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Heyya guys, this is less a question about a rule and more me looking for some context. Namely: what's the advantage in using a one handed weapon over a two handed one in Starfinder? Particularly with melee weapons? Is there not one: two handed weapons are always a trade up? Is it just the versatility of being able to have multiple options with different weapons? Or is it something completely different that I've missed here?

I personally prefer Two-handed in PF, but with range combat being more prevalent in SF, having both a range and melee in hand with some classes does give this sense of security (at least with me).

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Two handers have higher dmg dice. (not x1.5 str!)

Two different weapons is more versatility.

For context's sake, I'm looking at this in the Solarian. A Solarian Weapon is one handed and there doesn't seem to be a two handed option, so I've been trying to work out what a solarian can do with their other hand. (And dirty jokes: go! :P)

A second weapon seems like the best option: an alternate damage type, a different element... w/e. Though I do kinda wish Solarians got the option to go effectively two handed. Perhaps a feat in some future supplement? *hums*

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The Solarion uses his other hand to hold his pistol.

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