack and damage, that doesn't provoke.
Create Ninja Specific Poison
Whenever you perform a steal or dirty trick, make a sleight of hand to take an object from the target.
Combat Stamina abilities.

Swift Actions:
Mark Target takes -1 perception per 4 ranks in Sleight (-3) and is battered (-2CMD and can't take AoO.
For 1 jutsu when Striding Assault for 1 jutsu, you can make an additional attack on top of your full attack.
For 1 jutsu, can use Vanishing Trick
For 1 jutsu per level of the spell, you can quick cast with Speed casting.
Can cast a healing ninja spell.
For 2 jutsu, can let others see through obscuring phenomena.
Whenever you hit with a melee attack, you get a ranged attack at +2.
Can apply poisons as a swift action.
Arcane Strike
Can bob and weave to gain soft cover and can roll stealth when next to an ally.

Move Actions:
Can make poison of any delivery method and apply it as part of the same action that fatigues for 1 minute.
Activate Jet-booster.

Clasp, Swarmbane 3000gp
Scarab, Golembane 2500gp