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Plus there's always just... you know, individual villains? He's a low key figure in my game, and it's not set in the Expanse but I've had a ton of fun with a Mwangi animal trader whose been threatening the party rogue to find out who stole from him. ^^. He's cool, intimidating and fun to RP

What are the archetypes like for Pathfinders, if you don't mind skimming? Got a player considering joining the Pathfinders, wanna know if they'd be usable.

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Time... Halflings.

Time Halflings!

Mmm... I'm in two minds here. I take the point that these feats are weird for class feats in just how specific and focused they are. And yet, they do feel uniquely Paladin/Champion to me. It's not everyone who swears to fight X evil and their faith gives them powers in doing so. It's tying into knightly/religious tropes a bit too much for that.

Student of Perfection, mostly because I want to see if it's workable with non monks. Failing that, Runescarred

Cole Deschain wrote:
I think Belimarius will be showing off the "classical" Thassilon in most respects, while Sorshen will be doing the "kinder, gentler" approach with more admissions that times have changed and her domain should follow suit.

Do you think they're going to try to start forming a full council of Runelords? Will Sorshen start shifting away from the old runes and their associated sins? With the two less than unified, I'm not sure how much New Thassilon would be at all.

Kasoh wrote:
From the time Return of the Runelords was printed in 2019, no real time would have passed as APs are given start dates about equivalent to when they are released. Individual GMs flavor to taste. Since 2E came out in 2nd half of 2019, and Return was late 2018/2019...yeah just a few months.

This raises a whooole bunch of questions about how quickly they can make a country. I haven't read Rise of the Runelords: is there some information given as to how they'd have multiple settlements and a country already?

Soo... I'm traditionally a big magocracy fan, and thus am interested in whats going on with these Returned/Risen Runelords and their shiny new nation. I know we don't have much in the way of solid facts yet, but I'm curious as to what you guys think. How might New Thassilon be shaping up against the old? How much of its culture is transplanted, how much new? Timeline wise, d'you think they've got any infrastructure together yet? I'm not sure how much of a gap there is between 1e and 2e.

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Hmm... Speculative until we have the archetype, but Redeemer of Nethys into Magaambyan Magic Warrior seems intriguing ^^

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I feel its kinda a hollow victory though. Yeah, he's no longer got the Radient Fire and his defeat there was a setback but he's still active, powerful, and without Lastwall to hold him back. I don't think there's any nation in the Inner Sea region he flat out couldn't conquer at this point, between his armed forces and the Whispering Way. His only obstacle is geography.

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I thought TWF looked pretty great on Fighter. Double Slice is amazing: beats flurry of blows IMO, and leads you to a pretty fun multi attack build. I'm definetly pondering a former Red Mantis trainee who uses Sawtoothed Sabres still.

It's a 1st level feat too: very accessible for multiclassing

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Okay, I know there are similar feats for a few ancestries, but I'm looking at the human one specifically 'cause that's what's confused me. These are both Heritage Feats. The first one has this bit

"You gain access to that weapon, and for the purpose of determining your proficiency, that weapon is a martial weapon."

And the second one has this bit

"Whenever you gain a class feature that grants you expert or greater proficiency in certain weapons, you also gain that proficiency in the weapon you chose for Unconventional Weaponry."

This is a touch confusing to me. The second one implies that you can't get expert or higher with one of those Advanced Weapons unless you take it... but the language on the first suggests that it should be enough to make the weapon count as martial, and thus anything that gives you a higher proficiency in all martial weapons should be targeted by it.

Am I missing something here? Does the second feat close a loophole for other classes, or was I reading the first feat too broadly?

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Oh sweet and merciful Lady of Graves, yes!

I so want to run a Tian Xia game: I maintain that there's some great ideas and usable stuff in there. But hoooo boy: The lows are real low. I've been pondering how I'd rework parts of it myself, so an official take would be really intriguing.

WHOOO! This sounds promising! I'll have to pitch it to my GM, but this has me even more hyped for my book. (Damn having to order internationally due to kooky circumstances!) Thanks guys!

I'm really hyped to play a follower of Nocticula as Redeemer Queen! I'm still waiting on my book, and I'm pretty sure she's not in the major deities list, but to those who've gotten the book: how do you think this 'Liberator' champion would fit Golarion's new deity?

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Oh... My players and I shall have the very best of fun. *raises glass* Good luck to you all!

The image on the holo-screen is of a handsome drow male, with short pearl-white hair and a chiselled jaw. He's clad in a sparkling golden suit and smiling right at you

"Greetings, people of Absalom. My name is Decaminus Vonnarc, Deca to most, and I have an offer for you."

"The ultimate vacation, with excitement, relaxation, good company and all the wonders of the Pact Worlds under one roof."

Behind the drow, a series of images play, showing well appointed rooms with a variety of styles; some with dark marble and onyx tones, others with soothing greens and purples, and more that seem to imitate the architecture of various Pact Worlds. Aballon's sleek metallics, to the curved ceramics of the Idari. All well lit, with happy smiling guests of various races being served by well dressed drow, with just a handful of orcs in dark suits lurking in the background.

