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Is there anyone that has some tips on how to print these out in such a way that I can make them into a booklet?

The things that I would love to see is a different selling strategy. Luke having a base game that actually is a base game for the whole line. Instead of having each adventure deck come out to enhance and expand the set you can do a much smaller set that is only pertaining to the current adventure path. So think 1 big box for all the common and regular equipment you'd find lying around and then another 1, 2 or more smaller boxes that would enhance the base to make it adventure path specific.

Wowo so many options. Its sort of overwhelming. Im looking for a virtual table top. That would be wonderful to start with. Im new at this whole roleplaying thing. I have played a few games in my life but never anything to completion and not more than 20 or so hours in total id guess.

J4RH34D wrote:

Hi Brendthomas, I play in quite a few online games within the forums here.

Some of our games are only 3 or 4 posts a day but my busiest play by post can top 50 posts a day. They are as 'interactive' as the people playing want them to be.

I would seriously give them a go, especially if you want to focus on the roleplaying side of the game as the time between posts I find actually helps me to plan what I say and do better.

This is super helpful i will look into these today.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

The PFS online discord server and the online collective can both get you to online games. They use roll d20 but its fairly easy to learn (probably the easiest online platform with the lowest grading curve)

Keep in mind you're in the pathfinder society forum, and most of those are pathfinder society games: they're the all official and everything games and come with a few restrictions (less than most DMs but some people find them annoying)

If you're new to Pathfinder Society this guide is meant to be the nickle tour

I will look into those. Im not really sure if i meant to post on the pathfinder society but either way any help is wonderful. Im also a little rusty/new to this whole forum thing. is there a list of places i should check or maybe a few things i should do before i look for actual games?

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really i didnt know that. Is it difficult? I was looking for something a little more interactive but that still sounds like a whole lot of fun. thank you very much.

Im a new Pathfinder player that bought in to the humble bundle from last year i think. I have all the main books for the most part and i would love to play but cant find anywhere to play.

I am agoraphobic so i don't leave my house much. I am currently looking for somewhere to play online. I recently found RollD20 but I'm not really comfterble with the platform and am not sure how to meet people and get games scheduled/going.

Any information to help me do this would be wonderful. I would love to be part of this community but am not sure where to start and am, to be honest, a little scared. If it helps I am a 28 year old man and not a scared boy. I just don't really know where to look and who to possibly contact.

Thanks for any help possible and I'm sorry if i posted this in the wrong forum.

Thank you all. I'll contact games universe again and see what's up.

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It's not too bad. But it is pretty far for this time of year.

I have been wanting to play the OP scenarios but I have no one to play them with or can't find anyone playing around me. Not goING to lie it's a little frustrating. Please help.

I've never been able to play with just one character. In our opinion the game is boring with only 2 characters. Because of this I've never had to only pick one character for a 4 person group. Hopefully I get to in the near future.

I'm loving all the group building strategies.

@dobbleshwert I'm loving the themed group idea. I think me and the wife may try that out one of these days.

@the_Napier if my wife could, she would run Amiri with nothing but weapons too.

I've always wanted to play with a group of people but unfortunately I have had a hard time finding anyone to plat with. My local stores don't seem to have interested people. Either way I'm really enjoying reading everyone's group building stratagies.

Me and my wife have now completed RotR, SaS and WotR. We have been playing 2 characters each since SaS. We have spent large amounts of time looking through all our characters and different classes/subclasses that are represented in the current selection. We have come up with a fairly simple concept of how to form a group of 4 characters in order to make the game fun and balanced but not repetative.

For us there are 2 different character types: main and secondary. For us it's pretty simple.

Main character roles.
Strength based combat
Arcane caster
Divine caster/Healer

Pretty much anything past this is more of a secondary role.

Our group for mummies mask has seen a revision after our first game. (We got spanked.) Then current group is based on these guidelines and about 2 hours of conversation.

I'm curious what everyone else thinks about this and how a group is made for other players.

