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I'd love to hear what you all are doing for current and future Starfinder campaigns. I'm thinking of running a game which starts in a domed city that has survived an apocalypse, but due to age and overcrowding, is starting to fail. The adventurers are part of an expeditionary force sent out into the wasteland to search for supplies, other survivors, and anything else that can save the domed city. I'm not sure yet if I'm using Pathfinder races, or sticking to Starfinder core. Either way it sounds like a fun idea.

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I've got the idea of a crossover campaign in which a problem in the past on Golarion and in the present in ther pact worlds must be solved. It does not involve time travel but spiritual ancestors/decendants who are linked (and should be similiar). The outcome of one adventure affects the next one in the campaign, even if it takes place in the past.

I'm gonna be GMing a game for a group that was originally gonna be running a pathfinder campaign i made before starfinder dropped and all of us were like "oh man we gotta do this."

Right now my idea has the starship crew starting off as a small team of space contractors helping an AbadarCorp researcher and accdientally intruding on Azlanti Star Empire territory and getting themselves marked, and then slowly doing missions to earn money and obtain allies as they uncover a greater plot by the Empire to make a move on the Pact Worlds.

I'm looking to have my PCs start a band!

Yeah, still working on that. Kiiinda went back to the drawing board on details. Originally, I was gonna have the campaign lead up to this music group fighting the Prince in Chains in an attempt to break through to his past self and turn him back into Thron. Kinda got carried away with the epic and am trying to start from scratch with music based adventures.

Bramble Knight wrote:

I'm looking to have my PCs start a band!

Yeah, still working on that. Kiiinda went back to the drawing board on details. Originally, I was gonna have the campaign lead up to this music group fighting the Prince in Chains in an attempt to break through to his past self and turn him back into Thron. Kinda got carried away with the epic and am trying to start from scratch with music based adventures.

Perhaps their performance schedule is increasingly hindered by dramatic adventure opportunities?

Oh, naturally. ;) I'm just trying to work out what's best to use. I'm gonna start them on Absalom Station, trying to get their first concert together. After That's the big question. Perhaps a run in with Aspis backed rivals? Getting stuck on an unknown planet? I've got a ton of individual ideas, but no real structure yet. I'm hoping a read through the Alien Archive will help me get a better sense of what I want to throw at them, and I can build a plot around that!

*hums* Hags? Robot monks? A drow version of the Rat Pack? Snobby elven classicists? So many possibilities! :D

I was kicking around an idea like this before but now with starfinder I have all the tools I need to do it:

Roll up pathfinder characters (augmented to work under starfinder's rules.) Start characters off on either a world without advanced technology, or they are in pathfinder's setting. Take them on a session or two before they are: A. Abruptly thrown into the distant future (in case of past start), or they find a space ship and advance from there.

No so much a campaign as a module/dungeon, But I'm working on a space prison that was holding a mystic cultist, some of his followers, and a number of other criminals. The Mystic somehow managed to avoid sedatives keeping him from casting, and then proceeded to unleash a pair of Erinyes devils and his followers.

Ship security were forced to put the space prison in lockdown, and the power was destroyed, preventing the prison from leaving the drift while they try and contain the outbreak.

That's when the party shows up. They need to navigate the locked down ship (I have a rough set-up for powering and wedging open doors), bring down the cultist and his Erinyes escorts, and then bring the prison back into normal space for support and repairs. The Erinyes have their own goals tied to the Mystics cult, and will abandon the mystic if it suits them. The only reason they haven't taken over the entire ship is that they can't teleport around it, not knowing the rooms and structure and all that. Powering up the ship allows doors to be opened, schematics accessed, and a ship for them to steal if need be.

I'm working on a set piece taking place in the docks where the survivors gathered and lived off supplies from the docked ships. The Erinyes would teleport in (if they learned how to get in), and assault the remaining crew and security. These Erinyes are called creatures, so they can bring their summoned Bearded Devils into the fight. That's 2 flying devils with swords, bows and rope hair, 4 brute devils (I will definitely have one of them using civilians for human shields) against the party and some security staff.

My party has just stumbled what looks like a piece of space in crystal form. They don't know it, but it's essentially the shattered piece of the egg for the next universe, the latest of many. And the Devourer has been after it through the births and deaths of many universes. I'm going with the Devourer=Rovagug interpretation in my game, and basically, if he gets his hands on it, he can permanently end the cycle of existence. He nearly did ages ago, and that's why the Gap was inflicted, his prison was moved, and this thing was broken to pieces and scattered.

They just took the thing off an meteorite off the depths of a mine on Akiton whilst investigating some missing miners at the behest of the aspis consortium, but ended up fighting their way out when the camp foreman ordered the literal decimation of the Ysoki miners as punishment for the rebellion the shard inspired.

So now they're trying to reach the Hivemarket with a truck full of stolen ore (which they can trade for their first starship) and as word of what happened gets around and the few who have heard of these shards piece together what the PCs have, pretty much everyone wants to get in on the relic hunt, so the PCs will have their pick of factions to bankroll them in the hunt for the remaining ones.

Then the Cult of the Devorour will get involved because the thing, offering power over cosmic cycles, can speed up entropy, so THAT'S a whole thing.

Ultimately the Cult will obtain a sizeable portion, and then the party learns that the final piece, broken off even before that fateful shattering, is the Starstone, and they have to race the Cult to rediscover Golarion and claim it. In the end, they will have the option of recombining the pieces and birthing the next universe early, effectively destroying the one that they're in, but also guaranteeing Rovagug's destruction due to his presence in it (he is a primordial force that would otherwise be reborn in the next universe).

Working on a one-shot right now to play with the system, could make it the start of a campaign if things go well enough. It's a basic plot--a cyborg named Esmund has been borrowing large sums of money, spending it in odd ways, and otherwise being suspicious. PCs could be hired by a number of parties who want to take Esmund alive, but s*@& turns into a city-wide version of Smoking Aces as more and more offended parties arrive on the scene and challenge the players, each new set of bounty hunters working for more mysterious and lethal clients.

After the last big shootout, if we want to continue things, it turns out Esmund's actually been preparing for a big space expedition for an ancient MacGuffin of great value and power--hence the staggering amount of dangerous parties who want him tortured or dead. He either convinces the party to forget the bounty and come with him, or once he's taken in, the party is asked by their employer to follow up on his leads as a means of balancing his checkbook with society, and earn a hefty sum for themselves on the side.

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