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Soo... I'm traditionally a big magocracy fan, and thus am interested in whats going on with these Returned/Risen Runelords and their shiny new nation. I know we don't have much in the way of solid facts yet, but I'm curious as to what you guys think. How might New Thassilon be shaping up against the old? How much of its culture is transplanted, how much new? Timeline wise, d'you think they've got any infrastructure together yet? I'm not sure how much of a gap there is between 1e and 2e.

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Okay, I know there are similar feats for a few ancestries, but I'm looking at the human one specifically 'cause that's what's confused me. These are both Heritage Feats. The first one has this bit

"You gain access to that weapon, and for the purpose of determining your proficiency, that weapon is a martial weapon."

And the second one has this bit

"Whenever you gain a class feature that grants you expert or greater proficiency in certain weapons, you also gain that proficiency in the weapon you chose for Unconventional Weaponry."

This is a touch confusing to me. The second one implies that you can't get expert or higher with one of those Advanced Weapons unless you take it... but the language on the first suggests that it should be enough to make the weapon count as martial, and thus anything that gives you a higher proficiency in all martial weapons should be targeted by it.

Am I missing something here? Does the second feat close a loophole for other classes, or was I reading the first feat too broadly?

I'm really hyped to play a follower of Nocticula as Redeemer Queen! I'm still waiting on my book, and I'm pretty sure she's not in the major deities list, but to those who've gotten the book: how do you think this 'Liberator' champion would fit Golarion's new deity?

So I keep forgetting to make this thread... doing it on my phone now before I forget again.

Anyway! I'm looking to flesh out what music is like in Starfinder a little more. I'm planning to run a game that takes a little from idol/band anime, with the PCs trying to become famous musicians. Anyone got any particular ideas about this oddly specific topic? The absence of Shelyn makes me think the AG era isn't exactly a time of artistic flourishing... But that might be bias on my part. I'm curious to gear other thoughts and any fluff on the matter from Pathfinder I may have missed.

Heyya guys, this is less a question about a rule and more me looking for some context. Namely: what's the advantage in using a one handed weapon over a two handed one in Starfinder? Particularly with melee weapons? Is there not one: two handed weapons are always a trade up? Is it just the versatility of being able to have multiple options with different weapons? Or is it something completely different that I've missed here?