Honestly I'm bot even holding my breath. I love the game but it's seeming to be way more work than anyone expected. And honestly it looks like the money just isn't really there. But hey I'd love to see it happen either way.

Mine arrives tomorrow according to ups. I'm so freaking excited.

I'm a little confused. Where is adventure #1?

I added them as they came with their decks. But I added them to the current mix not when the deck became available.

I would have to agree on the, getting her killed quickly in skulls and shackles comments. I really like her but she didn't even make it to adventure deck 1 when I played her. I plan on giving her another try one of these days. Most likely not in the Skulls and shackles though. I mean I have so many characters at this point (along with everyone else who owns all the stuff they have come out with for this game) that I'm not even sure I'm going to be able to play all of the characters I have in my life time and if they keep coming out with new stuff as often as they do its just going to get worse. Me and my wife may need to start playing 3 characters each when running through adventure paths. Lol

Yeah I read it. It's pretty freaking awesome. I've never played her but I will be soon.

Very interested. Can't wait. I hope we can work on some more characters in the future.

Yeah I got all the shapes you made and the wild shape spell in yesterday. I'm not a fan of the art but like I said before I'll be remaking my own, but the abilities are fantastic and worded very well, at least the ones I've read.

Ludwig0 I thought there was a comment section on the website. If you make a scenario just post a comment in that section and list the locations needed if you had to make any that seems like the easiest thing to do. Now they just need a way to search for a card type, or a card b6 name.

What's wrong with 7 power feats by then. Your gunna need them.

Yeah I noticed. I'll be getting those too. Once I finish the characters. I'm pretty excited to run these guys.

Now I'm even more happy I already own a tablet. All be it very small I own it.

That would be fantastic. I'm super excited to get the rest made up. I have many ideas but can't quite flesh them all out.

I ordered all the shapes and th e wild shape spell. I'm super excited to see them. I thank you very much for all your additions to the idea. And also for taking this to the point that I don't even need to do anything but my custom character for the concept. You have been very helpful and I appreciate it.

Custom characters list:
Summoner\soul Eater
Druid Shapeshifter-DONE
Archtype Barbarian
Blood Magic user

So I now have one done and 3 to go for our normal characters. The dragons will be fairly simple just because at least 1 of the powers will be on all of them.

Yeah I'm thinking of getting them printed as soon as possible so I can show them off. The only issue I'm going to have is that I like paizo art and using some of it that hasn't been released for everyone means I can't show or share the actual cards but I'll be able to show the card text. I'll be working on them for the next few weeks and then I'll gey them printed and show one of them off.

Cool then I'll just copy them if it's ok with you. I want more pet finder oriented artwork so I'll have to make them for just me.

I like it very much. Did you see how the cohort text fit on the card. It may have to be a power. At least the stuff after cohort with the Shapeshifting trait.

Or we could make the shapes a little different. Instead of playing from hand have them all by available from the start of the scenario. But only one may be used at a time. It might work. Like display this card next to your character at the start of the scenario.

I do like the allies idea though. Just make it 6. And I'd say only 6.

Because blessings have multiple uses the only thing that allies have that the shapes won't is the discard to search your location. And most blessings have that.

I'm thinking allies.

I was planning on making it only 6 locations no matter what. So there is no easy or hard. Just hard. So what I'm saying is that how I'm making them there is no way to play it solo. It's way too difficult.

The only problem I'm having with the whole cohort thing is that they will have more Hit Point/cards in their deck at the get go. So something needs to be put in place to counter act that.

Planning on making dragon raid scenario packs. 100 ish cards, legendary equipment and everything will all be in a nice simple deck. I am thinking of using some of the iconic dragons from pathfinder lore. Also thinking of scaling them so that I have a full 5 scenario adventure. I'm just looking for some advice as to how this may work or not work. Everything will be taken only from these decks, weapons, spells, items, armor, allies, henchmen, vilians and some special blessings if I think they may be of use. The only thing you will need is a base game for the blessings deck.

