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To Vic, Glenn, Sara, Lisa, Jim, and anyone else at Paizo who helped get us to this point: I'd like to thank you for continuing to work toward a positive resolution to this problem for the last year. I'm sure it can be frustrating on your end to not be able to share ongoing efforts with upset fans, needing to work behind the scenes for a variety of reasons. I've felt burned on Starfinder in general because (although you'd continued to be in contact with us about it) there was a feeling of no one actually doing anything about the problem. You've definitely restored some of my faith in the game. Im looking forward to getting back into it soon. I appreciate everything you have done and will continue to do to get this project completed!

Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
Because it's a Special. Those aren't included in Subscriptions is my understanding.

Right, it's just kind of odd it wouldn't be included. Aren't the point of subscriptions to ensure you get all of the releases for whatever the topic/product is?

Just curious, why is this not included in the subscription? I don't mind paying full price for it, but if I hadn't by chance checked the SFS page I wouldn't have known this special existed...