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Chainsaw blade is epic!

BigNorseWolf wrote:
mechapoet wrote:
So here's what I'm requesting: be more conscious of it if you're doing it yourself, and recognize that this is an issue of men feeling entitled to take up more space than non-men.

You know what? No.

Men do not have to do everything the exact same way women do. Men are not wrong for being men. Men do not have the societal prohibition on spreading their legs that women do for some pretty obvious anatomical reasons. Not every waking moment of mens lives is dedicated to perpetuating the past zeitgeist of the patriarchy. I just want to sit in a seat designed by vindictive halflings and relax as much as possible anyway. If that means I need to sit in two seats designed by vindictive halflings then thats what I'm doing.

I am with BigNorseWolf on this one. Most of these images I am seeing are of guys doing this in a less than crowded buses. Most guys would be very please to make space when asked. If you can not bring yourself to ask then I think it is more your problem than theirs. This has a clear biological component here and it should be respected as much as the opposite gender want's their biological issues treated.

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Thought I would come back and tell you guys how it ended. I played with him for about 2 months before we came to a head with one too many issues. It got to where my wife was starting to learn magic abilities with no change to her class or her EXP chart progression. I wanted to learn some mundane abilities like bonuses to specific saving throws, from some other very similar classes, and was faced with the comment "I don't see how you could learn that." I also wanted to modify a pair of rocket boots from the Juicer Uprising book to go off in a short silenced burst so that my 250 lbs body falling 1000ft didn't break through a roof as I landed on it, or something of that sort and had it be like pulling teeth. I just gave up and left the game. This was insanely restrictive seemingly on my alone.

So sorry for the necro-thread. I just thought I would let everyone who helped know.

Thank you!

snobi wrote:
Brigidine wrote:
I will give it a chance, but I am full ready to burn this bridge and let him have it *verbally*.
What if he retorts "Well, your wife is a skank."?

I probably would not really say that. Put it up here as a point of anger as this is my rant thread, but you bring up a good point of warning.

Mr.Fishy wrote:
Does he have a crush on you?

Definitely not.

Well here is an update.

After a lot of thought I was able to think of a new concept of character that we would both be happy with. He was quite perturbed that I was changing what we had come up with.

After some mitigating we came to an understanding. Things were going great through character creation. Then I asked about a NE-C20 Camouflage Variable Armor. I said it was okay, then in the same paragraph told me why I wouldn't want it, as apparently it runs on batteries and that if I use any electronics with it it would lose its thermal stealth abilities.... None of this is listed under the armor's description; so I sent him an E-mail with a full copy of the armor's description and asked him if these were house rules. He didn't E-mail back fast like he did before, so I am a little concerned that he has gotten P.O.ed again.

Sigh. I really an trying to accommodate him, but if he can't stand people asking about house rules, then obviously I won't be playing his game long.

OMDG I am hearing the 18 pages of fighting over clear information that is listed in a book.

Max Dex to armor only effects AC.
Saving throws are is an ability, so proficiency does not effect it ether.
Ring does not list an armor restriction so there is none, thus why the evasion ability lists one.

P.S. if you need a reference look at the above posts.

Evil Lincoln wrote:

* EDIT: That this guy is talking about game balance and using the terms roll/role-playing leads me to think he is a narcissist GM of the internet-type. He probably has little actual GM experience and is compensating by believing what he read on the internet. Proceed with caution, in case of emergency break glass and follow the instructions from the previous four paragraphs.

Actually he has been GMing for almost, if not, 2 decades. It is just that if you play anything that isn't a normal human.. your not really roleplaying anymore, or at least it seems.

Kip84 wrote:
Ah Rifts... The first RPG i ever played. If this GM is whining about class balance I think he needs a new system :)

I would be okay with the complaint about class balance, if it were true!

Eridan wrote:
Is there someone else like me who hates all the discussions regarding over-/undersized weapons?

Not here.

Okay, the game is Rifts.

I wanted to play this crazy personality for a Psi-Stalker or a Super Spy with Psychic powers, as for those who know the game Psi-Stalkers and magic users don't get along too well, so the other was a substitute class as there were some magic users in the group. I did come up with this great idea on how to get past this problem, but he vetoed it. At first the Super Spy was alright, then he say how much psyhcic abilities they got, and some how equated 10 psychic powers and 21 skills to being twice the skills and the same powers as a Mind Melter which has 16 psychic abilities and 21 skills.

The personality alone was enough to cause problems with the other players and he made a good point of this. However the topped this off with that I wasn't "ROLEPLAYING" but "ROLLPLAYING" after a long winded comment about how the personality wasn't working. SO it made no sense that if his major problem was the personality but then turn around and say I wasn't roleplaying. Hypocrite! I am playing a personality that wasn't me much at all, so it was clearly roleplaying.