Let me know what you think. One is already in the works.

Planning on making dragon raid scenario packs. 100 ish cards, legendary equipment and everything will all be in a nice simple deck. I am thinking of using some of the iconic dragons from pathfinder lore. Also thinking of scaling them so that I have a full 5 scenario adventure. I'm just looking for some advice as to how this may work or not work. Everything will be taken only from these decks, weapons, spells, items, armor, allies, henchmen, vilians and some special blessings if I think they may be of use. The only thing you will need is a base game for the blessings deck.

Let me know what you think. One is already in the works.

I love the souleater picture but I am using the one from levitate. That one I'm making just for me. I liked the mini so I bought it and extracted the pick from one of the books. The others though for the Druid I love I haven't decided on one yet so they are all in the selection now. I just really want a miniature with the character art is my only big issue. Me and my wife use the minis when we play so.

Oh I have way more ideas. I've been planning making characters for awhile now. Just never wanted to go through with it until the opened the character cards.

Your not kidding when you want to gey something done. This is amazing how fast you have come up with all of these.

And it looks amazing. Now to look for images I want to use.

Ok I'll try that. I didn't realize you could just type anything in. Hopefully this turns out as good as its seeming.

Also just to add because I couldn't remember when I originally posted but the other 2 characters my wife was making are,

A blood mage and a barbarian archtype. They are still sort of under discussion, and not fully decided on but either way I think what ever is decided on will end up being totally amazing.

Also after rereading your post I do like the ability to use them from hand by the Druid sort of like a short term transformation. The weapon type abilities are only available when displayed so it works out well. But maybe also I'll throw a negative at the bottom for people maybe trying to use them without the shapeshifting trait. Like after using this card if you don't have the Druid trait banish this card. Something like that maybe.

Also I realized we will be needing more B shapes. I don't expect you to make the abilities but most of what I had on my list was used when you made the awesome cohort cards. And I'm thinking of more aquatic shapes for things like Skulls and Shackles and some more demonic type shapes for other adventure paths, or maybe some outsider or abyssal characters. What ever ideas you may have would be a great help.

Unfortunatly I didn't play much of the pathfinder rpg so I don't have much knowledge of the world and what sort of things would work well.

Also there is a problem, we are unable to cutom type in traits on cohorts. There for I will need a way to keep track of that. I'm thinking of putting that somewhere in the powers section. Maybe at the top. Or maybe I was thinking of putting it in the name.

So something along these lines, "Shapeshift-Dragon Form"

Let me know what you think cartmanbeck. I can imagine you may have a pretty good idea of how to fix this situation.

These are fantastic. This is exactly what I was looking for. You have now cut out so much work and wording for my shapeshifter I'll be able to make it any day now. Thank you so much I'll post the character card info in the next few hours if I can finish them and hopefully you can look them over and tell me what you think.

I actually have been thinking about that. I'm thinking that he shouldn't have any weapons and just have cohorts and those will basically be his weapons.

Theryon, that's the plan. Cohorts that have display so the shapeshifter can keep using them.

That's a good idea. Give the character the ability to keep them out and use them repeatedly. I would like to bounce all my ideas off you. I have some really good ones I haven't even listed yet. Lol.

I just don't want to put all of them up yet. Not until I get them a little more hashed out. Don't care if people use them just don't want to give all of them out until I've made them I guess, or at least some.

The only thing I'm not liking is that all of them are discard this card for something very simple like combat. I feel like they shouldn't have to get rid of the shape to fight with it. I mean a shapeshifter should be able to stay in one shape for quite a bit. I'm thinking maybe some should be recharge a card and discard a card, but not the shape card. The other abilities I think should be discard ones though considering they help special situations.

And I'm thinking they should all say something like, "if you play another shape card recharge this one. Something like that. But either way I like all of them and wow that was really fast. I really appreciate all the help.

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