"This is the Golden Dice, the greatest hotel, casino and performance venue I've ever seen. We have chefs from Castrovel, musicians from Akiton and Eox, singers and dancers from across the spheres, and a gambling hall verified by AbadarCorp's Office of Statistics as the largest in all the universe. Roulette, Harrowmarc, Riddle-War, Nivirhom: we play it, we love it, and we're always willing to put a few credits down in the name of a good time."

"If the war of wits or performance art doesn't take your fancy though, our guests take day trips all across the system, adventuring in the wild or relaxing in the sun before returning to the lap of luxury, thanks to the aid of our in house magical team. One day you're relaxing on the beeches of Verces, the next you're on safari through the jungles of Asana, hunting megafauna. And of course, you'll be taking trophies back home with you."

"So, if you're interested in excitement, glory and luxury, talk to your local travel agent about a vacation to the Golden Dice on Nightarch. Security will drive you straight from the spaceport to the finest hall on Apostate, where we'll see to your every need. And for those of you who enjoy Nivirhom..."

Deca withdraws a small white chip from his suit, holding it up with a smile and a wink as the ad closes.

"I'll be waiting."

A small cluster of white text lingers for a moment. 'This advertisement brought to you by the Apostate Chamber of Commerce, Tourism and Interplanetary Trade'

Oh, naturally. ;) I'm just trying to work out what's best to use. I'm gonna start them on Absalom Station, trying to get their first concert together. After That's the big question. Perhaps a run in with Aspis backed rivals? Getting stuck on an unknown planet? I've got a ton of individual ideas, but no real structure yet. I'm hoping a read through the Alien Archive will help me get a better sense of what I want to throw at them, and I can build a plot around that!

*hums* Hags? Robot monks? A drow version of the Rat Pack? Snobby elven classicists? So many possibilities! :D

I'm looking to have my PCs start a band!

Yeah, still working on that. Kiiinda went back to the drawing board on details. Originally, I was gonna have the campaign lead up to this music group fighting the Prince in Chains in an attempt to break through to his past self and turn him back into Thron. Kinda got carried away with the epic and am trying to start from scratch with music based adventures.

Yeah, Seisho, did you not catch the bit about Shelyn actually in the core?

"Of Zon-Kuthon’s sibling, Shelyn, much remains unknown. Though not silent, her responses to worshippers are infrequent and fractured, leading some to believe she’s travelling beyond the known multiverse in search of a cure for her brother’s ancient, yet still mysterious condition." p492

;) She's still with us! I'd be willing to make a variant of Bladed Brush to make Glaives an operative weapon if that didn't look like it'd throw the balance off something awful. She's just AWOL... which means potential plot seeds! I was considering sending this group of adventuring idols off to find her and stuff

Actual music wise, I'm trying to get a feel for the Pact Worlds as a cultural spot and work out what the musical scene'd be like from that. At present most of the worlds are still quite distinct: their own countries with only Absalom uniting them at all. So most worlds probably have somewhat different primary styles of music, bu with the Pact in place, there's exposure to other styles? *hums* Goblins love metal, that much I'm sure of.

The reason I brought up Shelyn's absence is to ponder what sorta power groups would influence the music industry with her church on something of a downturn. Would other churches step in to meddle? Which? Naderi? Zon-Kuthon? AbadarCorp is the big megacorp so they probably have some kinda music label. I'd wager so do Aspis. What does music produced by the two groups sound like? What other forces would try to compete on a wider level? *hums*

So I keep forgetting to make this thread... doing it on my phone now before I forget again.

Anyway! I'm looking to flesh out what music is like in Starfinder a little more. I'm planning to run a game that takes a little from idol/band anime, with the PCs trying to become famous musicians. Anyone got any particular ideas about this oddly specific topic? The absence of Shelyn makes me think the AG era isn't exactly a time of artistic flourishing... But that might be bias on my part. I'm curious to gear other thoughts and any fluff on the matter from Pathfinder I may have missed.

For context's sake, I'm looking at this in the Solarian. A Solarian Weapon is one handed and there doesn't seem to be a two handed option, so I've been trying to work out what a solarian can do with their other hand. (And dirty jokes: go! :P)

A second weapon seems like the best option: an alternate damage type, a different element... w/e. Though I do kinda wish Solarians got the option to go effectively two handed. Perhaps a feat in some future supplement? *hums*

I'd lean towards no because of the wording of another feat: Spellbane. That explicitly calls out SLAs as a different thing to spells in prereq terms. If SLAs qualify as spells Mystic Strike gets quite widely available since a number of classes get SLA access (Operatives can get Mirror Image at level one as an exploit, for example.)

Heyya guys, this is less a question about a rule and more me looking for some context. Namely: what's the advantage in using a one handed weapon over a two handed one in Starfinder? Particularly with melee weapons? Is there not one: two handed weapons are always a trade up? Is it just the versatility of being able to have multiple options with different weapons? Or is it something completely different that I've missed here?