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So I keep forgetting to make this thread... doing it on my phone now before I forget again.

Anyway! I'm looking to flesh out what music is like in Starfinder a little more. I'm planning to run a game that takes a little from idol/band anime, with the PCs trying to become famous musicians. Anyone got any particular ideas about this oddly specific topic? The absence of Shelyn makes me think the AG era isn't exactly a time of artistic flourishing... But that might be bias on my part. I'm curious to gear other thoughts and any fluff on the matter from Pathfinder I may have missed.

First of: if you go for an artistic theme I would tell everyonw who babbels about shelyn not beeing core 20 to shove it
She is still there and I simply CAN'T see any good reason she is not popular anymore
Besides, core 20 or not, she still exists

And about the musical themes, well I would suppose with mass media and interplanetary travel they could take any musical theme they want or invent a completely new one - if they are successfull enough they may be the ones to make one specific fringe genre popular enough for the mainstream

Yeah, Seisho, did you not catch the bit about Shelyn actually in the core?

"Of Zon-Kuthon’s sibling, Shelyn, much remains unknown. Though not silent, her responses to worshippers are infrequent and fractured, leading some to believe she’s travelling beyond the known multiverse in search of a cure for her brother’s ancient, yet still mysterious condition." p492

;) She's still with us! I'd be willing to make a variant of Bladed Brush to make Glaives an operative weapon if that didn't look like it'd throw the balance off something awful. She's just AWOL... which means potential plot seeds! I was considering sending this group of adventuring idols off to find her and stuff

Actual music wise, I'm trying to get a feel for the Pact Worlds as a cultural spot and work out what the musical scene'd be like from that. At present most of the worlds are still quite distinct: their own countries with only Absalom uniting them at all. So most worlds probably have somewhat different primary styles of music, bu with the Pact in place, there's exposure to other styles? *hums* Goblins love metal, that much I'm sure of.

The reason I brought up Shelyn's absence is to ponder what sorta power groups would influence the music industry with her church on something of a downturn. Would other churches step in to meddle? Which? Naderi? Zon-Kuthon? AbadarCorp is the big megacorp so they probably have some kinda music label. I'd wager so do Aspis. What does music produced by the two groups sound like? What other forces would try to compete on a wider level? *hums*

Silver Crusade

The CRB seems to imply that metal is called "eyebite rock." And SFS scenario 1-01 The Commencement

asks the players to stand on line for 6 hours to pick up the limited edition physical release of sugar-pop sensation Strawberry Machine Cake's latest release, Star Sugar Heartlove!!! They have to make fortitude saves to avoid becoming fatigued and then reflex saves to avoid taking a bit of bludgeoning damage from over-excited fans.

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I mean, I've been using a bunch of Nine Inch Nails instrumental tracks to get into an industrial-sci-fi mood... I just picture Trent Reznor's head in a jar whispering into the microphone somewhere deep in an AbadarCorp Recording bunker.

The CRB also mentions "Akitonian shumka beats" which for some reason stuck in my brain as something I'd love to hear.

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