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One of my fellow players has become obsessed with acquiring a bow of heart seeking; ever since we fought an elf with one during a campaign three years ago.
Now he wants to have one made for his half-dragon character. He's already having a masterwork, +6 composite longbow crafted; but none of us could find the stats for a bow of heart seeking.
Our current DM said he thought it was a +3 enhancement; making the weapon a +4 in price...
If anyone knows the answer (and the reference for it) I'd be obliged.


I think I overdid it with some of my Wednesday night gamers. They had an NPC they were supposed to be guarding and when he ran off into the woods; after being dream haunted by a night hag (Mellorn Hospitality; Dungeon 107, p. 13).
long story short; the party leaves their patron NPC behind with the villainous monster; and rescues one of his five, fellow NPC prisoners whom they hadn't been able to heal.
When they return they find their NPC patron has been fitted for a Columbian necktie.

This does two things.
A): reminds them to keep their priorities straight; and
B): reminds them that for those with money, non-chronological death doesn't have to be permanent.

They started getting real remorseful, especially when they realized that not only were they not going to get paid- they were going to have to liquidate their patron's wares to pay for his raise dead spell.

When the rogue located some shady buyers for the torture equipment; the cages; and such other items they discovered; they decided to use the monies to buy their former patron's shop, allowing him to use the monies from the sale to re-supply it. The shop's supposed to be in Magnamar (giving me an excuse to familiarize them with the town). Question is; how do I figure out how much to charge for his shop?

On the one hand- they are helping him out of a jam; on the other- he wouldn't be in a jam if they had just rescued him the first time.
Thoughts, anyone?