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Aramil Xiloscient wrote:

I didn't last long!!!!

Thanks for all your advice, unfortunatly none worked for us!


None of my players had mad it through either. By the time they had rolled up their third set of characters and appeared to be making a ZERG attempt, I dumped it and moved on to greener pastures (as it were).

shamgar wrote:

It seems to me we could all use a bit of the positive in our lives. I know I could. This is the place to list good things in or going on in your life. Despite the frustrations, there is always something good going on, isn't there?

Good things for me from today:
An hour long walk with my 3 year old Bryce and an unexpected call for an interview on Friday for a job that I really want/need.

In this world of doom and gloom (Divorce and California Alimony payments) there aren't many things to look forward to. But since this is a post about positives:

I was able to re-fill my regular gaming group. We dropped from eight regulars down to three (That is is addition to me the DM). We are now back up to a Healthy six member party. Can't wait to get started again with Paizo's newest offerings at the forefront.

Davelozzi wrote:

I noticed that D0: Hollow's Last Hope was released as OGL compatible but without the d20 logo. As far as I can tell from the press announcements, it looks like this will be the case for the other modules and Pathfinder too. It doesn't bother me at all, but just out of curiosity, why not use the logo for these? I can't see what the advantage is that offsets the presumed sales hit you'd take by not having the logo.

Anyhow, just curious.

More than likely because the rules for D20 are far too restrictive and don't allow for nearly as much creativity on the author's part. And not to be snipie (sp?) but Wizards are the ones that forced Paizo down this path to self expression.

Not all mistakes turn out to be tragic, eh?

If this is already posted elsewhere then a link to the original would be awesome. If not then the question:

Which magazine (or whatever) were the Dungeon Iconics described in? And were (or will) stats provided?

That mage girl on the cover of #143 is wicked cool looking.

One suggestion could be to tailor each ring to each individual. And make them grow in power as the character does. For example, I once created a spear that with a command would turn into a harmless-looking bracelet. As the owner grew in power, the spear/bracelet would also 'hide' the character's armor, shield, even their mount.

You could try using the Weapons of legacy as a guide for more ideas.

When I received the stack of Free RPG materials from local hobby, I didn't really 'want' anything but D0. I looked through the stack (with D0 sitting patiently on the bottom). And though there was definately some decent things in the stack, nothing could have prepared me for the WOW that was D0.

All I can say is that I am foaming at the mouth in anticipation for future products of this caliber. And the $5.00 price tag here on the website I would gladly pay three times as much for this quality.

Keep it up.

I think this is a really unique way at looking at module acquisition. Granted, at the moment, it's a bit steep (tacking an extra $3-$4 on for shipping) but that's only a minor setback until everything is rolled together. The best benefit that I see is that I won't have to fight all the other geeks as my local hobby store to get my hands on the latest batch of goodness.

Plus, the added .pdf download makes it even better for those of us (like myself) that like to have both electronic and physical copies of things.

My DM screen is my laptop.