He tells me that they need a front line type guy, or a guy that can fly, so I ask, reluctantly, if I can play an Nightbane (as they are powerful). He seemed okay with this at first, but as things go on he starts talking about how the morphus form's aspects don't work together as they contradicting, which I could see a little, but was more of a lacking in his imagination. Then he starts talking about height of the morphus form, and starts saying it should be 15ft tall or something along those lines... Making using my morphus form anywhere but outside ill-advised. He starts talking about how that because I have draconic apsects that no-one trusts dragons. He starts to modify my concept saying that I don't have enough horns on the character's head for the morphus aspects I chose. At this point I am sure when the game came to be that he would about ensure that the character would be about dead meat when the first fight came.

So here is my rant. That is all it is.

Well my wife and I are looking at joining this new game, and the GM in character creation is being very difficult.

I have a first personality, and a desired class/s. I had two because one would most likely cause problems with the others. The second at first he is okay, then some how he equates having less special powers and the same skills than another class in the game as being, "Same powers but twice the skills".
He has these questions about the character's past.
With this first character he just makes all these awesome assumptions from these limited questions with limited details. He about TANKS the character and says that he would never last because he is crazy, which he was, but then tops it all off with that I am not "ROLEPLAYING" but "ROLLPLAYING" with no explanation. This is after he gives a long winded complaint about the personality of the character more than anything else.

I get it that the character wasn't going to work with the game, that's fine, but to say this wouldn't be roleplaying but "ROLLPLAYING" is insanely infuriating (to say the least). I'll play another personality with a different class.

Since he said they needed a front line fighter and someone that can fly, I decided to play this dragon/demon character (which is supported in the game). I didn't think he would but at first he was okay. The guy is quite a bit more calm and heroic. Things are going alright, then all of a sudden he just randomly starts pulling problems with the character out of thin air. I don't know what this guy is thinking!

Turns out because the classes I am wanting to play isn't a normal human in a world full of supernatural, psychic, and super tech, so he feals that this isn't *roleplaying*.

In the end, the guy is being many very nasty things worthy of censoring.

My wife however seems to be liking things alright, but she is just learning the game.

I will give it a chance, but I am full ready to burn this bridge and let him have it *verbally*.

The game has tones of down time, and as I said before we are using Pathfinder item creation rules. However I don't think bringing the others in on this is going to work. As I said they didn't take too kindly the few times I suggested that they pay my cohort for the use of his skills, so I don't think they would like me getting a 2nd opinion. The point of the thread was to see if I was alone about feeling this way.

FYI: Her cohort is brought frequently into combat as well, and he set the price.

Josh M. wrote:

Your cohort will be adventuring and be more directly involved in the action, while theirs sits around making items all day. The player has already made a sizable sacrifice and the entire party is benefiting from it. Your cohort spent some skill points. If it bothers you that much, make a new cohort that crafts magic items as well.

This is an assumption, not necessarily true. My cohort stays out of combat as much as entirely possible. Portable hole with a neclace of adaptation and ring of subsidence are in use.

I also have no problem with him charging for his magic items, just so long as I get equal treatment with my cohort that I equally devoted on perception. Maybe I should just keep the next few hidden items I find with my cohort to mitigate his item cost hike.

Tequila Sunrise wrote:
Does crafting cost XP in your game?

No, there is no EXP cost.

Laurefindel wrote:
Brigidine wrote:
My main question is thought, why should she be allowed to get any money at all, and when I go to get money for my cervices it is all of a sudden a big problem. Am I wrong for feeling this way?

I think it's rather cheap on your part to charge for your cohort's skills. You might as well charge for your own skills while we're at it.

I think it's rather cheap on your fellow player's part to charge extra for magic item's creation. He/she might as well take a higher percentage of the group's loot while we're at it.


I only started considering charging for my cohort's actions to mitigate the costs charged by the other player. I personally would have thought that no charge would be the norm. Then form the entire party, including the GM, to turnaround and do the exact opposite when I asked for the same thing.

doctor_wu wrote:
85 percent is a bit high and the cohort is taking most of teh profits from magic item creation. MAybe try in character to lower the price because the more treasure you have now the eaiser it will be for the other characters to get future treasure. So the more you charge actually decreases future treasure and puts all of us at risk.

My main question is thought, why should she be allowed to get any money at all, and when I go to get money for my cervices it is all of a sudden a big problem. Am I wrong for feeling this way?

Currently I am in this 3.5, pathfinder, home-brew, mix game. Not too long ago me and one other player got he leadership feat. The other player got a cohort and completely devoted it to item creation. I devoted my cohort to perception to find traps and hidden treasure. Now the other player is charging us about 85% of the market cost to get her cohort to make anything. I went and started requesting charges for using my cohort to find anything, and the entire group I was in about jumped down my throat, including the GM. I tried to explain my point of view, a few times, and nothing much changed. They all said that since he used all her cohort to develop the best magic item creator he could, that this gave her the right to charge us. Well I spent all my feats of my cohort to solve the perception gap our party had. I just feel that if she can get her cohort to make money for her focus, why should I not try balance my charges by charging for my cohorts focus.

Am I wrong to feel this way, and what should I do since the GM doesn't initially seem to see things my way at all.