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Time... Halflings.

Time Halflings!

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Hmm... Speculative until we have the archetype, but Redeemer of Nethys into Magaambyan Magic Warrior seems intriguing ^^

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I feel its kinda a hollow victory though. Yeah, he's no longer got the Radient Fire and his defeat there was a setback but he's still active, powerful, and without Lastwall to hold him back. I don't think there's any nation in the Inner Sea region he flat out couldn't conquer at this point, between his armed forces and the Whispering Way. His only obstacle is geography.

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I thought TWF looked pretty great on Fighter. Double Slice is amazing: beats flurry of blows IMO, and leads you to a pretty fun multi attack build. I'm definetly pondering a former Red Mantis trainee who uses Sawtoothed Sabres still.

It's a 1st level feat too: very accessible for multiclassing

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Okay, I know there are similar feats for a few ancestries, but I'm looking at the human one specifically 'cause that's what's confused me. These are both Heritage Feats. The first one has this bit

"You gain access to that weapon, and for the purpose of determining your proficiency, that weapon is a martial weapon."

And the second one has this bit

"Whenever you gain a class feature that grants you expert or greater proficiency in certain weapons, you also gain that proficiency in the weapon you chose for Unconventional Weaponry."

This is a touch confusing to me. The second one implies that you can't get expert or higher with one of those Advanced Weapons unless you take it... but the language on the first suggests that it should be enough to make the weapon count as martial, and thus anything that gives you a higher proficiency in all martial weapons should be targeted by it.

Am I missing something here? Does the second feat close a loophole for other classes, or was I reading the first feat too broadly?

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Oh sweet and merciful Lady of Graves, yes!

I so want to run a Tian Xia game: I maintain that there's some great ideas and usable stuff in there. But hoooo boy: The lows are real low. I've been pondering how I'd rework parts of it myself, so an official take would be really intriguing.

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Oh... My players and I shall have the very best of fun. *raises glass* Good luck to you all!